Jul 31

SC EP:131 The Sasquatch Property


My first guest is Michael Brookreson. Mike was new to the area and had just moved to this rural property. After moving in Mike noticed some strange vocalizations around his property but blew them off. Mike said that he has had several researchers out to the property. Mike talks about rocks being thrown at him and his son. He also taks about strange things going on and around his property.

I will be also interviewing Anthony in-studio who is from South Carolina. Growing up he had a lot of strange activity on and around his property. Anthony will share some of the strange encounters around his property. One night Anthony chased a Sasquatch off of his property.



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    • Gale R

      Yes downloadable versions please. That’s the only way I can listen because I have to go somewhere else to listen/or download it till later. Thanks.

        • Gale R

          Thanks Mark. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean. Let me explain, This is my situation. I have limited WiFi access with one of those modems from Verizon and it can get very expensive if I go over my allotment. I have a friend who has unlimited WiFi at their place of business and I just go over and download the podcasts here at SC ( I’m a member here) and any other podcasts I listen to like Mysterious Universe or YouTube videos. Then I can listen to them anytime. That’s the only way I know to do it so I can listen to the Member shows. I enjoy being a member here, think this show and group is wonderful and sure don’t mind the small monthly cost. It can just be frustrating on my part not having the WiFi available to me personally to get the member shows here at home due to the WiFi limitations. I must tell Wes how grateful I am that he has added the download to the members shows. Hope that helps explain my situation. Thanks Mark.

          • Mark B

            Hey Gale I only have an IPad, computer crashed a year or so ago so I do everything from the ipad. It is WIFI only. What I do so I can listen at work is download the episodes I want to here for the day to my iPad. Then I can listen anywhere anytime. But like I said earlier, you can only download the non- member episodes. I hope that helps.

  1. Tyler D

    Fridays just got a little better. I absolutely love hearing encounters involving sasquatch being on or around people’s properties. It almost seems wrong to get some sort of enjoyment or entertainment out of people’s extreme and sometimes traumatic misfortunes. Well hopefully they receive some sort of closure by getting these stories off their chests, which is so often the case on SC. There are very few hosts with a talent, like Wes, who can make their guests comfortable and relaxed enough to get a strong sense of relief by telling their stories. Like talking to an old friend. Thanks for all of the hard work Wes. It’s always an amazing weekend when SC is involved

    • Jay Carlsen

      Never Happen . Don’t you See ? They do not want this out . Anyone who produces a Body , or Viable Proof , has a Free Visit from these Men in Black . And are Silenced , bye Threat . Wasn’t that evident after Someone who Host the show ; Poked the Hornets Nest ? & called out a member Bye Name ? Then the Following Ridicule – Co Host quitting – Does it Not Appear , That They will not Tolerate this being brought too Light ?
      let them tell their Camp Fire Story’s , Fine , They allow us that much . But to produce Evidence is asking for Trouble . Look at Melba Ketchem & the DNA Study . The IDEAL Study too be conducted . When I heard of it ; I thought it was to be Finally Nailed down . Scientific Evidence ! But when she came out with Human . THAT’S IT ! Bulljazz ! No one Believes her ! Rumor of her claiming these things Rape her , while braiding her Horses Hair ? What ever ? Isn’t that a Coincidence?
      Like I said , they will allow us to tell our Camp Fire Story’s , write our Hypothetical Books …….. But anything as far as Physical , Positive , Hard Evidence . Never Happen .

  2. Eric S

    This guy Mike and his account…
    He has all this activity, has opened his land to researchers, has had aggressive behavior – and does not cover his windows?

    • Charles R

      Mike actually lives in San Antonio and only visits this property origianlly purchased by his father, however he visits it a lot. I guess because the house is secluded with no neighbors to look in it just feels ok to go with no shades. I would have to agree though with all the activity it could get very spooky knowing they may be looking in. I myself have no shades on the backside of my house which is very open with a sunroom and family room with no shades as it is just farm land back there. The aggressive behavior Mike has had is rock throwing and being chased out of the woods. It scares him some but has never mentioned being afraid they may want to physically hurt him. Just more worried about the kids in years past. Mike only hit on a small portion of things that have happened. For two years he has tried to get pics and has some but being at dusk or night they are closer to blog squatches. However several are a bit more clear than others. One you can see ( if know what to look for ) of a bigfoot crawling on the ground and reaching out for a mellon. On another the pic sure looks like a mother sitting on the ground, legs spread out with an infant or young one in the lap area.

      He is also serious about anyone wanting to visit this property in the fall so stay tuned.

  3. Jan W

    Great interviews. The Texas hill country is one of my favorite areas in the US, just spectacular. Sounds like you have an open invitation, Wes, and I think you would fall in love with it. Both gentleman’s stories were intriguing and I thank them for sharing. I was so sorry to hear of the difficult time Anthony experienced, due in part to our “furry friends” and can totally understand how one could confuse their shenanigans with the paranormal. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the show – thanks, Anthony and Michael.

