134 Responses to “SC EP:383 Sasquatch Court Case”

  1. Jessica R

    Oh mylanta another episode right after I heard Bob’s show. Happy day. Now I don’t feel so bad having to work today. At least I have SC to get me through it. Thx Wes you rockstar!!!

  2. Amy H

    Todd’s argument for not killing is the most compelling and the best I have heard to-date. It’s scientific and it sounds wise and thought out. No matter what else he says, he’s given a cogent argument that might shift paradigms.

  3. Amy H

    He’s getting dangerously close to finding the truth. If you think Uncle Sam is a A-hole, watch what the Canadian government will do! I hope nothing happens to him but I would not be surprised if something did. This cover up is massive.

  4. Linda W

    I haven’t listened to it yet but looking at the video, I’m torn. I want to believe but it looks so fake. After listening to so many of Wes’s witnesses saying how fast and gliding they are, the video of it going up the hill doesn’t seem that fast. It looks like any human trying to run up a hill. The closeup when it blinks, doesn’t look natural. When you compare to other eyewitness sightings, the mouth isn’t wide enough, the eyes aren’t big enough and it looks like fur rather than hair and is perfectly groomed. The face is covered in fur except for around the mouth. The creature is looking to the right of the camera instead of at the camera. You would think if it knows he is there, it would be looking at him at least with its’ eyes turned toward him. As I said, I want to believe in Todd but every time I look at the videos they do more to make me not believe him than to believe him. ON the otherhand, I could be completely wrong.

    • Jeremy D

      Listen to the man speak before jumping to conclusions, he has scientific evidence backing up everything he says, you can’t take the videos out of context. watch his documentary it’s on iTunes called discovering Bigfoot, I was hugely skeptical of all Todd’s work before actually watching the doc and listening to him speak. I think only someone who is completely insane would go to the lengths he has gone to only to be lying.

    • F S

      Todd and Wes:
      Thank you for an interesting interview.
      I think Mr. Standing is an enthusiastic, naïveté researcher.
      Anyone can sue any else for any reason. It does not mean the action has merit, or will succeed. Furthermore, I am sure there are thousands of lawyers willing to bill for their services, no matter the subject.
      How can you be defeated without ever presenting your case? You can be stalled within the US Legal Stystem. Who has more money – Mr. Standing or Uncle Sam?
      Dr. Melba Ketchum already proved the existence of Sasquatch through the science of DNA evidence, AND HER LIFE WAS RUINED. Most people have no idea what she has lost and suffered. IF ANYONE DESERVES AN APOLOGY IT IS SHE.
      As to Mr. Standing’s “evidence”, there is no provenance. The scumbag hoaxers of the world have eliminated anything but total physical evidence.
      Track castings, blurry pictures, dermal ridges, rock clacking, tree banging, and vocal analysts prove nothing.
      I wish you much luck Mr. Standing. You’re going to need it.

  5. Danny H

    Great show Wes. Even when you guys disagreed on certain things, still kept super professional. Hats off to anyone who is out there trying to answer the same questions we have. Happy Holidays guys.

  6. Avis B

    Thank you Wes, for the show… There is just something about Todd.. that does not sit right .. I can not put my finger on it he is telling some truth but not all, I can hear it in his voice and some of his language .. On the very first video … Sasquatch take much bigger steps more smooth, gracefully like a cat.. they do not swing there arms, they would go down on all 4’s if need be.. The second video he is very beautiful or good looking.. but eyes are not big enough, not wide enough from each other, the lip does not have enough space between its nose and its upper lip, to clean cut hair that is, to short of hair for the wild, mouth not wide enough .. Also Sasquatch are very paranoid or watchful of they’re areas .. this one is just there looking all calm, eyes are not darting around being watchful… and most of all.. it is to good looking to be a Sasquatch.. I have heard people say the body was better than a bodybuilder and they were graceful while running.. but never I have I heard they were good looking.. He might have some points.. but not enough to make me believe him.. What I have learned on this podcast does not match anything on those videos. Just my 2 cents and just an opinion and my opinion can change…

  7. Linda W

    So, I’ve listened and I still feel the same way about the video but I believe in Todd’s passion about protecting BF. IMHO, he probably has seen BF, but could never get valid video just like everyone else. So , he “helped it along” in the name of protecting BF. It doesn’t help that he is a little socially awkward but I believe he has good intentions. I have a hard time believing the video is real but I think he feels the end justifies the means .

