Jan 24

SC EP:187 Mountain Giants

You asked for it and I am here to give the people what they want. I had many requests to bring Duke back on the air to share all of the information he has regarding “mountain giants,” and Duke has agreed to return to the show. Duke told me that he has a lot of information on the mountain giants and has given presentations on it. Extra long show just for you guys and gals.



Duke’s Photos:


Duke writes “The Coloma tracks, photographed by Ladd Hendrickson spring 2014, Montana. When zoomed suitable, they reveal VERY OBVIOUS dermal ridges on toes and foot, AND the presence of the 5th “outrigger” toe just barely touching the ground. Probable Mountain Giant, tracks approx. 15-16″ in length.”






Laboriously and painstakingly drawn charts to show comparative size of human, gorilla, bear, squatch and mountain Giant, made for my presentation at the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Oct., 2015.


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116 Responses to “SC EP:187 Mountain Giants”

    • John S

      I live in skagit co and was enjoying a cigar when the loudest coyote howlimg it shook the windows and me and then noticed that a lot of small dogs were missing during that week it shooke to the core

      John S. Thanks

  1. Brad g

    Nice, this is right up my ally. I love to hear the different mysterys that exist in the mountains and forest. Mountain Giants, great twist to the show. Thanks Wes for putting all of this together.

  2. Karey E B

    I’m not even going in my backyard! Joking aside…these make Sasquatch look like Boy Scouts! Thank you, Duke, for not being afraid that someone might cry foul–for sharing these pics and your information. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still can’t wrap my head around the government wanting to keep all of this under wraps by way of not warning campers, hikers, skiers, etc.
    That said, I have to wonder if this is the REAL reason more and more land is being cordoned off as NATURAL HABITAT, NATURE PRESERVE, and with the sign: GOVERNMENT PROPERTY–NO TRESPASSERS.
    I wonder if this IS their warning…you trespass *shrug* you were warned…

  3. Russell S

    Hey Wes,
    If you remember Dukes first Bigfoot sighting He mentioned it had claws, and in fact said he referred to them as talons. I found something interesting in the Northern Cheyenne legends (I have a friend from Lame Deer Mt. that is a member of that tribe). Here’s the info. I found.

    Ma’xemestaa’e: A large, hairy humanoid creature, somewhat like the Sasquatch or Bigfoot of the Northwestern tribes, only with birdlike feet.

    I just thought I’d pass that along in case you, or Duke hadn’t seen this.

  4. Frankie P

    Wow! This one hit it out of the park, Wes. Awesome interview, and so much information! It’s scary, but then again, it’s nice to know that we humans don’t know everything! There are still things to found right on our planet. Thank You Duke!

  5. David J

    Many thanks Wes! You have provided so much information on this subject that it makes any other source pale in comparison! Thank you so much and keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Tedd

    Thanks Wes & Duke, I’m glad there are people who are willing to step out on a limb to bring the hard to believe but too consistent to ignore information, out to the ones who care to listen & learn. It’s terrifying but shouldn’t we be aware, and being the supposed “higher intellectuals “, do what we can to protect and document what may be the most endangered? Don’t get me wrong, I feel the squatch and other cryptids do fine on their own and don’t need us, if they exist, to protect them. Just let people know and keep certain areas closed so a family doesn’t camp in their front yard and end up with a tragedy. Seems simple but when money and govt are involved, who knows.

  7. Jay Carlsen

    Bravo ! I was watching something ? On the YouTube , Concerning Native Giants . When They showed the Hand Sign in the Cowboy Movies. When Greeting someone ? When they would say ” How.” They raised the Hand Sign to PROVE They were People , Not one of the 6 fingered Giants !
    I was also listening to Rob Skeeba (? Whatever his Name is …..?) Who spoke with a Man who went to Jekyll Island , off the Coast of Georgia. He said when He arrived , He went to the Museum & they had 8 1/2 foot Indian Chiefs , That where Buried & the Top layer of earth was removed exposing the Skeleton . & they had Built this Museum over the 4 Skeletons ! Leaving them Encased in Glass .
    As I Understood they were in the Back Room of this Museum & you could look right through the Glass Panes in the Floor to See Them .
    This Guy went To the Island & Prayed over a Canaanite Blood Sacrificial Alter that was Located under the Floor of the Very Room that the Idea for the Federal Reserve System was born ! He Prayed in that Room & heard a Loud Thunder Crack !
    The Same as is Heard when uncovering a Giant Grave .
    Fascinating – For Certain !

