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Freak Encounters: Wild Men or Neanderthals?

It’s said that Neanderthals, ancient hominids, are still walking the earth. Called “wild men,” reports of these beings come mainly from the hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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  1. DonRay

    im not sure if Neanderthals are what they seeing……. The Almasty vids i’ve seen, seems more bigfoot related….. not saying no Neanderthals exist.. but.. large n hairy sounds more squatch.. just my opinion. Ciao

  2. david s

    The Native Americans always use to refer to BF as “wild hairy men”. Their culture mostly still refers to them as more man than ape.
    When we finally get definitive proof, I am certain that there will be human dna in them along with something else. BF show too much intelligence and have language which means they are mostly human. My opinion 🙂

    • Jay Carlsen

      Who put Sasquatch Feet on the Neanderthal ?
      Excellent documentary on this Subject is Loyd Pie’s ” Every thing you KNOW is Wrong ”
      It deals with this specifically, Well Done , In a Eloquent manor . Very well done . I do not BUY the second 1/2 of the Lecture , that we are Reduced from these Beings bye Alien Genetics . Not that I disagree of their Existence or not . But Something that is taking People under the Cover of Darkness , Masking our Memory’s of it being HIDDEN from Veiw – This is Not God . it is something Else .
      Forgive Me , But GOD is not Here . And Hasn’t been for the past 2000 years. He Left & Told us he was Leaving . the end of one of the Books of the New Testament ( sorry I do not recall Which ) He said he would leave the Comforter ( as a Conduit ? Between Him & His Creation ? That he could Intervene on behalf of those who call upon his Name ? Ahhhhh Maybe ) We do not KNOW Everything . That much I am Certain . Thank you for Listening to my Madness !

  3. Russell K

    Again all peoples of nothern european ancestry have neanderthal DNA . Mine according to my 23andme dna test is 2.8 percent neanderthal. 44.9 percent finn.the remainder being nordic scandinavian and irish and german.

  4. Jay Carlsen

    they never found any Neanderthal that were Alive , Or mummified Remains . they are not Certain if they were Covered with Hair or not.
    But now they sure would Fit the Bill , as being these Creatures seen today as Sasquatch .
    1 ) oh but they were shorter . – Bulljazz . they skeletons they found could have been Children
    2) oh , they have the Thicker Bone Structure than we have . – What and these Feral People Do Not ?
    3) oh they went Extint a B’jillion years ago – Are you Certain ? Or only repeating what they allow you to Hear ?

    It IS Funny , how Neanderthal & these Sasquatch People of the Forest have Identical Feet . How did THAT Happen ? Do they KNOW that this other Manor of Human has very specific Tell Tale Marks of Recognition ? Is this the reason Behind the ” Cover up ” ?
    This Mental Foremen , the ” dimple ” located under the M1 molar on the Lower Jaw . Directly under the Right eye socket . Is THAT the Reason behind the ” Cover – Up ” ? That someone will figure out they Have been feeding us Bulljazz all along ? If neanderthal are NOT Sasquatch ? WHO then put Sasquatch FEET on them ? Call me Crazy . ( but I think I am done Posting here – I am going to find trouble out of this . Pointing out the Obvious to the Masses who are waiting around to Be Told these feral People are REAL . On a Site that IS Monitored bye THE MAN . ) Isn’t it Plain to See ? or am I the only one who can postulate Ideas on his own ?

  5. Richard C

    I’m amazed at the book “Them and US” and the rendering they re-did for the Neanderthal. I’m guessing that all of his theories are not correct, but he hit on quiet a few that are plausible. To top it off and have some of the people that gave their testimony on here “Identify” the creature from “Them and US” book as what they saw, lends a lot of credibility to his research. Is Squatch a Neanderthal or descendant of it, who knows. But to have people get “goose bumps” when they saw the picture from “Them and US”, really hits home. You know the post of the “Wolf Like Skull” that Wes put on here, I’d love to see that “rendered” by the same expert, maybe that’s a dog man skull. These are interesting times. Most people that I talk to about this subject are numb to it and completely deny the possibility of these things existing. Lately I’ve been keeping my mouth shut. 🙂 It’s going to going to be interesting to see how much air time the “Missing 411 Movie” gets.

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