Jun 28

SC EP:118 Strange Sasquatch encounter around my property


My guest for tonight is from Washington State who has been having a lot of strange things going on around his property. He never once thought Sasquatch until he stumbled across it by accident. He was within several feet of the creature and he describes it as a gray color and very large. The face has been imprinted in his brain. He talks about the strange things going on around his property and a discussion he had with one of his neighbors. It is interesting to note that the previous renter like to shoot at anything that moved in the woods. The landlord and the neighbor said that the previous renter like to take pop shots into the woods from his back deck until one day he just left in a panic. The landlord had to fix up the property because there was damage inside and out of the home. Inside of the home looked like someone very tall smashed his fist into the ceiling.



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  1. David R

    I’m drinking a ice cold Milwaukee’s Best! I thought it starts at 5:00 p.m. on the west coast, but I guess I was wrong. I used to get emails when the show is going to start. I would like to hear it live, but I still like it.

  2. Scott A

    Hi Wes,

    June 18th I emailed you but have not heard back yet. I sent you a description with a link to an HD video on my Google Drive which I recorded that day from our deck. There was a belicopter flying around and I heard an animal noise I have never heard in person before and thought it might be a Sasquatch. I would like to know what you think before I post it on YouTube. I just wanted to see what the helicopter looked like and then I heard this loud animal call. I was thinking with my luck a troop of trolls will call me an idiot and the whole bigfoot community will explain it’s an alarm but it sounded like an animal. Maybe it was one that was separated, scared and calling out to his or her family.

  3. Tyler D

    I believe this guest is completely right when he said the tapping on windows and banging on walls were these trying to lure them out most likely to size him up to see what and who they’re dealing. These animals are the furthest thing from stupid and they probably fear the unknown just as much as we do. They survived for so long for a reason. I don’t believe they’ll get into a situation that they can’t handle. And I think he’s also right about proving their existence would be very much bitter sweet in many ways. All outdoor activities would cease until “further notice”. I’m not really so much into the revenue side of it to be totally honest, very materialistic in nature. I think it’s pretty funny some forestry departments won’t even use the word Sasquatch, as if addressing it any way would prove it’s existence. Or maybe they’re worried about people possibly getting ahold of those emails and if they’re addressing this animal as sasquatch might be some rather strong proof, speculative proof but still

    • Steven B

      If we have learned how to live with bears, cougars, & wolves, we can learn how to live with things that every day is a “bad hair day”. If common sense (which isn’t all that common. Especially, in goobermintal departments) were to rule, these beasties seem to be doing just fine as they are now and so stopping all outdoor activities would not be justified as well as a knee-jerk reaction. What WOULD be justified is the “outdoor public” being totally aware of what IS out there and then learning “Hungry Harry & Dogmen Etiquette” just like we do for all other wildlife – the dos and don’t so to speak (..and I’m sure there is already a certain department that knows these things). Until that happens, people that don’t believe or are unaware, will be just hapless bipedal meals or wandering idiots that cannot identify the signs that “you are not wanted here”. I’m sure there are private citizens, as well, that could be instructors in the “rules”. There have been guests on the SasChron programs that come to mind.

      Just one guy’s Op Ed in the vast wilderness of the “unknown”.

      Steve, Samsquanch in the RGV, TX

      • JOHN E


      • Nancy A

        Agreed… well said. Frankly I would be more concerned about bears and cougars around my house doing damage and causing me and my livestock injury rather than Sasquatch. Sasquatch, at least those in the NW, will honor boundaries if there is mutual respect. The older Sas do teach the younger ones. Personally, I would be cautious and excited, but not afraid if the Sasquatch were around.

    • SantiamLady

      Sounds like this Witness was lucky enough to have a relatively non-aggressive family of Sasquatch on his property. Unless they’re provoked, of course……like the drunken dumbass that lived there before this Witness! Sounds like Mr Potshots was run off with great violence! Also sounds like that guy had it coming. ????I’m surprised
      “they” tolerated him as long as they did!
      I’m betting that the creatures did want a good look at this Witness just to be sure the previous jerk was not back, and to gauge the new guy’s behavior in general. Hence the nocturnal tapping as a lure, and the overt daytime, ‘here I am’, staring at him and shadowing him. If he was going to be a pot-shooter, “they” wanted to know it.