  8. Ben H

    It was pointed out to me recently that the mere mention of money can undermine the best of intentions.

    I’m not sure what to think of the six figure sums he repeatedly throws out while still claiming to be a simple poor family man. I do believe his footage is likely real. I believe a good bit of what he says. His intentions, I’m not so sure of.

  9. Bal G

    “It would be worse than shooting a man..” Hey Todd, all Wes is saying is that NO ONE WILL believe you unless you bring in a body. Everyone wants evidence to prove their existence. Videos, photos, audio, and witness reports do not matter,when it comes to sasquatch. A body will.

  10. Ruth B

    I don’t think he wins this court case. No judge is going to stick his neck out. Also, he never made regular income producing documentaries of this type, so how can one claim a loss? How can one claim a loss on something they never had to begin with? I try to be very objective.

  11. William P

    I have to admit that early on I got twisted by the witch hunt against Todd Standing into doubting his evidence. After Les Stroud, Nathan Reo and now hearing him on this show, I fully support Mr. Standing. We all know these creatures exist. Wish Todd luck. Thanks for a great interview, Wes!

  12. Mark B

    Standing is the first guess Wes has had on the show that can’t seem to stop the perpetual sales pitch long enough to actually walk us thru his encounters. He feels the need to try and convince ALL THE TIME. For me he’s just becomes unlistenable.
    I wish him luck in court.

    • Asheim

      I agree with Mark. There is a kind of desperation about the whole thing that frankly I find a little disturbing. I however wish him luck with his endeavor. For me it was difficult to listen to.

  13. Brian C

    God, this guy comes off as so obnoxious to me. How did you sit through this interview without wanting to punch his arrogant mouth. No wonder his girlfriend and/or wife left him, lost his job, and can’t get the financial backing he wants. It’s helps if you don’t come off as an a-hole all the time.

    Makes me wish someone bangs one of these things just to spite this snow flake.

    • Steven J

      That could have been worded a little bit better and still have been able to have your points made. Do you feel just a little bit bigger and manlier now?

      Whether you agreed or not, none of us really enjoy the bashing and degrading attitude. Keep that behavior at the daycare, please.

  14. James (Waylon) Johnson

    He has petitioned the courts before. Won’t be any different this time. No matter what you think of Todd or his videos it will never be enough. Even Todd has stated on multiple occasions that we need a body.
    You don’t learn about a species from video, you don’t learn about anything internal from video. Do you want to know if Ithey have infrasound and how it works? Guess what you need a dead one. To think anything else is naïve and flies in the face of established medical and scientific research methodology.

  15. brad b

    So Discovery won’t produce Todd’s shows because they say BF isn’t real yet Discovery owned Animal Planet airs (not) Finding Bigfoot? Sorry but everything Todd Standing makes my BS meter go through the roof. I apologize for disparaging a guest but I truly believe this guy is a con artist. Hopefully I’m way off base. But, as others have said, something about him isn’t right.

    Having said that, great having him on and hearing what he has to present so we can all get a full picture to inform our views on what he’s doing.

  16. James (Waylon) Johnson

    Todd wants his own TV show to fill the vacuum. Ultimately that’s probably all any of this is really about. Like I said, we been down this road with Todd before. Personally I feel that any argument made in an attempt to provide protection for Sasquatch is pretty laughable. Yes, the species needs our protection so badly that noone can even prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it exists empirically. I’d say they’re doing just fine without our help. Again, I say that the problem with proving the existence of something they can often times look very human, is ithat noone will ever be able to say without a doubt that it wasn’t a human. The guy in the suit argument will always be there and there exists only one way to dispel it. You need a specimen, alive or dead. Preferably alive, one can always perform a necropsy down the road.

