Oct 25

SC EP:373 Bob Gimlin Speaks Out

Bob Gimlin called me tonight and wanted to come on the show to talk about what happen at the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Bob has always been there for me in the past and he knows he is always welcome to come on.

Below is my post from earlier in the week.

I so sorry to hear this. I normally avoid drama in the bigfoot world but how could the 50th Anniversary event for Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film go south like it did? Loren Coleman posted on twitter: “50th Anniversary event for Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film allegedly blows up when Bob Gimlin wasn’t allowed to speak.”



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83 Responses to “SC EP:373 Bob Gimlin Speaks Out”

  1. Katie F

    I am so sorry that Bob was so
    disrespected at that conference.
    Geez, that makes me mad. Bob
    is a good, kind, and honest man and
    he should have been treated with the
    respect he deserves.
    Glad you had him on SC to
    let him tell what happened.
    Good show, Wes.

    • F S

      I am 9 min in and it is apparent that a huge disconnect occurred. (With the political climate at the moment, SC is my safe space and those are the shows I love.)
      Mr. Gimlin and his manager don’t want him filmed. Okay.
      The people putting on the event wanted to film all of their conference. Understandable and reasonable.
      This should have been worked out beforehand. In this age of technology, isn’t filming part of any event?
      I am saddened that this was a missed opportunity ON BOTH SIDES – even for Mr. Gimlin. I heard him and his manager working hard to promote the event for months.
      50 years of experiences can’t be crammed into any one presentation or conference.
      I am sorry this happened.
      Hopefully it is a learning experience for all, and the relationships can be healed.
      God has blessed Mr. Gimlin with a loyal friend in Wes.
      Good luck to all.

      • Wes Germer

        I wish Bob had a better phone. I need to show him how to use Skype. You are right Eddie and Tony…there is a lot of people you can crap on in the bigfoot world but Bob is NOT one of them. I was actually going to attend the OH Bigfoot Conference…not anymore.

        • Nick V

          That one guy is an idiot Wes. Please don’t let that ****ole represent the Bigfoot folks in Ohio. We’re not all like him. The “grass roots “ Bigfoot community is strong. Many people I could introduce you to who don’t do it for show. Sorry Bob that you were put through that. You have my respect sir. Gettem’ Wes!

  2. Marlene M

    I’m so sorry Bob that this turned out to be such a fiasco! I really understood the confusion, betrayal, doubts, and chaos in your head when you replay the events over and over again in your head just trying to make sense of. It all. The reason it still haunts you is simple… You are normal… These people are not! It doesn’t make sense to you ‘BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU!!

    IF there is one thing I’ve learned over my 66 years, is that if you are a self reflective person and people are accusing you of absurd, incorrect, inaccurate and somehow demonizing your intentions, it’s an exact reflection of what they are themselves guilty of. They are transferring their shitty (excuse my language) ass attitude onto others so they don’t have to face their demons! Their true intentions are reflected in their false accusations. I hope that makes some sense to you.

    Anyway .but whatever you do..whatever rumors, gossip, interpretations and opinions that will be flying all around you the next few months. Just whisper under your breath THEY CAN ALLKISS MY ASS!!

    sorry about that.. I really am a lady… But personally speaking.. Those few words really help put the whole “encounter” (little play on words there..) into perspective.

    Laugb as much as possible because the entire affair was actually a tribute… in reality… to the crap you’ve been putting up with most of those years. Think of it that way… I was a tribute… It was to honor the same old nonsense most of those years created for you!! Send them a thank you note instead.. It was a true tribute thanks to them!! Take care.. Marlee in San Francisco…

  3. Janet P

    Thank you Wes for having Bob on. I believe you are correct, what happened was all due to jealousy and ego. I am so upset that Bob was so hurt. I don’t blame him one bit for being angry. When friends do this to someone it causes so much hurt. This conference was to honor Bob period. I’m so glad Bob said he would not attend the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. I hope others will follow suit. Thanks again Wes for being such a good friend to Bob.