    • r v

      Bringing up Sasquatch is at least one way to get rid of an overly-talkative camp host who won’t let you get to your dinner. If only I’d found that out THREE hours earlier… πŸ™

  4. DonRay

    Some many of these encounters have common denominators… This encounter had a few new squatch tricks….. Great show Wes…. Well spoken words about Mike…… Ciao

  5. Wally R

    Thanks Wes! I love ending my Sunday nights with your show as I’m falling asleep, then listen to it again at work the next day and catch what I missed the night before from passing out haha. Thanks again, you the man dude

  6. Sean C

    Thank you brother Wes! Semper Fi to you sir, and all of my Marine brothers out there! We may need to step up again soon, and protect our loved ones and neighbors from the evil that is trying to ruin our home country! And believe me, when I say that I hope I am wrong……..I really hope I’m wrong.
    Thank for everything Wes,

    As long as we put limits on this creature that we don’t understand, I’m afraid we will never truly understand it. It doesn’t seem to exist according to our limited perception, yet we know it’s out there.

  7. John M

    Great show, Ya know?

    Ya know, ya know, ya know, ya know, ya knoooow! Cause that’s the way the Sasquatch goes…

    Ooooohhhh…. Were off to see the Wizard… The wonderful Wizard of Oz!

    Ya, know!

    • erin f

      whats the correlation between the number of guests that say “you know” constantly and sasquatch encounters? i have seriously pondered this, and went through the shows and i thought it may just be northern PA expression, but i am not so sure now. where i am from, we dont use that phrase.. maybe there is no correlation, maybe its just the way some people talk? i dunno.

      • SANDRA E

        Hi Erin, I think it’s LIKE the word LIKE used every 3rd or 4th word…..ya know…lol. It’s seems to be a fad.

        Wes, another awesome episode….I haven’t been disappointed yet. Your guest mentioned metal stuff being left in his fire pit with a couple of twigs on top of it. I wonder if BF had seen he and his son removing metal parts from that jeep to sell and thought he needed more to fix the jeep. Just a thought.

      • SantiamLady

        It’s a sentence filler, an unconscious word or two, like ‘ummm’, while the speaker fishes for his next words. Most folks are not even aware they are doing it.

  8. auroralora

    As a native Kentuckian currently residing in the PNW, that Kentucky shooting comment made me howl out loud. Thanks! Funny stuff. Because yup, yup. All too true.

  9. Cindy W

    Wes it was a great show as usual!! I loved all of it. I learn something from every show I listen to. Thank you so much for providing such a down to earth yet entertaining show. I do have a question – I didn’t understand why his friend told him to put a bag of apples high in a tree with a date on it??? I’m sorry, I may have missed something there but why was he to do that?? Was it to make friends with BF? Or was it to make BF leave?? Or was it to prove that there really are BF’s in the area by finding the bag not torn apart and opened by hands?? I’m asking because he already knows there are BF’s in the area of his home so he didn’t need proof of that so that’s why I didn’t get it and again, I may have missed something. Anyway, Wes you are so AUsome!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this podcast. You so rock!

  10. Carol S

    Whoo-hoo Mike, glad to hear your doing better!

    Alan, thanks for sharing! The part about them interacting got me good. It does sound like a CONVERSATION! That’s what is so freaky about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it until you phrased it that way. Animals are not suppose to conversate!

    Great show!

  11. Jan W

    Yes, Kevin. many missing people. I believe BF is a real, potentially dangerous animal. And I think certain people in “authority” know they are real. And THAT is going to be the REAL problem when irrefutable proof off these creatures emerges.

    • SantiamLady

      Yup. One word……liability!
      The Gov knew, but covered up & didn’t warn the public. The longer they do this, the greater the liability for ‘failure to act’ will be. The Gov is at the bottom of a deep hole, and they just keep digging cause it’s all they can do now. Way too late to come clean now, unless they can convince public they didn’t know til just then.

