Nov 7

SC EP:35 Scary Night On The Lone Star Trail

Bob Garrett returns to share his scary night on the Lone Star Trail. “There came a smell on the wind that we knew well. We had smelled it many times. We had a Sasquatch near by. I could hear some moving around behind the camp. It was coming closer to us! But that was ok, we had this happen before. There was a row of eight to ten inches round pines right next to my right side. Those pines began to shake as something was coming through them right at me! The screams were making my ears ring. I saw huge hands coming right for my head and so I dropped to one knee and put my shotgun in this enraged Sasquatches middle. I was about to shoot this thing, but it backed off quickly”



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274 Responses to “SC EP:35 Scary Night On The Lone Star Trail”

  1. Bill S

    Maybe, they have emotions like humans and she, being mate-less, was looking for companionship when trying to pull him near and got peeved when he showed his shotgun. She felt rejected.
    MAYBE ?

  2. kenneth w

    great show and interview…..
    what time did this mad minute take place?
    Was there any reason to believe that S were in the area at that time or did i miss it?

  3. Kristina Easterday

    It’s hard not to be compassionate, but I was not there. It was a frightening encounter! I’m interested in this subject, but do not want to see one. Love the encounters, much respect for all of you that have seen them.

  4. Steve W

    Some of the “incredible” encounters Bob Garrett speaks of are when he had a high fever with symptoms including DELERIUM so how ’bout we give him a break, eh? I find him to be an honest man who has been through a lot… to say the least! I for one wish to thank him for his willingness to share what he can There are things he will probably NEVER be able to share with us for legal reasons. THANKS BOB!

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