    • John R

      Yuck. Can’t stand them. If you want them, why be here? Go listen to BFOR.Quit bothering Wes. He’s way better at what he’s doing than either of them. Period.

  4. Sean C

    Thank you brother! I really appreciate everything that you do, and getting an email from you just makes a day that much brighter dude! Can’t wait to meet you and the guys in Texas, if it works out. In a couple of months it’ll be much cooler at least at night, it’s my favorite time of the year for camping and hiking. I’d love to meet you, and Mr. Garrett and Mr. Sermons, and whoever else can get out in the Conroe area. I can’t wait man! Did you see the pupils that I was talking about, in the picture? Or am I just seeing things?

    Chris C.

  5. Jim D

    I have never heard a style of interviewing the way that Wes does it, We have an old saying “he wouldn’t say sh!t if he had a mouthful” that applies to Wes’ style. For some reason almost all of his guests feel so comfortable in this setting to ramble on and on and on with out having to be interrupted to keep the thing going. Wes makes them feel so comfortable that they just do 95% of the talking. After Wes says “Why don’t you tell us from the beginning what happened” and they are off. Mike has a couple of pics attributed to his name if you do a little Google Image searching

  6. DonRay

    Wes.. another great show.. my list of behaviors is growing…. its seems never-ending, the types of behaviors.. something new practically each episode.. i think they’re closer than we think to humans… All the animals that i know of, have predictable behaviors, except humans!! Keeps it interesting… Ciao

  7. Gale R

    Wes, Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding the download. That way I can download it at a friends who has WiFi and then listen later. Thanks so much again!

  8. Christine J S

    Wes another awesome interview, you are such a pleasure to listen to….Question…Mike mentioned turkeys and wild dogs drinking at the side of a cement water trough (42:01 ish)…WILD DOGS ???? Has Mike got those horrible dogman squatches or are these some other kind of wild dog? thanks
    PS: how close is his ranch to the property Bob Garrett watches over?

    • Charles R

      Bob is in east Texas Sam Houston national forest and Big Thicket. Mike is about an hour NW of San Antonio in Kendall county.
      Bob is a friend of Mikes and I believe has been to Mike’s property.

  9. A.J. O

    Oconee County?! That’s where I live! I’ve been having issues that are weird. The Screams are outrageous. It’s mixed with yelps of coyotes being beat to death or something. We have a private lake and are about 5 miles from the Chattooga River. We have a telephone line/ game trail where all the animals come up missing. Even had a kid see it through the window. They are constantly throwing rocks at our building! We have everything for a Sasquatch to survive. They grab 20 to 30 hens in a single night. The dogs are tired in the morning from barking and chasing. The only visual I saw was it running off the porch and into the woods

    • Charles R

      Wow AJO. I looked this area up on mapquest after the great interview with Anthony. My gosh you can just see from the terrain that this should be Sasquatch area. Sounds like Anthony has a facebook group going on with people both old and new from this area and the encounters have been many. I looked at the bfro of Oconee County and 4 reports listed and most in the time frame that Anthony grew up, however the activity is still going on, and is either not being reported to a group such as bfro. I have said for every encounter reported there are ten that go unreported and that maybe higher.

  10. wendy s

    Hi Wes, wonderful show as always. I was wanting to know if you think the Sasquatch followed Mike and his son home after their encounter. It seems sometimes like people don’t have problems at their home until this happens then they are followed and have aggressive behavior. What do you think?

    • Charles R

      Have to agree Gail d. Very very seldom do you here of an encounter where the witness goes to chase a forest giant and my hats off to Anthony for doing this, although it may have led to his bad state and I am so sorry to hear how this affected his life. Sounds like Anthony has recovered though, at least some. Hang in there Anthony and best of luck to you.

  11. david s

    A very nice show Wes. I like it when you ask the guests questions because they are usually good questions at the right time. You are becoming a very good interviewer!

    It’s possible that the BF in Anthony’s property wanted to take him because of their calling out to him and turning the door knob. Sounds like they were trying to lure him into their grasp range. Two abnormal acts to say the least. Glad your not a 411er Anthony.

  12. SANDRA E

    Thank you for another great episode and all that you do for SC!! I may not comment on each one of the episodes, but I do check in on a daily basis to see what is new. Have a great week!!!

  13. Mikel F

    I was a member of SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FANS… but… it’s either gone… or it went closed and I wasn’t invited… can’t even find it in a Facebook search. As a paying member, I’d kind of like to be a part of the group if possible…

  14. Donald B.


  15. Jeffrey H

    Two great shows, thanks to both guests! The important is that their wasn’t a lost of life or farm animals due to the Bigfoot people. Anthony, I’m sorry for your loss and I hope things are getting better for you. All the best to both guests! Thanks Wes.

  16. Troy B

    Great show Wes, we live west of San Antonio in Medina county and have property near Medina Lake on the water and we have had some activity out there. We are west of Kendall County where this guest was having activity!
    Troy Balson
    210 884-3474

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