  12. Christian L

    Very interesting. Appreciate, believe and respect the guys point of view but he was borderline flute player material…..no FNG way I’d leave my wife and kids alone without reinforced doors, some serious firepower and a Kink Kong wall around the property….he seemed to be very laissez-faire about these things rattling the door knobs…rapping on windows…hanging out on his front porch…and if they succeeded in opening the door then what!? Coco and cookies!? Or his wife and kids get ripped apart….”Bear man” anyone?! These are known kidnappers and killers. Lots of respect for his bravery and a great show but he might as well go free diving w great white sharks….as an advanced diver the only non-threatening shark is a recently fed one… I recommend and personally own the SRM 1216 booger-slayer….16 rounds of rapid-fire close quarter 12 gauge sweetness…made in Idaho….’Merca

    • SantiamLady

      Yeah….You’re right about the potential danger, even tho it’s the PNW, that’s where ‘Ape Canyon’ happened, and the Native legends talk about man-eating Giants on Mt St Helens. This Witness has been lucky so far……but who knows?
      Wes and Woody’s terrifying encounter was in Washington.
      I have a 50 cal ‘hand cannon’ with 500grain hollow point rounds……just in case. ???? It might break my wrist if I ever have to fire it, but at least I will hopefully live to get my wrist put in a cast. ????

  13. Leah G

    I’m intrigued about the stacked stones on the front porch; an attempt to intelligently communicate something, but what? Maybe it represents a loosely defined olive branch of some sort…perhaps they want to illustrate their intelligence- a characteristic they share with modern man?

  14. Christopher c

    @ min. 16:23 to min.16:40 was my SASQUATCH A.A. meeting that I have been waiting for! like the guy says he was matched step for step all the way out of there ,if he does not have PTSD after that encounter I just don’t know,THANK YOU WES! YOU HELP MAKE MY WORLD A BETTER PLACE! KEEP KEEPIN’ ON BROTHER!

    • r v

      If that happened to me I’d screw him up with a little “chow chow chow”. Get some “red light/green light” action going. “HA! Go back, LOSER!”

  15. Brian M

    Hi Wes
    Great show tonight and thank you for ending it with your kind words about facing cancer and taking it head on for I did that very same thing and I kicked it’s ass.
    Keep rocking out the great shows!!!!

  16. erin f

    if sasquatch was regularly coming around, why not setup some cams? i just bough two cams, one for the front door and one for the back..wireless and ther broadcast hd video with night mode.. only 450 Mb to record 24 hrs of video per cam. 159$. .. i didnt buy it for sasquatch, but to see whos at my door… so why arent encounteree’s doing this?

    • Lou V

      Erin, people do that all the time the issue is that sasquatch see the infra-red light and avoid them. People who have them on the property report that time after time. They are even used to keep them away from houses cause they will literally go around them. There are researchers out there that have clear pictures and video but don’t share because no matter what it’s gonna take a body people are going to call any video fake plus when you know they exist it don’t really matter at that point.

  17. Christopher c

    @ min. 24:06 to min. 24:30 he talks about screams PUYALLUP,SNOHOMISHISH,KLAMATH screams? and @ min.27:52 he talks about seeing the creature in power line cut WOW! 3 SQUATCH A.A.MEETINGS IN ONE SHOW!

  18. Debbie C

    This was an excellent interview this evening:)
    Thank you for posting it.

    I was watching the TV show Finding Bigfoot.
    There was a question asked, does Bigfoot have pets?
    They answered the question with yes.
    They said Bigfoot keeps baby coyotes and fox as pets.
    I’m not sure how they come to this conclusion?
    From what I’ve learn listening to Sasquatch Chronicles,
    Bigfoot consumes animals as their food source.

