Jul 9

SC EP:123 Bigfoot-like creature on Mount St. Helens


I have been doing interviews all day, I apologize for the late post.
College instructor Mitchel Townsend reported on his research paper which he believes proves that a Bigfoot-like creature resides in the Mount St. Helens area of Washington state. In 2013, he came upon a stack of deer bones, and noticed they had giant teeth marks notched into them– the markings did not fit any predator profile and were too large to have been made by humans. Further, large footprints with a length of 16 inches were found near the bones. Extrapolating the teeth and footprint measurements, Townsend concluded that the creature is around 8 Β½ feet tall, with a wide stride. Mitchel was recently on coast to coast talking about his research. I will also be speaking to Blake who is a researching in Texas and talks about how he really did not believe in this creature but has always had an interest. All of that changed when he had one vocalize at him. He shares with us his encounter.



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  1. MyKill L

    Wow Wes I can’t believe that you feel you have to say sorry. I assure you we are completely satisfied with every thing you have done or will do!! You are my friend, a BOSS!

  2. Jan W

    Great show! Wes, you really struck a chord when you spoke about the dismal state of the world and how this site can be used as an escape. I am a total believer in BF but I definitely use this site to take my mind off things. I work long days and spend much of that time “putting out fires”, correcting mistakes, and apologizing. But at the end of the day, I always look forward to checking what’s new on “the chronicles”. I hope the show goes on forever! Thank you.

  3. Gabriel H

    And a yeah for you too Carol πŸ™‚

    Be sure to take some time for yourself too Wes. Crazy hey. That’s so easy to say but holy crap do I have a hard time living it. Life… where the helm is the pause button…

  4. WALT D

    Awesome Wes stories of Mt St Helens my stopping grounds in the 70’s and hunting and fishing there will never be forgotten ! It does not surprise me the first real proof is coming from that area ! And of course my playground was where your sighting occured ! Thanks for your great work bro !

  5. Christopher c

    WES, before I even get started I wanted to say you just made my day! thank you ,I have been gardening all day and to come back to a new show in the PNW, well let me just say now that dinner is on the table and I’m outta the shower I am content to know I have new SASCHRON waiting, and ,SHARKWEEK is back as well , my other favorite!NO channel surfing for me tonight ,thank you my man!

  6. Kay S

    Wes, don’t apologise for sound quality. It is what it is. I had no problem hearing or understanding Blake. It can’t always be perfect. Not everyone has landlines these days, and often they’re no better than the cell phones. (Well in NZ they’re not) ????. Thanks again for another great show.

  7. Tyler D

    Wes you are amazing my man. A one man wrecking crew or a wolf pack of one haha. You just keep knocking it out of the park. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. You must have the patience of a saint or something. It’s rather inspiring to tell you the truth. I hope one day I get to shake your hand in person. You always put a hundred percent effort in everything you do for this show. And your interviewing skills are second to none. It’s like you were made for this kind of work. I’m not sure what I’d be doin if I never found sasquatch chronicles because this show has inspired me in such a big way. You have 100% of my respect and you have 100% of my support

      • Tyler D

        N another reason I absolutely love this website is all of you amazing, respectful people that are always willing to help. I feel like unity isn’t a strong enough word for all the members of sasquatch chronicles. You guys are just great and I’m proud to be shoulder to shoulder with you guys working towards the same goal. I hope I get to shake some of your hands as well because you guys are just as much a part of this show as Wes is

        • MyKill L

          It’s the ppl that make saschron what it is. I would say we have very few trolls as compared to any other site like or comparable to this one. Wait what am I saying!? NOTHING COMPARES! We can thank Wes and ourselves for that. It’s ppl like you and Deb that make this place interactive in a uplifting and intellectual way. Makes it fun to contribute and interact only a daily basis. For that I would like to give applause to everyone here that contributes in a helpful,respectful, and constructive forward thinking way. Give yourself a pat on the back or a cyber fist pump! I just did! πŸ˜‰

    • Jim D

      I have never seen or heard an interviewer who does so little interrupting as Wes. Maybe it’s the subject matter because whenever most of these guests start talking it becomes a stream of consciousness type of session. They let it all out and Wes just lets them run. You’re right Tyler, it IS a great style that he has.

  8. Janetta V

    I was so glad for the show tonight, I really enjoyed it. That last vocalization you played Wes, was really creepy. Oh my gosh! It sounded like he was the king of the woods. Really appreciate the show. J.V.