  4. Tracy A

    25 · October 23 at 3:24pm >https://www.facebook.com/groups/804208319674874/

    James Fay > “Thom Cantrall , We all agree there’s no good excuse for Bob not talking, but why that happened was explained by Terry. Tom Yamarone told the AV operator to kill the mic not on Bob, but on Marc DeWerth who was feverishly auctioning off donated items, the highest valued of which were donated by Marc. The silent auction wasn’t garnering bids anything close to the value of the items and Marc knows as the organizer of the biggest, longest running, and most successful bigfoot conference in the world that a live auction gets a much better price. And due to only 50% of Saturday’s tickets being sold there was a huge shortfall of funds and Marc was doing his best to close the gap so everyone could be paid what was promised. Tom was going to let Bob say a final thank you and good night but the AV guy had already started putting away the equipment. Terry offered to pay for an extra hour at 930pm which the supervisor agreed to but at 945pm the GM came in and said “no, turn off the sound”. Bob was outside talking with people when there was a 1 to 2 minute period where he could’ve said a final “Thank you” and unfortunately the short window was missed. If we had known that there wasn’t an hour left he would have definitely been prioritized. Bob and Tom are all good now and he regrets he said what he said when he was put on a live video while he was worked up. Everyone just wants to put this all behind and move forward. While there were problems with the conference everybody did the best they could. And Terry and Amanda put in countless time and energy to put this all together and did a great job, especially when you take into consideration it was the 1st time they had ever organized one.”

    • Janet P

      Tracy. 1-2 minutes that Bob could have spoke. You have to be kidding me! They should have had Bob speak earlier in the program then. Bob was so hurt and I don’t blame him. Broke my heart. He was the main attraction that brought people there in the first place. And then to refuse him any payment for expenses. Absolutely outrageous!

  5. Sherri M

    Thank you, Wes, for giving Bob a chance to talk it out. You both have hearts of gold! I’m ever so thankful to have met you both, & look forward to the next time. And thx to Russ for all he does for Bob as well. Really look forward to the future movie!!

  6. Melissa K

    Thank you Wes for letting us know the truth from Bob himself.
    I am so sorry this happened to Mr. Gimlin. He is so well loved and respected. I hope he knows so many people are appalled at the thought that he would be slighted in any way especially from someone in the BF community.
    Wes you and Bob are class acts that we at SC love ❤️

  7. Jon W

    Imagine having a Christmas tree exposition and you can’t mention Santa Clause.
    Sounds like Mark’s future conferences are going to be empty.

    Happy Birthday Bob and thanks for the film!

  8. pam

    Of all of this, the thing that burns mr most is that Bob and wife have been sending money to help the guy out.
    Which is honorable; however, you have to think on this a bit- would you accept it from Bob, knowing him and his situation?
    The man knew Bob, very well and knew whether he could reasonably afford to do so; did it bother him then, that an 86 yr. old man and wife
    were sending $500 a mo. to help him? Did he think THEN that Bob was senile, that he should have someone “freeing Bob” from his money?!I
    Obviously Bob and wife are of sound mind, capable of handling their business as they choose.
    If they want to give their $ away it is THEIR business.
    If Russell A. was doing bad business with Bob AND WIFE, ( remember she is his partner, so is also aware of any deals, schemes etc. and certainly would sound an alarm for f any harmful crud was going on!) – if he was decieving
    them , with all this publicity going on how could he hide it?
    Ok, I am getting off my high horse and saying “Well done Bob and Russell and Wes!”

  9. Jeffery E

    Wes – I was planning to attend the Ohio BF Conference too. Cambridge is my birthplace and I grew up running around Salt Fork in the 70’s and 80s. Not anymore! Screw those guys. It’s like telling Neil Armstrong he can’t speak at the 50th anniversary of him walking on the moon.
    I would be happy to start a new bigfoot conference where Bob Gimlin is always the feature speaker – let me know… I would call it “The Gimlin Conference”.

  10. Cindy W

    I am so mad at what I’m hearing I want so bad to lash out but I’m a Southern Belle and my mama taught me better. I was taught at an early age and still believe to treat your elders with respect and to stand up to idiots! I’m so glad Bob is on here telling the truth. Bob you are the most honest, down to earth person I’ve ever heard on air. Thank you for being you. I so hope all of this doesn’t keep you down cause you are must better than all of them put together!! Love you Bob!! Thank you Wes – as usual, you rock!!

  11. Shelly S

    I am glad you had Mr. Gimlin on to speak. This whole thing made my stomach hurt when I first saw the live with Russel and him on their way home. Everything has been said. I’m happy that you, this show, Mr. Accord and Mr. Gimlin have so much integrity. Looking forward to going to the IBC next year for a drama free, informative and great time!