  17. Seamus J. C

    I can’t do it…I can’t listen. This is Todd Standing, Fake Video Guy. This “sasquatch” looks way too much like Lon Chaney made up to look like a werewolf for those old films. Gonna go listen to an old episode…

  18. Jimmy W

    I try not to be the guy who goes “that’s fake” when I see something. Because I agree that picture and video evidence can always be refuted no matter what someone films. But that also doesn’t automatically mean EVERYTHING is likely real just because someone says it is. My opinion on these videos: When we see animals, primarily primates, it’s very easy to recognize life in the face. What he films in the videos above just doesn’t look alive. And I am totally ok with Wes giving people the benefit of the doubt to come on the show to let us decide truth. But we all obviously have to understand that it’s possible every guest isn’t 100% truthful, and that’s just the way things go. I subscribe to a bit of Linda’s theory as well.

  19. Garry M

    A few years back I attended the original screening of Sylvanic at the University of Alberta, there was a
    very small fee charged to see the production. He donated all of the money to an animal
    support group, It struck me at that time that this had nothing to do with money but everything to do
    with his bringing this forward,
    I had bought John Green’s original paper back books (these were basically John’s original documents photocopied
    and stapled into a cover) back in 1969. That took me to Nordegg Alberta and the Bighorn Dam project. It was at this site
    that huge footprints had been found along side some of the heavy equipment. There also had been 45 gallon drums full of fuel and oil that had been picked up and physically moved (not rolled or dragged). They had also picked up and moved pieces of Caterpillar track that no two men could even drag.
    Anyway I went looking for a man that John had mentioned in his books ( Gunter Schug owner of a gas station in Nordegg) I also tried to find relatives and band members of Morley Beaver (Chief Walking Eagle) It was a real adventure for a 17 year old who spent 3 days at places like Windy Point and the Kootenay Plains, even a night right beside the Bighorn Dam on the North Saskatchewan river.
    I’m now 61 and still make trips up the David Thompson Highway just to be in the area, I have never had the honor of seeing one but
    do know a few friends that have. The combination of John Green & Rene Dahinden’s books along with covering that area and spending time in the bush I became a dedicated believer. I have followed this legend for over 44 years and still remain fascinated
    and enthralled by it all. To hear the passion and excitement of Todd Standing it ignites the desire to spend more time in the many regions that have had sightings. Thank both of you, Wes and Todd.

  20. Melissa K

    So many times, in books and documentaries, I have heard professionals say that the evidence we have for proof of Sasquatch would hold up in a court of law.
    I cant wait to see how this goes. Brilliant.

  21. Aaron L

    This guy has never struck me as authentic or honest. He always has such fantastic stories and adventures about magical places. His pictures and videos look overwhelmingly fake. A “night time” camera (whatever that even means) doesn’t explain the muppet looking head.

  22. Colin K

    I had a hard time trying to listen through to the end. Todd seems like such a self-promoter. Coupled with those two videos I just don’t believe, I have to stand with those who are saying – something just doesn’t sit right. Besides, most research seems to back up that these beings are highly aggressive and lethal.

  23. Sheila

    You need to take Jane Goodall or some big name journalist/newscaster like Diane Sawyer out there with you. Ms. Goodall might be to frail to go there but you need some on that level and name recognition

  24. David S

    Thank you for bringing Todd on, and for being like you always were and are the bigger man in this crazy community of researchers. You demonstrated that reaching across the isle and shaking hands, apologizing and moving forward is truly the only way to future discoveries. Bringing everyone together and weaving a web that’s supportive is a strength of yours and an admirable attribute you carry. I learned much from the conversation and you kept it professional and friendly. Hats off to you for all you do you are truly a man of your word and I am a better person today from following you through almost 400 episodes of SC.

    May gods blessings follow you always my man


    Would love to hear a conversation with you and Dr Jeff Meldrum in the future.

    • Asheim

      I would love to have Dr. Meldrum on the show. I could probably get my husband and sister to listen even. All are sceptics in my household but me. My husband did believe Mike Wooley’s encounter. Just a humble person with a highly frightening encounter. Not trying to sell anything or really caring if others believe him or not.

