Jun 6

Oklahoma Wildman

Editors note> This is interesting they discuss the siege of Honobia.

The crew Investigates reports of a Bigfoot attack on a local family’s house & searches the backwoods of Oklahoma for clues of the Wildman.

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  1. Joyce E

    There is a very old, however very interesting interview with a researcher and a Private Investigator Roger Roberts (who is in the video above) “BIP Cast: Episode 4” which discusses the Casino video of a Sasquatch getting into a grease dumpster, I believe it was in near Concho OK. After watching the video I happen to remember this podcast. I’m sure many have probably listened to it, but if you haven’t, I think it’s worth the time to take a listen.

  2. Steven B

    I think that, perhaps, investigators maybe need to go “low tech” when setting up cameras. From several interviews done here on SasChron it would seem that these beasties can see infrared and tend to avoid it. They may need to find another way to photograph at night that doesn’t utilize infrared or somehow place their cams VERY high looking down that most subjects would not notice them. Just a thought.

    Steve, RGV TX

  3. Pierre M

    Theyre not going to come around with infra red cams and call blasting. These are not your typical easy to fool creatures. They are very intelligent and just dont get enough respect for it. I dont know how but they know when to come around. They know when youre in the area and somehow know just the right time to show up. Its very weird about these crearures. Theyre there one second and can be gone the next. Sometimes they make alot of sound and then again they can be standing there watchin you and not make a sound. I know one thing they are fascinating and horrifying at the same time. They are truly the Boss of the woods.

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