Nov 4

SC EP:27 It’s a TRAP!

A listener contacted the show and wrote “On a hunting trip when I was 14 was the first time I’d encountered these creatures, and they “hunted” me and tried to ambush me, most terrifying experience of my life, and was something I didn’t tell anyone about for years.” Growing up in Mississippi he had two other encounters including having Sasquatch lurk around his aunts farm at night. We will also be speaking with Lupe Mendoza. He will be sharing his encounter from Washington State.




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18 Responses to “SC EP:27 It’s a TRAP!”

  1. michael s

    2nd guy seems a little odd… first he doesnt condone hunting, then in the next sentence talks about wanting to bag a 10 pointer..

  2. Kristina Easterday

    Listening to it, he seems excited to tell ppl he had an encounter that will not only listen, but console and believe him. Only he knows what he saw.

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