  8. Charles W

    Great show! Duke is definitely one of the most knowledgeable researchers out there. He is really a pleasure to listen to, I could listen all night. Duke was just on Bigfoot Outlaw Radio with Bear and Coonbo for two episodes a couple weeks ago. Everyone needs to check it out it was great.

  9. DonRay

    Ah!…Finally got a chance to hear the show…….I started watching some stupid football game, and got distracted for about 3 quarters or so before it was turned off, :/…………….[[[[[[[..Thanks Wes,,I appreciate that,,, just trying to rule somethings out.]]]]]]… Awesome listening. as expected… I think we are all mountain giant experts now.. Thanx Duke & Wes, really very much enjoyed your last topics of discussion greatly..The 1st part 🙂 & The DNA manipulation, i thought cloning was being done in the 70’s, Thats when i remember it making the news,…… But you would think that you would see genetic defects or genetic diseases in these animals…Dont hear much in reports…. but I believe inbred animals dont suffer from genetic diseases as much,,,,I think i read that,,, something to think about…. dont quote me on that…. Ciao

    • DonRay

      I truly believe that was disinformation you were told Wes………”They” wants us to believe that they are much farther advanced than “they” really are…….. all part of the fear factor.. We give them too much credit..in the technology area…

  10. Gabriel H

    Thank-you Duke. I appreciate having my eyes opened a little more – even if it does mean an accompanying pupil dilation….

    Thank-you Wes. TopNotch – as always


  11. Lionel M

    That was some great information, I’ve come across three Gentlemen Rob Sikba, Tom Horn and Steven Quayle who speak about this things based on Biblical documentation, not religion.( Just thought I’d throw that out there.) Thanks Wes! Awesome.

  12. Tedd

    The genetic manipulation by our modern government may be cause of some cryptids but can’t explain what has been recorded for thousands of years, Sasquatch, dogman and Giants, which all have been recorded on all continents.

  13. Dawn O

    Duke: you’re an intelligent man and I applaud you for bringing this information to us. Before you even said some of the things you did I was already speaking them out loud. I think aside from the military knowing about them and using them, I think some things the military lies to us to keep us in the dark further. The only thing we can trust are the hunters, hikers, campers, etc. who have the encounters. I was wondering though, all these tiny little earthquakes that we have, esp the ones where I live in Oklahoma, could these perhaps drive out these bigfoot (I don’t think any mtn giants live here) from where ever they’re hiding? Oddly enough in my township area, we’ve heard lots of weird explosions and there’s no explanations for any of it. Around me are woods, rivers, streams, lakes, hills, and fields of crops and also so many ranches that I can’t count. So no one around here is doing blasting w/ explosives. Have ya heard of any reports of weird explosions or earthquakes in relations to bigfoot sightings at all?

  14. pam

    More Duke, Wes. Please have him cover the varieties he mentioned in firt interview, the gugglies especially. He described the thing I saw, I believe, and called a guuglee or something.

  15. Jane M

    Wes you ate still the best though! You are on the outside looking in. Except your encounter, spurring your connection and interest. Hats off to you. You got this. You keep it real. Thanks.

  16. Janetta V

    This show was just so unbelievably interesting, and I enjoyed it so much. You guys made this show so interesting with all the reports and stories from the past and current. I knew we had Goliath that was a giant, but was thinking bigfoot was the modern day replacement. My eyes are big like saucers listening to this. Thanks so much for this show. It goes in my favorite file. Janetta

  17. Daniel S

    their is a childrens book I used to love to read as a kid in my school library called The Rainbow Serpent,its an Australian first people dream time story, these creatures are in this book clearly depicted as the witness on the show described check it out if you can find it

  18. SantiamLady

    Oh. My. GOSH!!!!!!! ???? Sasquatch and Dogman were bad enough! ????????. But now we hear of an even more terrifying Cryptid which sounds like it fits the description of what the legends of Ogres and Windigos were based on! 20 ft tall, with CLAWS and TUSKS!!!!! ????????. Making a habit out of eating humans! ???????? What else have “they” made? ????

