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SC EP:322 A History of Wild-Men


I will be welcoming Kevin to the show who wrote, “I had an encounter that was exactly like one of your other guests. When I heard his story I almost fell off my chair.”

I spoke to Kevin yesterday and he said, “I had the exact same encounter as one of your previous guests, it happened in the exact same location as his in fact I played the encounter for family and friends. My family and friends have always laughed at me and when I played the encounter nobody was laughing. My encounter happened several years ago and where your guest describes being escorted out, that is exactly what happen to me. This thing paced me out knocking down everything in its way and when I would stop it would stop when I would continue it would continue. As your guest was describing the location I knew every detail in fact where he describes the creature stopping as he came out of the wood line is exactly where it stopped when it was chas

I will be also welcoming Timothy Renner to the show. Tim writes “I just published my second book which is called Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State. It is all historical accounts from the 1830s through the 1920s which I have compiled from old newspaper articles.

In this way, it is kind of like Sasquatch Chronicles in that it’s just filled with encounters. I have added some commentary at the end of each chapter – but this mostly is my reasoning as to why I think the “wild man” in an article is referring to a bigfoot creature (for instance if the “wild-man” is 8 ft tall and covered in hair). Throughout the early 1920s there was a wave of sightings in PA – many of them quite aggressive – with multiple attacks on people, livestock, and cars noted in the articles. Many behaviors are noted throughout the articles which I recognized from being an avid listener of SC.

I know you don’t often have authors on – but I figured I would at least let you know the book is ‘out there’ and let you decide.

All the best”


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58 Responses to “SC EP:322 A History of Wild-Men”

    • David W

      This Keystone state stories have hit home for me. I like we in one of the towns mentioned in his book. I lived in Hallstead, PA.where the 8 ft female snapped the horse’s neck. For 17 yrs and as a kids I roamed those same mountains he mentioned to you in Sundays show. I never heard anything​ about this story? WOW!

    • mark b

      I had an experience North of the Klamath River, not far from Bluff Creek where we heard the breathing like you describe. It was 15-20ft away in the brush and it whooshed on the inhale and exhale. Sounded huge! We were driving down a logging road, a long way from the raod(169) when we had a flat tire. We were way up in the forest at about 3am. We got out of the car and checked out our flat tire and that is when we heard the noise. We were spooked so we got back in the car and drove at a few miles an hour off of the mountain before we changed the tire! Nothing up there breathes like that unless there was an elephant on the loose! haha

  1. Frankie P

    Love old stories! There are several out with newspaper stories, and it’s like you are in another world with the language changes and all the “not” descriptions of the creatures. So enjoyable. Thanks to both of you

  2. Robert F

    Earlier I was listening to an episode of old encounters, and and I just think it’s such a joke that people dismiss Sasquatch as hoaxes and people lying, there’s so much evidence , that beside a live one in every scientists garage with sirens and flashing arrows pointing at it, I wonder even if that would wake them up.

    ? – Robert Clearwater Florida – ?

  3. Sid N

    My maternal grandmother born 1892, died 1979, used to tell her grandchildren many things, some of which I now think were Sasquatch related. One story related tonight brought back a story my grandmother told us, and stated to be true. A young man was angrily beating his family oxen because it refused to move in the direction he was wanting it to go. This young man was around 17-18 years old. While he continued to beat the oxen, a large hairy man-like creature with fiery red eyes came out of the woods and proceeded to carry the young man off into the nearby woods, even though the boys mother broke her broom over its back. The creature carried the young man deep into the woods where he was thrown into a large briar patch. The boy, with great difficulty was able to claw his way out of the bramble, but suffered many, many scratches and cuts. My grandmother said he was cut up all over. After he returned home he never again beat their livestock. It was felt the young man was carried away because of his cruelty to the oxen. My grandmother referred to the creature as a “devil” with bloody red eyes. She always said this was a true story and even would tell us the young man’s name, but to which I can’t now recall.

