Jul 8

SC: This week

I am drowning in encounters this week. I am working on a show for Thursday night. One of the encounters for sure will be from the blog this week, Do you believe in the Boogy-Man? Look for an update tomorrow. I want to take a moment in between phone calls to thank everyone who has chosen to come forward to share their encounter. It takes a lot of courage and I appreciate it as much as the audience does.

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  1. JOHN E

    #1….Thank you also Wes I have a time in my life that I saw something its been many years and people still smile and really give me that look ….I Mean come on the darn things are wild and very dangerous every since the 411 books came out I really hope someone proves that hey they are for REAL>>……They the Sasquatch have ruin my life I dont like the outdoors like I use to and when some one or some thing kills a person well they I know have done there share.

  2. Tyler D

    Wes, you’re a boss my man. Are you still doin shout outs??? I appreciate all the hard work you’ve been putting into SC and it’s getting recognized in a big way. I know you were talking about or doin a show on the Vietnam rock apes. If you’re planning on doin shows on sasquatch in different parts of the world, maybe consider doing a show on the Australian Yowie. And the brutally vicious relationship between Aborigines and the Yowies for the past few hundred years. I truely believe that the Aborigines of Australia were one of the first, if not the first, to recognize there were multiple types of these beings. One type were the larger, more barbaric, hideous and in most cases had an opposable big toe. The other type were smaller, looks a bit more like us than the larger ones but not quite there, and it would seem from all the research I’ve done were pretty intelligent. They observed the aborigines so often they learned to make tools, crude and blunt weapons and were even capable of building fires. Which no other animal besides ourselves could do before and it tells you the great deal of intelligence on their part. They were still very brutal and monstrous in nature. They would usually ambush wandering or lonesome aborigines, eat and sometimes cook them. They would sometimes ambush their camps and take as many as they wanted. And this basically started a very gruesome battle between these aborigines and yowies. I think it would make an amazing show. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic in Australia. Wes, if you end up doin a show on this in the future and you need an extra two cents thrown in there. I am more than willing to help

  3. Victoria B

    Thank you, Wes, for the awesome job you are doing to consistently bring us shows that are very interesting. I don’t know how things worked before the changes but I really like what you have done with this website and think it is better than ever. All of the things I have seen that are different are very positive I really appreciate that. I would be very surprised if your membership numbers have not jumped up.
    Keep up the great work! I especially like your commitment to providing a safe place for people to share their stories. It sure seems this is helping many.

  4. Donald B.


  5. Robert W

    Agree with all the comments- and nice to see recently people taking the “high road” and keeping their comments respectful and productive – but most importantly educational. The more information that gets out to the general public that is credible-we will crack the code that is Bigfoot. This may be wrong but it would be nice to hear how Will and Shannon are doing. Have a great week everyone!

  6. Dutch W

    Wes, I am impressed, even much so since you decided to continue on without Will and Shannon, I hope they are fine. You are fine too as long as you stay out of the governments business like you were asked.No further explanation needed, the Govt is going to come forward with their evidence when it becomes time to move people out of the fringes and into a more manageable community as the many parts of the wilderness will become U.N Biosphere’s I believe there are 14 in the U.S. at this time and so the thought is to blame all the researchers for there evidence collecting and what else could be done it will be the spotted owl a thousand times over, yes I know spoiler alert.
    The forest service is loving the new MQ-9’s over the Sam Houston area and hard to hear a Rotax at altitude, green light lasers are the best offense but you need to slave to a scope and know your target for those of you so inclined……….Stay thirsty my friend.

  7. Jeffrey H

    Wes: I truly would like to tell you about an experience that I had but I can’t! I am just not able to. I would like to tell you that I can’t wait till every show you put together gets place up on the podcast for all of us to listen to. Its my theraphy Wes, I’m not lying. I mean if something comes up and there isn’t a show for a week I’m like so bummed out, I mean I don’t cry or anything but damn, its close Wes~ I just love your shows. Sometimes I have to listen to the Dogman podcast to get me through till your next podcast cause I’m jonesing for your show! No lie there Wes!! The reason I can’t tell you is that I don’t have any to tell about. I’m in a situation that doesn’t allow me to get out much and I’m not locked up either! lol It’s a car accident thing. So your show is very important to me Wes and I thank you for every show you do and all the hard work it takes to do it but most of all for not droppin the ball when it would have been so easily to do so. I’m talkin about when everyone else jumped ship. I can understand Shannon because of raising her daughter and what she was having to go through. But “your the man” cause you kept things afloat on your own and made it sooo much better and for that I will always be greatful Wes! I hope to move to Skunk Ape territory someday cause there isn’t much here where I live (beach area that I don’t get to see much) except on tv with those cheerleader acting, tree huggin, neon sign wearin in the dark, everythings a BF and lettin everything in the woods know that “they are there” group on “Finding BF”! So thanks again Wes, I appreciate all you do, even the stuff you do behind the scenes for us that we don’t see!!

  8. Christopher c

    WES,I too would like to say job well done ,even with being short staffed and all you haven’t really missed a beat! thank you for being there for usl- we appreciate all that you do!

  9. Christopher U

    I am not going to bore everyone with the small problems I was experiencing. The thing I want to focus on was the way in which Wes took care of the situation ! The man is constantly upgrading the SC Website, adding new material to the blog page, trying to get the Forums back up and running,trying to get his moderators in place, answering emails ,returning calls and screening guests for upcoming shows, and let’s not forget that he has a personal life also !! With all that going on WES took the time out of his busy day to help a nobody like me ! He took care of the problem and then took the time to send me an email. Thanks Wes your kind words ment a lot to me.

  10. Scott A

    You will never run out of people willing to share encounters, or other information to post. Keep up the good work, Wes. You are doing an excellent job!

  11. Pat T

    The reasons you are drowning with encounters Wes are simple: 1) your guests feel comfortable here
    2) you are very pleasant and encouraging, showing respect for those who are brave enough to come on
    3) your reputation for providing a top quality and professionally done show is growing.
    Keep up the good work, as we love what your doing!

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