  19. Papa - Yeti

    That is another awesome show Wes, you have really made Sasquatch Chronicles the top number one Bigfoot Form and you have created and provided us all with many top shows with a lot of collective information. I believe Sasquatch chronicles as a collective whole along with your eyewitness encounter, with so many members providing informative ideas, and wonderful comments, that Sasquatch Chronicles will prevail in proving Sasquatch and Bi -pedal wolf creature exist. the masses already know the corrupt government agencies are involved, well, that is when the agencies are not threatening and buying, south american paid Owl calls+ Oars, with special agent government funds.

  20. michael k


  21. Janetta V

    Best wishes and prayers to you Michael K. I’m so glad you are doing better. Wes you are great. You are an inspiration. You and this show are greater than you ever imagined. Thank you so much for providing the therapy for so many folks. You do this without realizing it. Always wishing you the best. J.V.

  22. Kay S

    Michael K, delighted to hear you’re on the way up, health wise. Wes, I don’t think you realise just how much you and your show means to many of us. You so under rate the impact it has had on our lives.

  23. Papa - Yeti

    I am kicking back here, listening intently, with a delicious hot cup of organic coffee and savoring dark chocolate. Like most all of the Shows here professionally created by Wes, at Sasquatch Chronicles, I am back taking a second and third listen, incredible and very enjoyable Wes, you have mastered your passion of the topic of Sasquatch and its awesome to have you include the Bi -pedal Canine creature encounters. Wes, I can see you heading for being presented awards for your Show hosting and form creating and administration. Also I would like to state a huge thanks to all those encounter eyewitness / survivors that have bravely contributed their encounters, so that others can cope and be prepared as much as possible, and that you survivors are our Heroes, as your encounter contribute, may very well save peoples lives; you too are all a part of Sasquatch Chronicles. Wes, I cannot state that you’re a God or Idol, however I do want to tell you that you are a wonderful man a great spirit and person with immense talents. Thank you Wes, for making Sasquatch Chronicles what it is today. Golden Award you do deserve Sir.

  24. Gail d

    Prayers for you Michael K for a continued recovery!
    Great show Wes. It is great how this gentlemen and his wife have adjusted to having Sasquatch on their property, but the turning the doorknob I could never adjust to. It is amazing the different personalities in varying geographical locations.

  25. Papa - Yeti

    Pertaining to the OP’s encounter, about his statement that he kind of hopes for a non provable no discovery and no recognition of Sasquatch (in the very understandable wishing for him and his family and many other woodland / edge of the State Own and managed Forests to keep their homes and properties obtained legally). I have to state this: That for the lives and survival of other people, I truly believe and deem it very necessary that the Existence of Sasquatch as a wild dangerous animal species be fully disclosed and recognized. I do not believe however that residence such as yourself living upon the very edge of Woodlands and forest should have their homes and properties overtaken by Public domain Pertaining to the discovery of the Sasquatch. I am more in favor of the murderous Sasquatch groups or individuals be Culled, or killed. And to try to achieve groups of more docile Sasquatch tribes. Taking away your purchased homes is not the answer, however forbidding any further home and ranch development within the woods and mountains would be the best approach to take. But for people’s lives, and safety of them and their children and families, the Creatures must be proven, and proper management plans developed and put into place / action.

    • Brett S

      I felt this guest was too complicit and too ok with the Sasquatch jiggling his doors at night. I almost felt like this guy was staged propaganda by the forest service

  26. Paris A

    Great show. I find stones stacked on other large rocks, all along the Blue Ridge. I have several pics. I’ve always wondered who or what was doing this.

  27. Steven B

    Hi Wes, at the risk of embarrassing you, I would like to add that not only is the quality of your programs greatly appreciated, but your sincere humility as well. Due to people not being able to see facial expression nor tone of voice nor inflection, I wish to add that I am *not* being sarcastic nor am I joking. I mean this sincerely.

    Here’s to you, Wes. πŸ™‚


  28. Scott A

    I have uploaded the video I emailed to you about. It is unlisted on YouTube but I am posting the link here for everyone on Sasquatch Chronicles to see it before I make it public. DonRay had asked if I could share with members so here it is. Feel free to post it on the blog.