  4. Gabriel H

    Kevin… My Gawd Man… That was utterly harrowing. And btw I’d love to hear your family come on and explain WHAT THE H THE JUSTIFICATION IS TO FLAT OUT DENY THE ACCOUNT OF THEIR “LOVED ONE”… Man that pisses me off…

  5. Janetta V

    Glad you got your revenge Kevin. I don’t know why people are so opiniated and think they know all there is to know. Some people need to put themselves down a couple of notches on the ladder of life and not be such know it alls. Thanks Wes, first guest was great too.

  6. Pat T

    Hey Tim, thanks for coming on and discussing your new book, should be an interesting read. Sounds like many hours of research went into it. Love how the old stories were written back then; sad how racist some of them were though. Look forward to the Kindle download. Kevin, good for you on being vindicated, Wes’ show has brought peace to many like you I’m sure.

  7. Kenny H

    Hey Wes, truly enjoyed the show! When you are interviewing guests please ask them to try and imitate the sounds that the creatures make, nobody expects them to be Rich Little but it really adds another layer of texture to the story, especially since we are dealing with identifying the unknown. And once again, my deepest thanks, these programs are terrific.

    • Tamsin D

      I agree with Kenny….. I’m sure guests might believe they sound silly, but I have never laughed. Plus on the off chance we run into that sound, it will be a heads-up.
      Loved this show! Both guests were excellent. ?

  8. Becky F

    My grandmother used to tell stories of a big hairy thing that would come up and peek through the cracks of cabin walls (where the chinking had fallen out) after it had chased a girl home. It too had glowing red eyes and, as she called them, gorers on it’s fingers. It would poke the gorers (I thinking long fingernails) through the cracks trying to get the girl. She also warned me not to be out by myself at night. She was serious.

  9. Melanie W

    The mountain gorilla was first discovered by Western science in 1902, and I would imagine would enter into most American’s awareness not long after. Makes sense that reports would take on the “gorilla” description, as opposed to “wild man”.

    • Jon W

      Yep, that’s a nice fish. I have a friend who holds a state record with a 28 lb. trout but, his story isn’t nearly as interesting and he only struggled with a fish for 35 minutes.

  10. Dave H

    In the 1895 story about wild woman who attacked the peddler and killed and ate the horse, what is meant by the “balance wheel” that she supposedly took and rode?

    • Jon W

      Good question Dave.
      I just assumed it was another name for a uni-cycle and figured it proved that a Gorilla really had escaped from a passing circus.

  11. Bert F

    I can’t even explain….not only did it take me two days to finally listen to the whole show but I just sat here by the fire and read all 44 responses, many do I love it. It reminds me of something I cant quite place. I’m gonna listen again probably twice then it’ll be Friday and at the end of service I can que up an new show to take me home after work…best 40 bucks I’ve spent all year
    Thanks Tim, Kevin , Wes and the rest of you….the members you guys are really making this happen

  12. Jan D

    Thanks for having Tim Renner on the show to go over some of those old cases. Consolidating and reporting the old newspaper accounts is a task long overdue. The Bigfoot Casebook is a classic, but it contains only a few cases from the 1800s. Sounds like Tim has done a thorough job on the Pennsylvania accounts, and, judging by how many there were in that state, I can’t help but wonder what a similar study on a national scope would lead to. What they call the creature differs, but it’s obviously the same beast.

  13. Matilda W

    I am an African American listening to you program and living in Susquehanna Valley area. I just want to thank you for calling out the racism mentioned in the articles. We can’t change the past but it helps for it to be called out as racist and wrong helps. Thanks again for being the Gentlemen that you are!

  14. craig d

    Dave Paulides Bigfoot Giants and Wild Men is a great historical account of news reports dating way back to 1680 up to the 1920s I believe. It’s an awesome read that opens your mind to accept these beings aren’t a modern phenomenon.

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