  25. Charles W

    Todd Standing brings a different type of Energy to this subject! He’s the perfect guy for the job! Full steam ahead, I’ve always believed your stuff was legit! Awesome Show, Wes!!!

  26. Clayton S

    The world isn’t ready for sasquatch because it will squash Darwinism and discredit the scientific establishment and you’ll see lawsuits, death threats, riots, etc. It’s a swamp. Look how people act over political views, especially in the Trump presidency. The devil comes out of people. People are nuts.

  27. Charles R

    I would compare where the mouth sits on the dark colored day watcher with where it sits on Patty, which I have hanging on the wall. Their is a definite difference. An easy prediction is no judge in Canada or the state of Washington is going to let this go forward, but I certainly hope like hell it does happen.

  28. Scott D

    So, to remain objective here. A few things:
    1) Todd wants money to have an infrared drone to find and track them. He claims he can get scat this way to send off for genetic testing. However, his claims about being close to the groups and the like put him in proximity of scat and he admits finding bear scat, etc…so why not squatch scat?
    2) Todd will have no standing in court. He cannot show financial harm. History Channel does promote non factual shows, Conspiracy was one of them. He is likely confusing dislike of him for dislike of his product. If ANY channel thought they could make money from him they would. Destination America makes money on Mountain Monsters!
    3) Todd spends about 8 minutes telling us how smart, strong, fast, etc…these creatures are and they are higher evolved life–the genetic claim. About 15 minutes later he tells us how he tricked them, snuck up on females and used a night camera to film them. So Todd is smarter than they are, but the rest of us are not. If the rocks are getting thrown from behind him, why would he go back down towards the origin of the throws? That defies taking your own safety seriously.
    4) Todd consistently panders to the big names, Meldrum, etc…to give his position credibility. Notice how he describes them in emotional terms to foster belief that they are special to him–and he to them as well. It would be interesting to have all the names he dropped on one show and to have their thoughts about him voiced openly.
    5) I would like to see the data on the stride length, etc…posted publicly. That stands as conjecture at this point. There was a show on Bigfoot that did this with Patty and it was persuasive. If Todd has that info, it should be compared to the other analysis for an objective assessment.
    6) Finally, I do think Todd has seen something and has experiences. I think, however, his embellishments undermine his point. These embellishments, he feels, are necessary to garner support for his project and act as a justification for investment in him. I too believe there is a financial motive at stake here that he refers back to often. Unfortunately, I don’t think it can be separated from his legitimate work and it undermines his credibility.

  29. Jack M

    Wake up, doubters; if you don’t believe the evidence then go out into the bush and find out for yourself. I have seen much of what Todd has seen and it always amazes me how people doubt real evidence.

    • James (Waylon) Johnson

      When it comes to Sasquatch, video will never be real evidence. All video will ever so is muddy the waters even further. Sasquatch study is already a victim of too much video “evidence” wether it be hoaxes or authentic. Either way no one can prove the difference. Thanks to this cornucopia of “evidence” we now have to have a body in order to validate the integrity of said so called evidence. Anyone that wants to protect a species they can’t veridy emperically probably has another agenda. If you want to settle it, just poison one of your apples. I could care less if they are eve “proven” to exist to the mainstream. Not why I’m in the woods with them.

  30. Jason T

    I think it was awesome for Todd to come on the show. Now I have never seen A Sasquatch Up close so I can’t say they are fake!!! And neither can anyone who hasn’t been that close to see all the details in their face. I appreciate Todds enthusiasm and Wes for giving not only Todd but lots of people a platform to discuss their encounters/sightings.
    Of course money will be the cause for the court case. How are networks like history channel going to show a documentary on something the government/fish and wildlife agency’s say doesn’t exist. Someone who the government declares worthy needs to go out and see one with Todd or someone else. He’s not the only one who can show people these beings. Some of the Texas boys could also. And I’m sure there are others that just keep there mouths shut for one reason or another. Any ways like I’ve said for a long time Haters make you Famous!!!


