May 25

ThinkerThunker: Video Evidence Of Dog-Man

ThinkerThunker writes “YouTuber, Squatch Watchers, who claimed this video was sent to them with little to no explanation, features what they believed to be several “Bigfoot juveniles” captured by a security cam. But I found irrefutable evidence to the contrary, giving us a look at something never before filmed. See for yourself. Whatever you do, DON’T skip the end.”


Link to the video

14 Responses to “ThinkerThunker: Video Evidence Of Dog-Man”

  1. Virginia S

    I happened to come across this video a few days ago when Tate from SquatchWatchers put it up. To me, there was definitely something odd about those creatures, IF they were Sasquatch…
    now I can see why. Great Job, ThinkerThunker, as always…and thanks Wes for putting this up.

  2. Kimberly M

    The thing he’s calling a fool is the things arm not keg. The bend is its wrist and elbow not back leg and foot. You can see in the video it’s using its arms when jumping off

    • Jacob S

      Yep, I caught that as well. It swings both of its legs over the wall while holding on with it’s hand. Still compelling footage, but definitely not proof of a dogman.

  3. LISA C

    Wild- not thinking its a dogman- the head seems too round; didnt see dog ears?? Maybe the joints are the same with saquatch? Kool post, Wes!!

  4. Charles R

    Unless I know the back story, for now I would go with what Kimberly M, Jacob, and Knobby stated. What group of small dogmen or Bigfoot childred are going to play close to where a person with a video camera can film them?

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