    And this Military Insider telling Wes the Gov has had the ability to Genetically Engineer unnatural creatures “for a very long time”, but admitting “they” weren’t the ones who “originally” bred Sasquatch? They do claim to have Engineered Dogman….. But they can’t have been cooking them up for thousands of years! What do we do with the very ancient legends of dog-headed men??? ????

    Did we have, & then lose, that Engineering know-how? Atlantis??? Or was the Military Insider referring to “aliens”??? ????

    Wes, is there anyway you could get that Black Ops Insider to tell you a little more? Like a “hypothetical discussion”? How long, exactly, has the Military been Genetically Engineering monsters? And if they want them as weapons, why did they just turn them lose all over the World? That makes no sense! Did “they” Engineer theses Mountain Giants (Ogres) too? And again, why allow their creations to run amok in the wild???? What good is a Military Asset if it’s running lose out of Military control???? Makes no sense. Unless the agenda is controlling the human population numbers? ????. Intelligent Predators ????to check the numbers of an intelligent Prey (us)?

    I’m both freaked out and fascinated at the same time! MORE info please! ????????

  19. SantiamLady

    Suddenly, the recent, and old, sightings of dragons, pteredactyls, sea-monsters, and the mysterious “bloop” sound in the depths of the Pacific (recently heard again), start to make a sinister kind of sense! ????????????

    • Daniel S

      well I guess we are still peasants, not to know what the aristocracy know or plan for the bounty full bearing masses, maybe they are servant’s to another, blind to their knowledge agenda, but alas what will us poor folk how ever kind “us” NO

  20. June P

    Awesome show, Wes and Duke!!!!
    Holy moly!!!! I am glad I listened to this during the late morning!!!!! ( but there’s always thoughts of Giants, tonight!!! :O )
    Duke knows his stuff! I, too, think that there is more on our Earth than we know about. Sometimes I think that we see ourselves as being all knowing ( yes, we know an awful lot ) but that the world can hide a lot of secrets and produce a whole lot more. I would be gob smacked to see one of those creatures, bad enough that some have seen the Sasquatch. ( I had a smelly encounter with my dogs and a rock throwing event, but no sighting) I cannot imagine the thoughts that run through your mind, let alone your physical response.
    Makes me think also of what the Bible says, ” there were Giants in those days; and also after that…” What are these giants? It makes me wonder too about the disappearances in the parks- sure, a Sasquatch could snatch you, but this thing? It could pick you up where you stand and gobble you up! And you know how David Paullides speaks of people being dropped from a great height………..?
    Mind boggling!

  21. Steven B

    The tracks – what’s with the only 4 toes? Not 5, like most other hominids. Not 6, like giants mentioned here – but 4? These things are not only scary huge, they’re bizarre.

  22. Ted T

    HI Wes grate show.
    You have me interested in Mountain Giants and what this is all about
    Very interesting stuff. Could you interview people that have witnessed
    These things????
    Are the Mountain Giants related to Sasquatch and can you find out if
    They get along.
    Great show you got to have Mr.Duke back again.

  23. mark k

    Humans can routinely run 25 mph-on a treadmill. When I was a kid a lot of the people on our football team went to a sports acceleration program. I recall at least 4 people on the team making the “25mph club” at this program. These were high school kids from ND. Granted, farm kids in fantastic shape, but certainly possible for many excellent athletes. Not this big boy. I was on the line. The program got me benching 350 in 9th grade tho.

  24. Debbie C

    Duke do you have a website?
    Are you on Facebook?

    How sad, Coloma Mining Town, about those mines that were collapsed because they didn’t want to pay the miners their wages.
    Haunted history screaming to tell the truth.
    Ghosts are indeed real.

    Mountain Troll…

    The report from Montana. The man at the local Wal-Mart
    telling his story, the retired logger. I would love
    to hear Wes talk about a show on this topic in further detail!
    Talking to retired loggers along side Duke:)
    What a wonderful interview!:)!