  31. Knobby

    Most cameras, especially cell phone cameras, use auto focus which causes the object of your attention, sasquatch, to be blurry because auto focus is focusing on objects in the foreground. I noticed on one of the videos posted here that Standing was using a zoom with a manual focus and was able to sharpen the image on the subject.

  32. MONTE M

    When it comes to Sasquatch I always give people the benefit of the doubt , so by default I believe everyone’s story . Who am I to say people are not being honest ? Wes sifts through all these encounters for me . How would you like to have an encounter and then have a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks ( or family and friends ) tell you that you are not telling the truth ? That would be pretty damn rude , besides if someone is not being honest it is not going to be significant at the end of my day . The reason The Big Thicket Watch fellows do not release anything is no matter how good it is some dumb ass that doesn’t know jack is going to disregard it as BS . Half the people judging others research probably could not go out in the woods and find their ass with both hands anyhow . I enjoyed the show .

  33. Jeff O

    What a jerk! Jeopardizing his families livelihood and financial well being over a selfish motive. The dudes gone bonkers! The moment the sasquatch pulled him out of his ghillie suit I knew he was lonely toones!

  34. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes & Todd,
    Greatly appreciate the extra episodes.

    I so hope Mr. Standing can get this to court, but I think he will have a devil of time. That being said, I would love to be in the courtroom. I do believe, if he is able to state his case, the media will be there…….and no Jugde will put his reputation on the line for Sashquatch. Sad, but true.

    Good luck Mr. Standing! I live in Nevada and the odds are against you. ??

  35. keith s

    Todd is full of it. He’s know through the big foot community as a fake. Just listen to him…they have already disprove his videos of the face. He also says at one point they were around a whole bunch of them….but won’t bring anyone back to that so called spot.

  36. Scott A

    Has anyone watched his full length documentary on iTunes?
    It’s 12.99…
    I’m thinking about it. Probably will, but any feedback from anyone who’s seen it would make my decision easier.

  37. Rodney P

    I’m sorry I haven’t seen anything that Todd has ever put out believable that video second to last I bet looks just like some kind of a mechanical ape head. The head don’t move the eyes don’t move the only thing it does is blink once and the blink even looked fake it was way to slow to be a blink like it blinked by a remote control or something like that. I don’t think Todd’s a bad guy I just think he’s trying to hard.

  38. Rob P

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but I just watched the videos. I can’t believe anyone would think the Face in that video is real. For me, it looks like Hollywood’s version of what one might look like. I’ve never seen ones face, but from what people describe, it looks like an imitation. ITS VIDEOS LIKE THIS THAT MAKE BIGFOOT SEEM LIKE A BIG HOAX! Guess I’ll have to listen to the interview.
    Wes, you’ve mentioned that youve heard some crazy interesting things from people that aren’t willing to come on the show. I’d love to hear you talk about those experiences or even narrate them. I could listen to a few shows of just that.

  39. Teal G

    I started to listen to his interview and he seems so passionate. I had high hopes when starting the videos, the first one had me believing but when I watched the second video I lost that hope. The 2nd video seems “off” to me. I wish him the best of luck with his case tho!

  40. Chris I

    Wes Germer you rock!!! This is practicing what you preach. Working WITH others in the community instead of all the ego harboring. I loved this and hope you have him back!!!

  41. Trevor C

    Ive bought and seen the documentary and I really enjoyed it! In fact the last 10mns blew me away! I have no reason to disbelieve this guy and fully support him 110% Good luck Tod Standing. Hey isnt everybody with footage or a picture a hoaxer?! Haha

  42. Matthew T

    I get ‘the love’ Todd has for them, but I think he seriously underestimates them and what they are. This isn’t ‘Gorilla’s in the Mist’ If this was just ‘another primate’ the government would have allowed for their presence to be revealed years ago. We know their are different types with different – somewhat more aggressive – intentions than he has encountered. Overall – like when watching the ‘Finding Bigfoot’ team -I found his naivety annoying.