  9. Jay Acks

    Very interesting ive never really thought about finding evidence buy examining bones for dental impressions but it makes a whole lot of sense. When i witnessed the giganto bite into that coon or opossum i had to of hit bone.its rare to find a pile of bones in the woods also, usually mother nature’s clean up crew scattters them throughout the forests and you only find one peice here or there. It made me wonder if these creatures pick up the deer and elk sheds and eat them like the squirrels do. Great show Wes, little by little were putting this fascinating puzzle together,and like i told you, Someday we will be vindicated bro.Stay safe.

  10. Andrew O

    I think your shows should be at least on all day, every day!

    If you’re getting so many legitimate encounter stories now, then I’m sure we would all love to hear ’em!

    Keep up the excellent work, Wes :o)

  11. Robert W

    I have to concur with Erin- this show is a great relief from my hectic day- it truly is an escape for me. I usually listen with headphones before bed (my wife thinks I am crazy for my belief in BF). It calms me and helps me sleep after the show. Keep up the good work- as a one man show- need to make sure you get time for yourself Wes! Have a good weekend everyone!

    • June P

      You are in good company here Robert. My brother makes a point to make fun of my sister and I about BF. Now that I am in Germany, I don’t hear his stuff, by the other day my sister said that my brother went on and on about how BF is a hoax.

  12. June P

    I enjoyed the link to the Coast to Coast program that featured Mitchell Towshend. My sister and I have been fascinated by the Sasquatch ever since the ‘In Search Of’ series with Leonard Nimoy aired on TV. My brother ridicules us all the time. I live in Germany ( moved here for my husband’s job) and would love to start a European Wildman Group. Need to get a hold of the hunting clubs here- it’s a popular fall recreation here, and ask about any odd things seen in the woods. You would never imagine the amount of dense forests here until you are driving around! Sasquatch Chronicles is my link back home, as we opted not to have TV. I listen everyday to the old programs and new ones!!!!!!
    When sister, my Mom and our collective 3 dogs stayed at a tucked away cabin at the edge of the Monogohela Forest, my Mom said that when she was up late kicking back on the couch, she heard little stones hitting the standing tin pleated roof and rolling down the A frame. When I took the two female dogs out to pee in the early morning hours here and there, a few times, my Australian Cattledog would stop and stare into the woods that were right behind the cabin ( about 25 feet). She would do a low growl and keep an eye on the woods. One particular time, ( we were there for a week.) I smelled an odor which was pungent like a sweaty body smell and a funky trash can combined. ( I know it didn’t smell like rotting meat or flesh- I am a retired police officer and I know that scent too well). We never saw anything, but my Mom said that every night she would hear the pebbles- oddly, the driveway was a pebble driveway all the way down the little hill. We had no neighbors beside us this particular October. Just makes you wonder if one was around watching…..????

    • Debbie C

      Hello June P,
      I’m only guessing but from what I’m learning since
      becoming a Sasquatch Chronicles member a few
      months ago, all your descriptions lean towards
      a Bigfoot/Sasquatch visitation to the cabin.
      As you know, dogs sense danger before we do.
      Good thing your dog was with you.
      The smell of these creatures, from what I’ve read, not good.
      For some reason they have very bad body odor.

      • June P

        Debbie- Hi !!!
        Yeah, I don’t spook easily, but by the way my Cattledog behaved, I knew something was out there. My Mom told me about the pebbles, and I gave a quick to how odd it was, but I am glad I didn’t think about it too much!
        You just jogged my memory… When my sister and I went into the Blackwater Falls area on a hike, I remember getting that same sense we were being watched. We were in a dense Rhodedendron and brushy area. Maybe it was because it was so remote and isolated that time, that I got that feeling. We both pulled up nature and peed in the woods. Hope one wasn’t thinking we were marking territory!

        • Debbie C

          June P great to know you:)
          I’m lol when you wrote “We both pulled up nature and peed in the woods”…
          If Sasquatch was indeed viewing your every move,
          well all I can say…
          “sistas rule” lol:)

  13. Kim L

    Thank you Wes, another great show ! I’m pretty sure I can live without that giant mouth on me. One of my Marine Drill Instructors, 1968, if he wasn’t a squatch, he could surely have “squared one away” But, I’m sure he was a squatch. Yep, Gunnery Sergeant Bigfoot, that was him, used to leave piles of gnawed Marine recruit bones around.

