Jun 29

Is Bigfoot a Neanderthal?

ThinkerThunker writes “Is this proof? Body ratios don’t lie and can’t be faked. Watch along as I compare Bigfoot, Man and Neanderthal.”


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  1. Farrell Stormcrow

    One of the problems I have with this, is he uses fairly fuzzy images. The turkey Hunter in particular. There is a better resolution of the image and I am positive that is a man in loose fitting clothes. So this goes to show, without defined joints, you can fudge the lines enough to make it fit. I liked his discussion, I like his way of reasoning, but I think its very difficult to get true results like he wants, with blurry images

  2. Steve W

    Looks like Andrew Friedman may have another arm to sign. My scouting report shows a pretty decent wind-up, good extension and follow through. Not much wear and tear on the shoulder or elbow. Would definitely have mound presence. Good projectable frame and really knows how to throw “the rock.” Best thing is he’s not to far from Ogden. Might have some trouble convincing the parents though.

  3. Frankie P

    Agree about blurry images – but the idea of limb proportions is a good one. If you use that on any pictures you find (I think there is something on his site with the proportions) it would work really close. I’m going to make a template or something and try it! Good vid.

  4. Tyler D

    I really like how ThinkerThunker constantly points out things that should be obvious but we don’t notice. If you do some research on Neanderthals you will recognize that some of their body proportions are very similar to the proportions of a sasquatch. But at the same there are some differences as well. Neanderthals were not known to be very tall and in some instances even our ancestors like Cromagnum or Homosapiens we’re known to be a little taller than Neanderthals. They were definitely much more robust than we were. But in the same breath I’ve always thought Neanderthals body proportions have similarities to our body frames as well. I don’t think the arm length extends quite as far as a sasquatch’s arms do. Don’t get me wrong though, I do believe that Neanderthals did share quite a bit of the same physical characteristics that a sasquatch does. But I also think that they shared some similar physical traits as us. They are most likely closer to the body type of a sasquatch though. And I believe at one time that our ancestors, Neanderthals, and Sasquatch might have all shared the earth together at one point. I think that the reason we all share such similar body types and proportions is because we are all branches of the same family tree


      Well said, Tyler…. Neanderthal was more adept at tool use also if I am not mistaken.. I believe Sasquatch’s behave more like coyotes and wolves, with an ape slant, than people, but they do seem to have some cognitive reasoning ability.
      Still good job by Thinker….thinking outside the box…

  5. Kim L

    Thank you for sharing the Thinker Thunker comparison with us, I can’t find any fault with his reasoning on this body proportion ratio breakdown. With the small data source available, its pretty amazing what a small standard deviation there appears to be within human ratios and within BF ratios. Time will tell, but personally, I think his reasoning is sound.

  6. Tyler D

    This is a little off topic but not really. Something that Neanderthals and Sasquatch have in common is there amazing ability to maneuver at night and great majority of them we’re mostly nocturnal. One thing we can tell by examining a Neanderthal skull is their larger eye sockets, which tells us they much better vision then us and they can see very well at night. Which is very similar to our elusive sasquatch. And this part is just a theory of mine and speculative at best. I’m not trying to offend anybody, this is just my opinion. But back when we weren’t domesticated and very much another part of the animal kingdom. N much more wild then we are today. When we roamed the earth with Neanderthals and other hominid species. We have never been the biggest and badest animal out there and because of that we we’re basically labeled a target to the rest of the world. And these attacks would more often then not be at night because that’s when we were most vulnerable to predators that maneuver fairly well at night like Neanderthals. This kind of thing would happen so often, that the strongest of our species would gather as many of our kind as they could and stop the problem at the source. Many scientists believe we drove the Neanderthals and more than likely other species that threatened us into extinction. The author of Them and Us explains this stuff much better than I could. But the following part is my opinion that I gathered from doing my own research. But because the constant countless ruthless attacks our species received probably over centuries from vicious predators until we said enough is enough may be the reason our species sometimes has an unreasonable fear of the dark. I believe it’s engrained into us like a protective instinct. That honestly makes so much sense. Just like when we’re out in rural areas and all of a sudden get uneasy nervous feeling like we’re being watched by something. Even though this instinct isn’t something we deal with everyday, it’s still an instinct we have nonetheless

  7. Andy G

    I have to say that after listening to the latest episode SCP118, I did wonder if the man was describing a Neanderthal. His description was not of an ugly ape like creature, but of a ‘good looking’ large man, with a large jaw and human like face. Does Sasquatch have to be a Neanderthal or do we have Sasquatch and Neanderthals still living despite science telling us they were extinct many years ago. Some of your other guests have also claimed to have seen human like faces and like the Dogman they are maybe not Squatches but another species altogether. We should be open to the possibility that not all undiscovered species are Sasquatch.

  8. Charles B

    What if humans, and all of the sasquatches, neandertals, plus the redhaired elongated skull humans are part of a genus that has both preyed on and bred with each other throughout human history? This would flip theology and all of our ideas of our place on earth on its head. This has been put forward as the reason that evidence of giants has been destroyed. Dogmen seem to be separate, maybe lemurs or baboons? I think that they are not actually canines, nor great apes or hominids. Just speculating though, your guess is as good as mine.

  9. Scott P

    So glad you posted this. T.T. has opened my eyes on several points I’d never considered. The one he did on angles of the joints was especially eye opening. I think it’s called some odd degree of separation but I don’t recall the ratio… Anyway, your hitting on all cylinders Wes. I’m amazed at how much you’re getting out to us on your own. Much respect and thanks. Your show & site is the highlight of my day.
    Sincerely, Scotty F H.

  10. Andrew O

    Maybe Neanderthals bred with the last remaining Gigantopithecus in the world (Far East), and they spread silently everywhere?

    Might be worth considering.

  11. Frankie P

    This is why I really enjoy SC. The conversation and ideas put forth. I think we keep learning from each other as well and the podcast and blog and I agree there could be several different things we’re seeing, or races, or species. What is true is that people are seeing something, and it’s a marvel that keeps us interested. Don’t you think?

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