Nov 7

SC EP:34 Charged by a Sasquatch!

On tonight’s show we will have 3 guests. Each sharing their encounters with Sasquatch. Bob Garrett returns and shares more information about the torn up camp and encounters he has personally had. Bob will discuss the time he was charged by a Sasquatch and give us some insight on their behavior. The “big thicket” has a lot of bigfoot activity



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46 Responses to “SC EP:34 Charged by a Sasquatch!”

  1. Mark b

    Bob Garrett
    Wow you must have a fantasic collection of videos That finally prove the bigfoots Existence, hopefully these are all crystal cleaer free from the dreaded shakes and blurryness that usually accompanies such videos. As you encounter these beasts more or less on a daily bases you must be very close?

  2. lawrence w

    i was wondering if anyone knew how to view ” torn up camp ” i have been to Bob’s facebook and blog talk radio and habe been unable to find it. also is there anybody who knows where in Michigan that the football player was killed!!!!!!

  3. Maria D

    I love that Bob uses the term “going Squatchin”.! ?
    That phrase seems to make some of the dopey researchers offended.
    Yay Bob, great encounters and experiences.! ??

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