  43. David J

    I just don’t trust Todd. His “evidence” doesn’t sit well with me. The video of the suppsed Sasquatch had the proportions of a human being. The eyes are way too small, the mouth is too narrow, there is not enough space between the nose and upper lip etc. I want to believe Todd but I can tell when someone is withholding information or overstating information. I believe he has seen them but I fear he is faking some of his evidence just to get the publicity. When my wife and I saw his documentary on Amazon, she asked if I wanted to buy it. I told her, “No.” I’ve seen the footage from too many of his videos on his website. I don’t trust the guy. I’m sorry to say that but there is just something about Todd that makes my radar sound off. I don’t get involved in the Bigfoot drama Wes talks about but I just don’t trust Todd. I want to trust him; I ready do. But I just can’t.

  44. MT-Eman

    Scott, I just watched Discovering BF on Amazon and it was well worth the $12.99. Dr Meldrum and Bindernogle certainly seemed impressed with the evidence Todd presented. So now, I assume they will be condemned as being fakes and co-conspirators to Todd’s faking everything. I am constantly amazed at the number of couch potatoes who love to take pot shots at anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to stand by what he believes, and who has produced some convincing evidence. They also like to say the evidence is too blurry and not good enough, yet when quality HD video is presented, then it’s too good, so it must be fakery. With this attitude, nothing will ever satisfy them. For all those who constantly yell fakery, let’s see you guys get out into the woods and spend a fraction of the time and effort, people like Todd do. I’ve been out there, but have never seen one and frankly, I’m somewhat unsure if I want an up close and personal account with one of these creatures. It would be nice to see the BF community not predictably and constantly criticize the researches who actually walk the walk instead of just talk about it. Based on all the evidence I’ve seen, a case to substantiate the existence of BF meets the civil law criteria of a Preponderance of the Evidence, i.e. 51% or better. Since it’s not a criminal case, it does not have to be Beyond a Reasonable doubt, which raises the bar much higher. With all this said, the “Govt” will do whatever is necessary to squelch Todd’s and anyone else’s effort to prove the existence of BF. Of course this is just MHO.

    • Rodney P

      That’s great that what he believes in and wants Bigfoot protected but the evidence he’s putting out like the Bigfoot head that doesn’t move, the eyes don’t move and the one blink looks so mechanical like a puppet with a remote control blinking is way to fake looking, like I said he’s trying way to hard and when ya put fake material out there that looks that bad don’t get upset with the people that judge it so dont put it up there for the world to see if you dont wonna be judged.

  45. Sam T

    great show. i want to believe todd but hes been known to hoax in the past and his pictures of bigfoot look way to fake its nothing anybody has described and it looks like its made of phelt the eye blink looks totally animated its just not real i cant believe hes trying to pull this off with such fake looking pictures. im sorry but there is not a living creature in those photos. nice try tho todd. with that kind of evidense youll be shot down quick in court.

  46. Hope K

    He seems like a good guy. I’m sure his heart is in the right place. But…those face shots are just not real. I’m have done fx makeup for 5 years. Honestly some really good fx makeup for just a face shot could be really convincing. With makeup & prosthetics you could see real facial movements. But that poorly edited Sasquatch face is just so lifeless. Nothing looks like that or moves like that. It’s bad photoshop.

  47. James C

    I like the way Wes approaches the subject. Giving people a safe haven to discuss their encounters. There’s probably only one show that I didn’t believe that the guys story was authentic. It would have been great to sit and listen to all of Todd Standings adventures in the field. Instead it was an hour and twenty minutes of self promoting and name dropping. For what purpose? The guy dropped off the radar map a couple of years ago after getting in good with Les Stroud and Jeff Meldrum. Now he’s back to do what? My opinion is the same thing that most other so called researchers are out there to do. Make a name for himself and a little bit of money if possible. You know about 8 years ago you used to be able to download that video of the Sasquatch running up the hill from his website, for $25. Wes is awesome, “Oh, you’re gonna sue the government to recognize Bigfoot as an authentic species? I hope you got your taxes in order.” Nice. Thanks Wes!