  12. Amy H

    Wow! What I think is Bob’s the ” star ” so to speak. People want to be around the star and close to him. Sounds like ole Tom feels Russel is now Bob’s better buddy. Boo-hoo Bob is hanging out with this other guy and Bob likes him better…boohoo. Unbelievably petty. Grown men acting like groupies at a rock show. He’s mine..no he’s mine, I was here first…. You can’t even make it up.
    Then there’s Bob caught in the crossfire. The guy is just trying to live an honorable life. He happened to become a “star” in a field of meteors. It’s probably a curse in many ways being the guy who filmed the best Bigfoot footage to-date.
    What character Bob has. He’s been through so much over this film. He gets knocked around but comes back wiser. He’ll be in the history books and it won’t mention hide nor hair of any of these suck fish milling around.
    If we ever wanna see honor demonstrated, look no farther then Bob Gimlin. He is a treasure. He’ll always be our hero for not backing down about the truth!

  13. laura t

    This so sad bob had to deal with this, just so sad, I cant believe these grown men act like high school kids, looks like this guy wanted to run bob for money, that’s the painful part.. I hope to meet you bob this is on my bucket list, maybe one day

  14. Lee F

    You are simply awesome. You are a good man. Turning you & your brother’s traumatic event into easing the pain & suffering of others after their traumatic event – weather it be a horrific Sasquatch encounter or at the hands or deeds of another human. You are patient, kind, unassuming and non-judgmental – that makes you a joy to listen to. This show illustrates that, as do many countless shows where you have sincerely offered your personal help to a witness who was obviously in emotional stress over the retelling of their encounter.
    My personal hope is that you not only gain some relief yourself in your work, but that you profit greatly in your enterprise – there is no shame in earning a good living, and I am proud to support you.

    Just wanted you to know.


  15. Tamsin D

    Dear Bob,

    I thank God Wes gave you this time to set the record straight! I always listen to SC while feeding my horses and cleaning stalls. On Wes’s blog I saw a video for you, I thought sweet and pushed play. I didn’t even get close to the barn. I stood in complete disbelief. Went straight to comments ( the whole time the livestock is screaming at me because I broke the routine) wanted to add my comment, but thought better of it, because I was so angry.

    I wish I could go horseback riding with you and visit, not to talk about Bigfoot, but horses.
    Please know you are loved and respected by many!
    …… and thank you Wes for giving this living legend a voice.

    PS. I wouldn’t let Bob’s best horses drag to Judis next conference. ?

  16. Tamsin D

    Dear Russ,
    The most ruthless creatures are not always those in the woods, but those that would betray a friend;
    Bob was one. So glad you and Wes have his back!
    I’m sure your still pulling the knifes from yours.

    As my dad would say, “ Upwards and onwards “.
    I’m so looking forward to your documentary on
    Mr. Gemlin.
    Thank you. ?

  17. Jan D

    Not sure why the so-called bigfoot community is such a treacherous place. Just know that the man who collected the most important evidence for the existence of this creature, for whose sake a film was made and an event organized, should be honored and at keast able to speak. When you add to that the nature of the man himself—as true and good-hearted a soul as you’ll ever find—it makes it all the worse.

  18. Paul T

    WTF? Disrespect Bob? Are you serious? Pantera said it best 5 Minutes Alone. I stick to myself and don’t coment on anything been a member for a long time but I will never ever respect any of those people again.

  19. Scott B

    Of film or not, this man deserves respect. The last member of the greatest home movie ever should not have to put up with this greed and jealousy. God Bless Bob Gimlin! Prayers from Ohio Bob!!

  20. Melinda G

    Wes, I was very blessed to meet both you and Bob at the IBC this year. You two are at the very top of the list of honest people in this bigfoot world. I have always been very careful on who I trust on this subject. Their are way to many snakes. Thank you for being a great example to everyone else who can’t play nice in the sandbox. Thank you for all you do.

  21. Darrell O

    Thank you Wes and Bob! I won’t rehash what everyone else has said. I understand certain technical difficulties can occur. I was standing next to Bob at the Willow Creek Bigfoot celebration when they were having a Bigfoot calling contest. Bob was very humerus because he obviously wanted to make a call, but commented on being nervous. He finally decided to make a call just as the event was ending. I yollered that there was one more contestant, but Moneymaker, Cliff, Bobo and Renae went different directions and the film crew immediately disbanded. It was obviously not an intentional diss on Bob, just bad timing.

    However on the 50th anniversary of the P&G film, Bob should be honored at every opportunity!!! One mistake like I described above could be be understandable. However listening to Bob it sounds like he was screwed at every turn. It is one thing to have a bad experience at a conference, but at the 50th anniversary??? Come one! This is Bob freaking Gimlin!!! Without Bob there is no 50th Anniversary!!!

    Thank you Wes for providing a platform for Bob. I have only met you once Wes, but listening to your show makes me feel like I know you. I have only met Bob a few times and the conversations were brief and not likely memorable to Bob, but huge to me. What a classy and likable guy! So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you Wes and thank you Bob. Classy guys in a cutthroat Bigfoot community.