    Helicopter Aerial Search Provokes Vocalization
    On Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 10:45 AM a helicopter was flying low scouting around. I went out on the deck to see if I could catch it on video with my cell phone camera but I did not. However, while recording it seems that the helicopter provoked an unusual vocalization from the woods which resonated quite loudly. It’s the first time I have ever heard something like this in person. From what I have heard in other videos this might be a Sasquatch. If anyone has an alternative explanation then please provide a video showing the source making this noise.

    • SANDRA E

      Thanks for the link to your unpublished YT vid….I listened to it several times and have heard that high-pitched howl before. It sounds like the chopper spotted something & BF was alarmed by the noise it made.

      You might want to listen to the following SC blogs;
      Blog of 6/21/2015 “Bigfoot Sounds Compilation
      Blog of 6/25/2015 “Sam Houston National Forest” vocalizations

      Hope this helps…Good luck!

    • SantiamLady

      Wow! ???? I heard that! Great whoop, Scott! Sounds like it could have been a Sasquatch. ???? The only other thing I can think of might be a Red Fox. ???? But sounded like a BF to me! Thanks for sharing it! ????????

  29. Brett S

    I just use Sasquatch Chronicles for my insomnia I’m glad Mike beat it. I relisten to shows all the time when I can’t sleep by chance I listened to Corkys story late last night. I think it was episode 85. I also happen to read the comments by chance. His encounters were not much different than this episode but corky was persecuted by us the audience. People said his story was fishy and he was just regurgitating previous episodes I think he was mostly persecuted for leaving his dog outside in his kennel while these Sasquatch were trying to get at it, even though corky did state that Sasquatch activity on his property was random and unpredictable but I understand the concern the audiences concern for the beagle after all we are one nation under dog especially here in SC . I don’t feel anyone reporting their story should be criticized on Sasquatch chronicles I thought this was and open place to share ones encounters. That being said now I feel like a hypocrit because I felt that this episode seemed really odd to me and that something that did not ring true. It seemed to prosasquatch secrecy and his reaction to his encounters seemed to complicit. At one point he claims to shoot a rougue bear from his porch but more than ok with Sasquatch jiggling the handles on his door or stalking him through the woods. I don’t know but I felt there was something that really bothered me about this episode especially after seeing our reaction to episode 85. Does anyone else feel this way I love SC but this one was weird.

  30. Pat T

    Wes, thanks again, Alan thank u for coming on and sharing. Mike, God Bless you and I hope the cancer is behind you. I appreciate the humility you’ve shown Mike and to your audience. Keep up the great work Wes!

  31. Elaine G

    Great show Wes, really enjoyed listening to this one. Alan sounds like a really genuine, smart and cool person the way he handles this situation.
    SC ….WOW…what a show what a great show host, getting better by the hour the best place to listen to these fantastic stories and spread the word so people are made aware of BF.
    Always amazed at how different people’s encounters affect them.

  32. Paul M

    I’m thinking tonight’s guest had throughly Tought his wife in the proper use of weponry. . Well I hope so anyway. A need for selfsistaing sirvival skills would be very good idea in this location. Boggers & Bears Mountain lions .. Lots of carnivorous Stuff hidden in dem dar hills. Well I myself like to think a 308 AR style rifle with 20 or 30 RD mags will answer the call to anything that goes woop in the night.. If not save the 12 ga. Slug & Buck for the 40 yrd & Shots. You can cut trees down with these 2 guns.. BIGFOOT OR DOGMAN… I’M STILL NOT SURE… GOOD SHOW… Pray for mike. Thanks

  33. Christopher c

    One of my favorite episodes of all time! Mike may God bless you and your family good health and prosperity ,and may the Squatch be with you! thank you Wes this was an awesome episode! My 71 y/o buddy Mr. Bill Ward wants to say great job Wes!and hello out there to all the SASCHRON folks!

  34. Ernie S

    Hey Wes. Have you heard anything about the Ranchita, California Sasquatch? Ranchita is over towards the mountains east of San Diego, Ca. There is also a 10-15 foot Sasquatch statue people can take photos with next to a Bigfoot shop.

    I love your shoes every week / weekend!

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Ernie –

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