    • Jessica D

      I Love these kind of interviews, shows how many gov. TROLLS or COINTELPRO are actually subscribed to S.Q.! Some of Wes’s “listeners” are already way to intelligent to learn ANYTHING new, they just like to sway people off the fences. THIS interview has brought them all out, just have to read between the lines!

  48. Greg T

    The smartest guy in the room is the one that pokes holes in everything that everyone else is saying but brings no data of his own. I enjoyed the show and wish him luck. I don’t believe any government will acknowledge BF and will go to lengths to block proof, likely because they are too consumed with power and being sexual pervs. And as for Todd’s interview, he’s easier to listen to than the Bigfoot outlaws. “You remember that time? Oh, that’s a good one. We can’t talk about it. Next story…..”

  49. Darren H

    Say what you want about Todd, but you have to give it to the guy, he has some big conjones to go out into the deep wilderness, days at a time alone for his research!
    I rented the Discovering Bigfoot on Amazon and his research is very good… I still don’t know what to make of the videos of the Squatches though!

  50. Jeffery E

    Thanks Wes for Having Todd on your show. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I realize there are a lot of Nay Sayers, but their are folks that claim to see all kinds of interesting things on this earth.
    I believe Todd and have for some time. I wish him well.
    Thanks for the awesome show.

    Best –

  51. Cole D

    I wish Todd the best of luck, he has had a bad and in my opinion unfair reputation. He has always went far beyond what every “researcher” has in his studies from what I’ve seen. I hope he gets a lot more followers from being on the show, Wes’s show really gets out there to the people and he has a great reputation maybe this will sway people’s opinion for Todd.

  52. Greg T

    I had seen his first documentary a feed years ago so after this episode, I watched the new one. It’s well put together. And who proved he’s a hoaxer? People without their own evidence? People with less evidence so his becomes too good to be real? People good at CGI so they can blend his face with the one in the video? Kind of like that Black Eyed Peas video where they blend all of their faces together? Maybe that’s a hoax and there’s only one of them; now the group is just the Black Eyed Pea. I thought it was a good video and good interview. The court case probably won’t work, but my $12 to iTunes was for time better spent than watching the news.

  53. James (Waylon) Johnson

    Nobody has ever been able to prove that Todd is a hoaxer. It is his his other actions in the past , some of them quite shady that make people pause to consider anything he proffers. Todd cares about Todd and cash flow, Sasquatch has been a tertiary means to an end. Here’s a question Wes should have asked…..”Todd if the Sylvanic area which was hidden and only accessible by a 2’x2’ entrance in the rock wall rim was teeming with Sasquatch and potential evidence; such as the cave filled with hair, (of which you promised to return to and fill a trash bag with but never did apparently). Why did you then find it necessary to abandon this amazing area and basically con your way into another researchers area over in Nordegg?”
    I can tell you what he will do, he will answer to r question with a question and try to steer the conversation to some rabbit hole. That’s is why he is taken with a grain of salt and a look over the shoulder.
    “I need a body or a piece of one, video evidence will never be enough.” ….TS
    So now you don’t need a body and you attempt to ply your case with video that though beautiful will never be beyond contempt or question, and ask for funding at the same time?
    See folks the money is in the pursuit, not the capture or the revelation. Sasquatch is proven to exist with in a month the majority of the world will forget about it. But the mystery, the mystery can pay off forever if you can find a way to make it work for you. And right now Todd is getting everything he wants from the big foot community, the attention and the notoriety and to be taken seriously.
    It will be interesting to speak with his former business partner in his production company, who in writing publicly cut ties with Todd some years ago because of Todd’s recent actions back then. God knows what those were. Caveat emptor

  54. James (Waylon) Johnson

    I’ll ride with Wes on this one and hope I’m wrong about Todd and his motives and his past , and I’m done being negative at this point. It does no good to anyone. Time will tell, as with all things. Good luck Todd, you’re gonna need it; but at least you’re out there doing something. Indecisiveness is the bane of all hope.

