Nov 7

SC EP:42 Brown’s Bigfoot Diaries

We will also be speaking to the Brown family from Washington state and be getting an update on what they have going on, on their property. The Browns will also be sharing recent audio they have recorded from their property.



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31 Responses to “SC EP:42 Brown’s Bigfoot Diaries”

  1. Jeff C

    Love the Browns and their very real stories. If the doubter’s could hear the natural flow & truthfullness of their stories it feels like the could be converted. Anyway, thanks for the shows. I check new new episodes every morning hoping that something new is posted.

  2. William C

    This is the same Native girl who told the story of her , her husband & baby while they were camping & got terrorized one night . Funny she made no mention of any of that this time ? It’s the same girl who sounds like she has a very nervous or out of breath voice .

  3. jason s

    would love to see an update Wes! When the browns leave the food out do they take a bite of the food that they leave to show that the food is ok to eat? this is important because they see you eating the food items being left they know it is safe to eat just food for thought no pun intended lol. Just be safe…

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