Nov 4

SC EP:28 I shot a Skunk Ape!

A listener contacted the show and said he never believed in these creatures until he came face to face with one in the FL swamp. After the creature “Screamed and Roared” at him he became terrified and shot it twice in the chest and ran for his life. The listener said he wasn’t sure what kind of a creature he was looking at but the beast was massive and appeared to be half ape and half man like. We will also be having a few other guest including a Native American who will be sharing his Sasquatch encounters with us.



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8 Responses to “SC EP:28 I shot a Skunk Ape!”

  1. Norman Racca

    Story from 48:00 – 52:00 is very strange!?
    Sasquatch slapping the man in the face 4 or 5 times from a hole in the top of a cave!?
    Guy strokes the Sasquatch arm and hand!?
    Sasquatch didn’t move his arm when he felt the guy stroking it!?
    Now that’s a Sasquatch with a sense of humor for sure! LOL 🙂

  2. Stacy F

    After reading the show description and then you guys’ comments, I’ve decided I’ll pass on listening to this one!

  3. Jeffery E

    The second guest was not very believable. not sure about that guy…
    The Army Brat was amazing. Def a hillbilly, but he obviously spent a lot of time in the field. A couple of things I did not believe were 1) his tail about the Army flying him and his dad around in helicopters and 2) when he said that he had Army issue bullets. Other than that, he was very believable. Like to hear him again.

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