  55. Dan S

    Yet another show I cannot finish listening to. He comes off as totally arrogant, and like he is trying to force someone to believe. Treats Wes as though he has never seen nor observed these things and doesnt know anything about sasquatch at all. I just don’t like the guy, personally. Don’t believe him. He’s trying too hard to sell his product.

  56. Dave H

    I thought he came across pretty well, more subdued and less arrogant than in his promotional videos I’ve seen, and was able to discuss his sightings, findings, thoughts and plans very well with Wes, who seemed happy to listen to what he had to say, and to let him have his say in a fair, balanced and unbiased way.

  57. Cheryl L

    i cant believe the level of bullcrap this guy drops. I cannot believe that people cant see through him. i am shocked and it has made me wonder what the hell i am doing here. He is a con artist and I CANT believe you guys fall for it. Im out of this forum bc if ppl get on fire for this bullcrap, theres nothing i can trust here. Sorry Wess for the 7$ less but ill still be listening.

  58. footer2

    i understand wes is trying to keep an open mind and has a whole buttload of ass kissers and brown nosers to please, but to stoop so low as to apologize to Todd “hoaxer” Standing, and sit and let him undermine everything you stand for is just too much!!!
    the guy sat and talked himself up the whole time on this interview, he disrespected Wes more than a few times.
    if you sit and talk up his video he just released when he actually shows his proven fake old pictures and videos than you are a sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    watch the documentary again and look at Dr. Meldrums face when he tells him to holler gift.
    i guarantee you Todd Standing edited the shit out of these interviews of Meldrum and Bindernagel to fit his agenda which is to make money and make all you nuts who will believe anything thrown at you go ape shit and pay for his video!!
    i dont really care about any bodies sensitive feelings on here if you are going to be into bigfoot you should have thick skin!!!!
    i do not believe in being politically correct and i will be brutally honest.
    i am no armchair warrior i am out in the night in the woods trying to see if i can attract the attention of one of these creatures.
    i have researched this subject for at least 25 years and been on the internet reading up on sightings and information for years. one thing i learned is that you cant just go believing everything people put out there and “hoaxer” standing is a great example of this.
    i have read books written by John Greene, Rene Dahinden, David Pulides, and chatted with the likes of Bob Gimlin,
    i read some of theese books when i was in elementery school, it has gotten to the point that i have crammed so much information about this subject into my head that i cannot sit and let jerk-offs like TS go so far to bring honest and hard working people like Bob, Wes, John, and Rene down to an unbelievable level.
    i cannot stand dishonesty.
    Cheryl L. i totally agree

  59. Glen M

    Im not a curtin of this but I think that 2nd film of sasquatches head in good quality was tampered with by somone to make it look fake. Thats just my opinion. I think it is real!

  60. Glen M

    This guy todd is amazing. he is encredible. He is high strung but he has good Intensions

    I hope this comes out at somepoint. the goverment will go way to far to keep this a secret.

  61. Teresa L

    Can I first say that it shows great maturity for Wes to speak of all the things he has said about Todd in the past. Sometimes we let people around us dumb us down and this time in life Wes didn’t have the best of people him. You can hear it in all early shows. Thank God he longer has that in his life! Everything inproved since this person has left! Now I really think when comes to killing one that they shouldn’t be killed! Unless it’s the government with a body saying they are real it will do no good. Now I think government will go in and kill them. But they are killing the wrong ones!!! They kill ones that show themselves to much!! These are ones that are not angry to people!! They kill them because they don’t want this out! I feel they kill the nice ones and leave the others this is sad to me! I wish I knew what they know about them because they do know. As for Todd whether you think his videos are real or not, he is trying to prove they are real to protect them and us and that’s a good thing! Because they are real!! So thank you Todd and Wes for this great show!!!

  62. Nicholas V

    All the people that have listed all the reasons the vids can’t be real are ridiculous. Haven’t we learned by listening to this very show that they very in looks and sizes? Who are we to say that it’s eyes are too small and mouth too small and etc….. that’s the worst arguments I’ve ever heard. Unless of course they have one in their garage and can prove the bs they are slinging

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