Nov 7

SC EP:32 Creepy Sasquatch Encounters

A listener contacted the show to share several creepy Sasquatch encounters his family had on their farm. Here is a small portion of what he wrote “My grandparents had gotten a small house and lived outside of town.They used a camper as a chicken coup and had a massive, and I mean massive guard dog. It had a large chain attached to the camper to protect the chickens. My uncle claims he felt something wasn’t right, he just felt very, very scared. When out of nowhere, everyone smelled a horrible skunk like odor and the dog went berserk. The dog was barking up a storm and just went crazy. About seven minutes or so after the dog had started barking, this massive, loud, bone shattering cry woke all the kids up and scared the life out of my grandmother.



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66 Responses to “SC EP:32 Creepy Sasquatch Encounters”

  1. Stacy F

    OK, so it wasn’t just me LOL…. I’d love to know what area of Michigan he’s talking about though. Our site’s history also goes back at least to the early-mid 70s.

    That “blowing” that Bob’s describing–we’ve heard and recorded that several times, with other concurrent vocals and activity. Have never heard any other recordings of it though, I’d have loved if his camera had picked it up. 🙁

  2. James E

    What a couple of cowardly posts. Thank you “Ghost”… I love the way you talk. Super informative, and entertaining. I really appreciate you coming forward with these stories. Take care man, you’re a cool dude…!

  3. L S

    Ghost is highly intelligent and very well informed about these things at such a young age. It will be interesting to see the theories he develops going forward.

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