Nov 7

SC EP:36 Bigfoot in my backyard

We will be speaking to two witnesses who had encounters with the creatures at close range. Both guests tonight describe encounters with these creatures at close range and on their property. One of the Sasquatch encounters was in Washington and the other was in Texas.



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49 Responses to “SC EP:36 Bigfoot in my backyard”

  1. Jay Carlsen

    WOODY ! I Like That guy’s Opinion !! Myself the oldest Sibling …. I can relate.( …………. I Recall When I was the Shit ! When the Family would “Fawn” over Me . When I was the Pride of our little Family Unit , While growing up.) But that only lasted 4 years , Then the little brother came into the picture …. & Dethroned me from my Pinnacle of Attention. What can Ya Do ?

  2. Jay Carlsen

    On & Near to Road Ways ? Of course ! Because we do not travel bye Wood Path. I reside in Northwestern Michigan . Bear are all over up here! But since moving up from Detroit with my parents in 1978 , I have only see 2 bears in my Life ( Up Here anyhow ). The last Time I seen a Bear , it was crossing a Road. Yeah , we see the Woods as we drive bye
    from the road . But we can’t see what the Forest holds inside. I was beside myself seeing this bear, just around the Corner from my House I was renting at the time.
    ThinkerThunker, I Like That Guy! He does a clip titled ‘ Sasquatch of the Sequoias’ ( Sorry , I can’t Cut/Stab ( Copy/Paste) & I am to proud to ask my Daughter to show me How) there are like 4 angles of this thing running . The guy that filmed it was a amateur film maker . But the clip itself , you can see that it isn’t a guy in a Monkey Suite. He compared it to a Runner , & this thing just lumbers across the screen. Batting at a sapling , then hopping over something in the Foreground . The Build on that thing was Phenomenal! & for what it Is ….. I would say it is clearer footage than that of the Patterson film. Then I seen a couple others that try & DE-bunk it as a Hoax . & I just don’t see it.
    I understand that Costumes are out there . But I like the way He went through & pointed out the Obvious.

  3. Rich A

    I keep in touch with Ol’ Ray from the 2nd encounter here and he was so nervous he did not get a chance to provide some great details on the movement of the creature as well as details regarding what the creature looked like down to color and texture of the skin. Ol’ Ray is an old school East texan so I have to document this stuff for him. Will be adding those details soon.

    • Dawn K

      I’m a new member and started listening to the most recent episodes first. By the time I started listening to the first episodes, I didn’t know who Will was but became a bit irritated because he constantly interrupted the guest retelling their very emotional encounter. He always brought it back to himself and his encounter. It’s almost like he has this huge ego and needs to make every episode about him. I much prefer Wes’s style where he actually lets the guest tell their story. I’m happy I started listening to episodes without Will first, otherwise I might not have became a member. I’m sure Will is a nice man and seems very knowledgeable but I’ve heard him say over and over again; “well back when I had my encounter.” Yes, we all know! Lol

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