  14. Jim D

    I was just saying to my wife that this is the best investment I have ever made concerning my studies on the Sasquatch phenomenon. I had wasted my money on the FB/FB book a few years ago when it seemed like they were really on to something, and then it turned out to be nothing more than some publicity stunt for a crappy movie and another way for some charlatan grifter (Dyer) to try and cheat people out of money again. The great work that Wes is doing here is groundbreaking and honest, and in my opinion, worth every penny spent each month. I can’t wait for the forum to be up and running now since I’ve kind of gotten the bug to connect with fellow searchers again. I even started posting at BFF, all the while being pretty much sure that the site is being run by the very people who we hope that we can keep away from the new SC Forum. In other words; THEY are the trolls. Thank you for all of your hard work here Wes we REALLY appreciate it. Jim D

    • Debbie C

      I agree with you Jim D,
      In many ways I think Wes is far better than the BFRO, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.
      If I ever have a Sasquatch/Bigfoot sighting I won’t be talking to the BFRO.
      I rather talk to Wes.

  15. Kim L

    Actually, my son and I were “barked” at on several occasions while flyfishing in float tubes on a small hike-in lake. The lake is in the mountains north of Chester Ca. and called Blue Lake (one of many). The noise would always come in the late evening and I would tell my son, Bill, not to worry its just a bear. I described the noise to a close friend who is an avid bear hunter, he said that bears don’t make a noise like that, but I didn’t give it any more thought as I had no idea of BF range. I found an abandoned camp in there once (I remember 4 small tents) but didn’t connect that to BF as I didn’t think they lived in my area. Ignorance was bliss as we enjoyed many camping, flyfishing trips in there when my kids were young. Makes my skin crawl to realize the danger we could have been in.

    • Debbie C

      Hello Kim L,
      You’re not far from Chico, Calif.
      I use to visit Chester when I was a child.
      I always wondered about the area, it’s
      a perfect location for Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

  16. angelo p

    In my opinion the sasquatch know they are superior as far strength and speed. If they want to wipe you out there is nothing you can do . Every encounter can be perceived as aggressive especially when there is an 8foot Giant In front of you. I’m not hot-wired to see a sasquatch. that would make me feel like IM TOAST. i hope they don’t give the teeth to govt scientists.

  17. NW Mike

    I met Mitchel last year on an expedition. He’s a very smart guy and very interesting to speak with.
    I had an experience with barking last year. I was in eastern Washington, on National Forest land. This was an area that was known for BF activity. During the daytime I used a loudspeaker to make some “whoop” calls. After three calls I heard this weird sound that eventually sounded like 2 dogs barking/howling back at me. The sound was coming from up on the mountains above me. I’ve never heard coyotes sound off like that. There were no homes in the area with domestic dogs.

  18. Christine J S

    Wes you are a wonderful interviewer; to the point in such a pleasant intelligent sensitive way WITHOUT interrupting your guests or speaking over them to “blow your own horn”…just awesome. You are a natural.
    I wonder if Bob Garrett has thought of collecting samples from his Texas bone piles (mentioned in previous episodes) or is his research miles beyond this level of investigation?
    Keep up the good work. I’m a new member (1 month) and have finally completed listening to all the shows…wow…what a incredible collection of information and evidence. SC is worth every penny…. Christine J S.

  19. Kim L

    Hi Debbie C ! I grew up in Los Molinos and live in Red Bluff now. Ive spent years backpacking and flyfishing in the Chester area, unarmed, never imagining I could be in BF habitat. I still hang around up there, though now heavily armed. I don’t remember where I accessed the encounter reports for that area, they had it broke down by county I do remember. There were quite a few for the Chester, Mount Lassen area, scared the spit out of me.

    • Debbie C

      Kim L, Gees! Wow!
      My broyher lives in Los Molinos, he doesn’t believe Sasquatch-Bigfoot to be real.
      My brother is an idiot anyway, go figure.
      My paintings are in a gallery in Red Bluff, Red Bluff Art Gallery.
      Does Red Bluff have Bigfoot sightings?
      I’ve been wondering if the mountain or hill side of Chico, Calif. will ever have
      Bigfoot sightings?

      Wes, is there a way that when members comment to each other they can receive a
      note vaction that a comment has been left?