    To any members here who have not met Wes, Bob or Woody, they are the nicest and coolest guys! Thanks fellas

  22. Amy H

    Remember, there wouldn’t have been a 50th anniversary without Bob! I have yet to see another film that could have captivated and dramatically changed the life’s of many people in the BF community as the Patterson/Gimlin film has done. The trajectory of those jerks life’s at the conference was done, in large part, by his film!!! He made their quests more valid. His film likely provided relief to those who encounteried BF, thought they were alone or crazy, then either remembered or found out someone had actually filmed one! His film is much more then footage, evidence, or proof, it likely saved some from a mental collapse. The lack of respect is amazing.
    These people seem like the kind of people who’d slap their own mothers. Some weird cognitive dissonance in their heads!

  23. Gregg S

    Sad to hear the hurt in Bob’s voice especially being so late in his life. Hasn’t he suffered enough disrespect regarding this subject ? 1-2 minutes reserved for Bob…. what a joke. How about 1-2 hours. they should be ashamed but that’s beyond their capability. What a treasure to have him around still telling THE encounter. God bless you Bob and thanks for getting his back Wes.

  24. Janeda E

    Thank you so much Wes, how dare they do this to Bob? I was really interested in going to Ohio til now. I also had a friend in the community relate issues they had with the same people. Not putting my money in their direction. I’ll spend my money and head up your way to the “Poker Bigfoot Conference”. It may be further away from TX but well worth it. Thanks again, keep up the good casts.

  25. Charles W

    FIRST THING! I want to THANK Bob for all he has done in his life for bigfooting. Without him and Mr. Patterson, we would be nowhere near where we are today.

    SECOND, HOW DARE ANYBODY DISRESPECT THIS FINE GENTLEMAN. I know it will never happen, but, I would love to be able to just sit and talk, and, above all, listen to him talk about whatever comes into his head. He sounds like the people I was raised around. Long on COMMON SENSE, and just a plain, no frills, ‘What you see is what you get,” type of person.

    My best wishes to Bob, and YOU, Wes, for all you have done, and continue to do.


  26. Scott D

    Screwing over Bob is shameful to begin with. However, doing it on such an important event is even more criminal! These ass hats that did this should be grilled and then totally boycott ANY events they create. I’ve met Bob and Russ a time or two and both guys are good old boys! I support them all the way!

  27. David J

    It was good that you had Bob Gimlin on Wes. It let him get his side of the story out instead of him having to respond to or dispute anything those jerks could put out there to harm Bob. I have no doubt that Bob is telling the truth about what happened. Why would he lie our act contrary to his character. I have the utmost respect for Bob Gimlin and for you too, Wes.

  28. Jim C

    GOD bless him! I’m so impressed with Mr. Gimlin, turn 86 and still riding horses and working, simply incredible for his age, blessed with amazing genetics/health. My wife works with the elder, assistant living/nursing home with people several years younger than Mr. Gimlin, sadly, with severe health issues. Then I see/hear Mr. Gimlin and he appears great! I’m sure he has his days a little tired/stiff etc. but still so active and mentally clear, again, simply incredible! I hope the Good LORD blesses you for many more quality years, Ride On Bob!

  29. Eric B

    Wow……… after hearing that he had insurance all along. I’m SO Glad I did NOT contribute to the sham money grab they concocted for Yamarone’s stroke. What a tool!
    I bet he writes another horrible song about it !!!

  30. Rita G

    I don’t normally comment, but I couldn’t keep quiet on this one. Bob Gimlin should not have been mistreated and shown such disrespect. He is always such a gentle soul.
    It is heartbreaking to hear the hurt in his voice. Tom Ameritech and Mark DeWerth have made their Mark in the Bigfoot community and will be remembered – as the asshats who disrespected Bob and ruined what should have been a celebration on the 50th anniversary of the Patty film.
    Wes, once again, you show what a decent guy you are and a good friend. You have a very compassionate nature and good instincts. You did a great thing for someone very deserving. ????????

  31. Stacey S

    That’s just terrible that Bob was treated so badly! He’s such a kind person and has never said a bad word about anybody and has been through so much crap. He deseserves more respect than that. There wouldn’t even BE any Bluff Creek footage without him! I hope those jerks apologize to Bob.

  32. Lance M

    How can anyone disrespect this gentleman? I’ve never met him but I’ve listened to and watched a lot of things over the years and he seems to be one of the most genuine and nicest people you’d ever want to meet. This kind of thing makes my blood boil!

  33. Glen M


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