Nov 7

SC EP:40 Sasquatches Circling Our Camp

A police officer and listener wrote us about his terrifying encounter – “Whatever it was then started circling our camp. It would hoaf at us every now and then and step on dead branches making the snapping sound. I say branches because it did not sound like a twig, more like large sticks and they did not sound like they were being pulled off a tree but being stepped on. It would also make these thuds. The kind of thing you feel more then you hear. For some reason we all started calling it a her I guess because it sounds crazy but the thing sounded like a female to us when it had screamed. It kept this up for the next three hours just circling our camp making noises that we could track it as it moved around us. After the scream from behind us I had made the fire real big and after about an hour of it circling us we started running out of the two day supply of wood we had collected so I had to get more. My oldest when telling the story of him holding the flash light for me thinks its very funny to tell how scared I was that I brought back a whole dead tree to burn in the fire. I did too, I had kept the fire raging about five feet in the air the whole time and a shotgun in my lap. By about three hours I had made a couple of runs around us and pulled back large dead trees to burn and I am not going to lie I was scared as hell with this thing circling us like it was….”


The account goes on to describe “Jibber/Chatter” and the creature returning with several other creatures.


The night isn’t over yet… it has barely begun…



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25 Responses to “SC EP:40 Sasquatches Circling Our Camp”

  1. Tammi C

    Another RED fox scream aka “bigfoot”. ?
    Nothing online does it justice. It is loud, blood curdling and downright otherworldly which is odd for such a small creature but then remember huge Bigfoot can be silent as a mouse.

  2. Tammi C

    Says he was an “experienced outdoorsman” but then thought the next day he was “thinking maybe bear”? Huh? He thought a bear made that sound as “an experienced outdoorsman”? Then he said he never thought Sasquatch but refers back as if he did. Too many inconsistencies IMO in addition my comment above made this particular show unenjoyable for me. Not credible

  3. Todd E

    Going back and relistening to all the episides to maybe pick up things I missed before. This was one of my early favorites since it was in Colorado. I think I have the general area from the description. There are tons of reports in that area and since last summer, has been high on my list to explore. It’s squatchy and there aren’t many people around. Anyone have any info, hit me up.

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