May 7

Bob Gimlin talks about Bigfoot

The YouTuber writes “This is a first of a series of speaker video footage of conference I’m up-loading on my SquatchIng doc’u film I’m making”” called Pacific North West Sasquatch Research Group”‘ Mike the editor Thompson who is helping me edit/cameraman we now have plenty of film to make it happen about three years of editing and video tapping converting video data it’s finally here”” more than 50hrs of video conference video footage we are ready for the first of a series.”

6 Responses to “Bob Gimlin talks about Bigfoot”

  1. m99

    That was great. I love listening to him talk about those cowboy days and what he and Roger experienced there in Bluff Creek. What a treasure Bob is. Thanks Wes.

  2. Pat T

    When Bob tells of his encounter he never skips a beat. No uh’s, no pauses, just the truth. When you speak truth there is never any hesitation. His story is so believable why would anyone doubt that what they saw and recorded wasn’t the real thing? Thanks for posting this Wes.

  3. Paula B

    Bob Gimlin is an unimpeachable witness to the film/experience that is the most definitive proof of bigfoot, so far.
    Thanks, Wes, for posting this!

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