Nov 7

SC EP:37 Cops & Sasquatch

“Back in 2009 I was a sergeant over the K9 unit which consisted of five handler/dog. (location removed) is about five hours away from (location removed) and the two guys were allowed to drive home on Friday nights to spend time with their families on the weekends. They each were issued a Chevrolet Tahoe to patrol and carry each of their dogs. When they are away from (location removed), their radios don’t hit the radio tower, but they can still speak to each other car to car, so long they are in close proximity to each other. One Friday night during the six week school they were driving home when the lead officer said something large and black ran towards the side of his Tahoe from the shoulder/ditch area and he thought it was gonna strike the side of the Tahoe but it suddenly cut sharply and started pacing his unit for a short distance as it ran along side him. He said it was on all fours but was no cow or horse, but was as large as one. He soon outran it, and called on the radio to the officer that was following closely behind him and asked him “what was that?!” the trailing officer replied “I don’t know!” and although it was strange they didn’t get a good look at it and both laughed it off. They only know for sure that it wasn’t a horse or a bull. I asked them how fast they were going and the lead officer said “we were hauling ass trying to get home, 80-85 mph, it was late at night already!” this happened on a deserted stretch of highway between (location removed) and (location removed), lots of deer. Neither officer works for us anymore, but the lead officer is my best friend now and is a sergeant at a nearby agency, the other officer is now a narcotics agent for another nearby agency.”



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  1. Jay Carlsen

    No Feedback here ……………………? |
    Anyway , I worked in the Oil Field , I been to Texas. Now East Texas , I can see something living there without being seen , East Texas is THICK . I also worked in Midland Tx , & it blows my Mind ! Because it Is Desert ……. If these things Live out there ? Just how many of them are there ? Mind Boggling !

  2. Dorothy S

    I am so glad Will is gone! I’ve been listening to these old episodes and am so frustrated with the amount of times he jumped in with his encounter!! I swear I know more about his encounter than he does by now. I don’t listen to hear about him, but the guest. He did have some good information, but he interrupted everyone. There is not one episode that he didn’t interrupt. I missed so much information about an episode because of it.

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