      • Kim L

        Thank you Debbie C, I’ll for sure check out your paintings. Interesting you ask about the east of Chico, less than a year ago, two elderly friends had a close, roadside, night sighting near Cohasset. They are sure of what they saw and both too freaked to tell anyone but close friends, neither had much of an opinion on the BF subject prior to their sighting. You know how rugged the country east of LosMolinos and RedBluff is, plenty of food and cover. There have been sightings reported in Manton. You must be familiar with the story of Ishi, the last wild Indian in north america, and how his tribe, the Yahi, hid for so long in those canyons east of Vina and LosMolinos. I just wouldn’t be surprised if BF was hanging out up there, though it would severely limit my after dark hiking! Good to hear from a local girl, be safe, I look forward to viewing your art.

        • Debbie C

          Hello Kim L,
          Thank you for letting me know about the Cohasset sighting.
          I haven’t been up there in awhile.
          I frequent Upper Bidwell Park way past Bear Hole, past Devils Kitchen.
          It’s an ideal area for these creatures to explore.
          Thanks for your prompt feedback:)

          • Kim L

            You’re right Debbie, that is great habitat. After leaving the Marines, I worked for Dept of Fish and Game. I did mostly back packing into those tributaries (butte ck, deer ck, mill ck) to count spawning salmon. Worked on the project to restore the salmon run back into that upper park area you hike into. I never thought to look for evidence of BF, though I was sure they were real, just not around here. It’s too bad we can’t research what the local Indians believed on the subject, it’s known that they spent a portion of the year in the higher areas. When they pretty much exterminated those canyon tribes, we lost all their lore and knowledge of the local wildlife. It’s a very sad story, I’m sure you know. I saw your awesome sand art on your site, very talented lady! Have fun and be careful in your canyon, if you find evidence of a sassy bigfoot, DON’T tell me!!

  20. Leah G

    This is fantastic news! Townsend’s discovery, scientific approach, and presentation of the f a c t s is another crucial step to bringing the truth to light. Just as Wes disclosed a policeman has become convinced that Bigfoot exists based upon personal encounters that people have shared on SC, the overwhelming evidence grows daily. For the government that can no longer contain or distort the truth as adeptly as it did in the past, the truth of Bigfoot’s existence is fast becoming a case of the emperor’s new clothes.

  21. r v

    Tried to listen to Mitchell on C2C the other night while driving back from the Sequoias. You know that buzzing “X” they use on Family Feud? That’s the sound I want to convey right now but can’t because this isn’t the Forums. So, imagine that sound. And a big, flashing red “X” in a box.

    No, make that three “X”es.

  22. SANDRA E

    I received an announcement on Twitter from C2Cam that Townsend was going to be a guest with Noory so I listened to the episode last week. I downloaded the paper that Townsend wrote and found it to be very interesting. Hopefully he will get some feedback on his discoveries…..it’s too bad that they can’t even respond to it.

    Thank you Wes for doing this show on his findings. Also the amazing encounters of your guest!

    Keep up the good work!!

  23. Jay Carlsen

    ” Shoveled Incisor’s ” ! Such as found in the Neanderthal ?!? ( Isn’t THAT Something ? The “other” Manor of ‘People’ mentioned in that Ancient Book ! )
    1) the older will be the Stronger , but will serve the Younger .
    2) Esau came out covered with Hair when he was Born . Like a Garment of Hair !
    3) it was said before the Twins were Born , 2 different Manor of People were to be made Nations of !
    NOW , Isn’t That Something ? Could it Possibly Be that we Share the Planet with this Other Manor of Human ? This Neanderthal Race ?
    And it was Written all along …. & they tell you it was to control the People ?
    Control the People ? God gave me the Right to be Free ! He said I could own a Gun !

  24. Charles B

    I’ve never been near one but I do beleive a mountain of evidence it is what it is and they’re out there
    My next vacation I want to go to Texas or Florida they seem best chances to hear or see something a print would even work for me I don’t need one to scream in my face I want an Experiance not a girlfriend
    Anyway as a longtime listener who knows every show up and down could I get a shout out on show

  25. Stephanie G

    SC is so well done that I find it almost impossible to listen to other broadcasts, and I finally gave up. If it isn’t on SC, I just skip it.
    That being said, if you haven’t yet become a member…you should. For the price of a two hour movie once a month, there are hours and hours of though-provoking testimonials. If you want to get a little deeper, check out a book called “Them and Us” which espouses a theory that early humans were prey for Neanderthals and that that predation was the reason why we evolved with naked skin and visible whites around the eyes, among other things. I admit it. I’m a believer. It just doesn’t make sense that so many people over such a wide geographical area and over such a long time would ALL be wrong. I just wish I had someone in my social circle with whom I could talk about this, but they all give me the tongue in cheek look.

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