Nov 7

SC EP:41 Deathbed Confession – “I shot Sasquatch”

In this episode we will be speaking to a listener who tells a story about law enforcement and government officials killing Sasquatch from helicopters in the Dakotas. In this story he shares what he saw in the photos and the audio he heard from the kill site. This was a deathbed confession from a former law enforcement official that needed to get this incident off of his chest before he left this earth. This is an amazing bigfoot encounter story you will not want to miss…



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34 Responses to “SC EP:41 Deathbed Confession – “I shot Sasquatch””

  1. Kenneth M

    I wonder if the audio was really bad – The interior of most any helicopter is very loud and you can only communicate well wearing mic/headphones. Given it was 1971 and it was a 4 person Helicopter, sort of limits it to likely a Bell Jet Ranger or OH58 (military version) or an OH-6 Military, – Most helicopters of that timeframe were geared for military troop or cargo use, many were two seat in civilian use, In any case these are loud, its hard to imagine a recorder catching much of a conversation. So that is one item of discussion for validity review.

    I’m wondering about the whole use of a rope ladder versus shooting from the air and the strange bait tree – it seems as if it was a bait tree for the audience rather than the sasquatch (why would they need a bait tree with boxes??) which leads me to a hpothesis I think the guy on the rope ladder was the REAL “bait” It would explain the need to recruiting local yocals instead of risking one of your own.
    I think the real bait to a worked-up squatch is a man on a rope ladder to beat up instead of a box of Cheerios or applejacks (without milk!) by the way Wikipedia says Apple jacks first came out in 1971, so that is possible, but close timing.

    A point blank 30-06, should have some serious penetration and wounding even for a big animal – if true , it died, it wasn’t going to rub out that dent. Hard to imagine that the continuation of that wounded bigfoot story was so horrific – he couldn’t tell it. Perhpas his bait friend got killed in that version.

    Real or not, its a great story1

  2. Travis J

    I’m curious if the gentleman sharing this encounter is familiar with Spencer W Kimbell book called Miracle of Forgivness. Page 127 of that book has a very interesting statement about this topic. Am I my brothers keeper?

  3. Nathan E

    Fun fact here. The listener is a LDS (Mormon) member, he does not say it outright but I have a LDS friend who has heard this episode and he recognized a fellow member who had been doing missionary work. The tale from the witness supported by the audio and film evidence rings true, especially since a man about to meet his Maker has little need to lie or tell tall tales. Wouldn’t we all like to have seen the video and heard the recording!

  4. Janice P

    Maybe they sabotaged her body and her young one’s body. It’s a sad, sad situation and if he felt like he needed to tell someone prior to death then he did what he set out to do. I hoped it helped him in his last hours. But he, above all, should know how the family of the missing or dead or injured person was feeling…and he should consider that this group’s future action can only be imagined by examining their past behavior. Thank you for the story, everyone.

  5. Mike J

    What an awesome episode. I am curious about what happened to the female. My guess is the female or the troop caused even more problems in the area and this agency had them all exterminated. The more I listen to episodes like this one , the more I believe in a governmental cover up.

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