    I’ve notice when Bigfoot has been reported, people often say
    they witness the creature, turn away from it only to not see
    it anymore. Bigfoot I think has fur/hair that blends into
    it’s surroundings. Making it difficult to see among the wilderness.

    Amazing show!:)!

  25. Linda W

    Thanks Wes, for a good show, also to Duke who gives good detail. I still believe all these high strangeness creatures are not created by a great big God who loves us, but by someone who hates us.

  26. Pat T

    Loved the discussion on this topic. You to have a good way of communicating re: the entire spectrum of BF and Giants. Good takes on how the government deals with these things as well. Thanks Wes and Duke

  27. JOSE J

    Was it me or did you get visual too about that “Giant” running at those 3 dudes in the car, with lighting in the back ground, kinda gave me that “oh shit” moment when in Jurassic Park; the T-Rex chases the jeep them thru the tress….oh maaaaaaan awesome! great interview.

  28. Nicolas B

    Thanks to both of you for the great show. But I have to say, I am still skeptical about those giants. Could it be that people have over exagerated the size of a sasquatch or that they had some sort of half false memory. Not that I want to put down the witnesses who say that but there are far fewer testimonies like that than Bigfoot testimonies.

    As for why there are so many species or subspecies, that’s hard to figure out. How could evolution have created a dogman, that’s weird. Could the aliens be the creators of these species? Mmh… but why would they have done that? Makes no sense…

  29. Jan W

    Great show. Thanks to Wes and Duke. I reread an account of the Ape Canyon incident, which stated the creatures left four-toed prints! So, perhaps these Mountain Devils were actually Mountain Giants?

    Hey, Jay. That is an interesting tidbit about Jekyll Island. I only knew of one creature that originated there – the Fed – but I guess there are at least two from the island. Thanks for the info!

  30. Duke S

    Thanks to all the kind comments and to those who think I AM Will, see just how easy it is to misidentify something? lol! I NEVER claim to be an expert, Will, however, does. Go look at his site if you think I am joking. Love you guys!……..DUKE

  31. Asheim

    Tusen Takk, THANK YOU DUKE & WES for a sensational show!!!! This was truly one of the most interesting shows I have heard and Duke has a wealth of knowledge I would love you to keep tapping into Wes. I was left wanting more, your fans from Norway. I am thinking our legends of these giant Trolls may have some truth in them. There have been sightings over here, but the Mountain Giant is unimaginable, yet our storylore is filled with such things. It boggles the mind to think there are mammoth creatures out there that exist like this! How we would love for you to get Duke back as a regular on the show. I was spellbound listening to the show. Thanks again guys!! You rock!! ????????????????

    • Duke S

      One of my pet theories, Asheim, is that a Mountain Giant and Scandinavian Troll are the same creature…..you may be interested to know that the colloquial term for these creatures in Alaska, amongst those who know of their existence, is TROLL!!! I would be happy to come back on whenever Wes would like and talk about the WENDIGO and GUGWE (or each separately) at length, much more is known of them than of “trolls”. Keep in mind, although the Mountain Giants may be “the kings of terror” and able to punt a Bigfoot like a football, they are very rare, and you are far more likely to encounter a WENDIGO or GUGWE, with equally bad results if you do! Thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone!

      • Asheim

        Duke S, that is SO interesting and quite the theory!! listened to this documentary (link below) on the history of Bigfoot in Europe. It was just so interesting to me. I had no idea how ingrained historically and in legend and folklore is the “hairy man of the woods” throughout so much of Europe. It has every bit as much history and mention of these creatures I realize as in America and other areas of the world. I have to research the WENDIGO and the GUGWE! My whole life growing up in America I hiked, jogged and biked in the mountains of Utah, so many places and sometimes alone not having a hint of what might be out there. I have had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched in America and over here in Norway. We are surrounded by beautiful forests. There was one time I was walking in the woods at night over here and the dogs perked up their ears. I had at once a feeling to turn around immediately and head home. The dogs didn’t bark. I never knew what it was and I guess will never know. But in Utah jogging up City Creek Canyon there have been many sightings up there of Bigfoot. I ran year round as they always kept the roads cleared. I ran alone even in the dark. I was pretty fearless and I remember hearing a pack of coyotes howling that really spooked me once. I never believed in Bigfoot and had scarcely heard of it back then. I get chills down my spine thinking of the times I did all day hikes alone or ran in the dark. Hope to hear from you again on the program
        Duke!! I wish we could get more people to come forward with their stories from around the world and over here in Europe. Bonnie

