Nov 7

SC EP:33 Frightening Dogman Encounter

A listener wrote us with a frightening dogman encounter that happened in 1972 while camping. The creature(s) entered the campsite late at night growling, throwing rocks and surrounded their campsite. The experience still haunts this listener today. She has heard of Bigfoot/Sasquatch but the description of those creatures did not match until years later when she came across information about the dogman.



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75 Responses to “SC EP:33 Frightening Dogman Encounter”

  1. Norman Racca

    LOL @ Wes….. 6:45
    Really!? Did they have a stash of rocks and depending on the type of mood there in they going to throw big rocks or small rocks at you!? You don’t think for 2 seconds that it has to do with the type of rocks that are at their feet at the moment!? hahaha!

  2. erin f

    i had a baby dogman i found its mom was killed so i took it in and raised it when it gots too big i let it go back in thevwoods every now and then it leaves gifts on my front door

    • m99

      What? All you do is go to the episode tab ^, click it, then at the bottom hit the arrow > and it’ll take you straight to the beginning. Then scroll and find what you’re looking for. Maybe you are using your phone and don’t see it because it looks very different on the phone. Maybe that’ll help. Hope so.

  3. Luis C

    In regards of the person that told you Sashquash aggressions .
    Is funny to hear your laugh about sometime by that probably make sense . For example : If you live in the woods 24 hours a day , Wouldn’t that make up an expert like a farm boy , Abilities compare to a city boy . There is a big difference when you are faliliar for everything around you .
    Rocks , sticks pine needlles :
    Otherwise in some of the stories they choose to project. Pine neddles vs a giant rock to kill you : You will be contradicting your own statement About these creatures having intelligence /. Luis from Beautiful California .

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