  32. Asheim

    Duke, appreciate your humility, but the proof is in the pudding! There may be a world out there we know little about but your hard work and studies are very impressive in the way you present yourself and your encounters had me shaking in my boots. I always have to turn down the intro, our Border Collie is terrified of the Bigfoot screams, so funny yet she has never encountered one. So intuitive dogs are. ????

  33. Jan W

    I never thought you sounded AT ALL like Will, Duke. You mentioned these Mountain Giants as having some revolting habits. The word “revolting” conjures up some awful images and I wondered what that meant exactly, besides ripping off one’s head, which is pretty revolting.

  34. Andrew O

    Thank you Wes and Duke. That was another excellent show!

    The idea that there might be even more fantastical creatures out there even more than sasquatch just boggles my mind!

    Keep up the good work.

  35. keith s

    I totally disagree with the person saying the gov aren’t as advanced as they want us to believe they are. They are!!! My ? Would be why would you create a sub species and release them. What is the goal? Awesome show Wes…

  36. Sid N

    I was scared enough about Bigfoot and Dogman, now you open my mind to something that is even more frightening! I so hope they are not inhabitants of my region of the country, but for sure I will be trying to gain more knowledge of the subject! Thanks for this show!

  37. Mike B

    different tribes of shoshone have all made duck decoys.they always have.ute,paiute and shoshone proper.please don’t say that or infer that these skukum made them.they didn’t.with the decoys are sometimes found long sections of net that are used for rabbit and antelope drives.just cause something is found with something else doesn’t necessarily mean that they are together.remember the story.the paiutes drove the giants into the cave.they didn’t find them there.

    • Duke S

      Hey Mike, you are correct, the locals made some wonderfully crafted highly realistic duck decoys. I am fairly sure Wes did not mean to imply they were made by Bigfoot. As I pointed out, the red haired giants were likely NOT the same thing as Bigfoot/Skookum, but rather human looking giants with red hair, 7-9 ft in height. The Bones found throughout the US in the 1800’s were just like human ones, just larger. However, there were bones of even larger giants found, and some of them had strange anomalies like 6 digits, double rows of teeth, oblong skulls, and even horns according to old newspaper accounts. These, again, would be the Nephilim. I think the red-haired giants may simply have stolen the decoys from their nearby neighbors who made them, Mike.

  38. Casey M

    Special forces batttled a giant in some cave in Afghanistan and it killed 9 of them. Uh, okay. So there are 9 families that were told fictitious stories as to how their men died in Afghanistan? Anyone know how many troops in a “squadron”? No unit?
    Don’t drink the koolaid.

  39. Jason C

    What is the Hertz frequency the weapon used? Is there a machine on the market a person can use to play sounds at this frequency? What sounds/songs would be recommended to be played at the appropriate frequency?

  40. Avril B

    Hiya Wes just catching up with episodes, I think the government covers up Sasquatch, Giants and dogmen because of alien involvement. That is the only thing I can think of that would make the governments of the world cover these things up!

  41. David J

    An incredible episode! I’ve never done much research on giants/mountain giants. I find it hard to conceive of these things living in underground caves. I’ve seen very few caves big enough to hide something 20 feet tall. That’s just a little too fantastic for my mind to comprehend. Of course, I thought the same thing about bigfoot until I saw one years ago. That’s why I’m trying to keep an open mind about giants. I hope to God that I never see one of these things.

    Wes, please have Duke come back and do more stories regarding giants.

  42. Eva B

    Wessssssssssss, can you see me way down here???? Can you bring Duke back again? It’s been a few years now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! ?<<< look at this face… you can't say no. Lol

    Thanks! Luv ya! Ciao?????!!!!

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