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      • Yasmin M

        Hi Pamela, Listening & watching David Paulides movie, ” Missing 411, The Hunted”, a hunting party went out & used walkie talkies to communicate with each other. When they discovered one of their party Missing, one of the hunters thought he’d heard the sound of a metal gate shut.
        Kind regards from Adelaide, South Australia 🇦🇺

        • Ricky G

          Yup! Wild. When I use to have out of body experiences all the time in my 20s to the point of it being a bit debilitating because I couldnt go to sleep without it happening, there was a sound associated before the pop. This sound was like a train. It wasnt until a year or more later that I found out this sound is a common experience. I remember fighting against it not happening and its just the roar of this train going on, and then pop. The first time it happened I was sleeping next to my GF at the time, and I was just thrusted into being out of my body and seeing my room. It was wild.

          Unfortunately I started drinking a bit to try to get sleep until I understood what was happening better and why. One day they just stopped happening though fortunately. It was like a couple months of terror and I guess intrigue afterwards. To this day I could get it to happen I think (its why I dont sleep on my back anymore, because when I do….Well my current GF has to wake me up because im screaming, or I start shaking like im seizuring. Both things im aware im doing because its the only way I can get out of that “space”. Its weird to explain. I have to do something to jolt my body out of that space), but the feeling is really scary, and I just dont want to play with stuff like that since ive seen other things that exist alongside us. As has been said on the show, when you see those things, the fear is not fear. Similar to bigfoot, its like you cant move even if you wanted to, and if you can its very little. Its an otherworldly feeling that makes you insecure.

  1. Maria G

    thx Wes… looking forward to this episode…I’m a little hesitant due to the company you keep… jk. Have a good week everyone..I’m calling this a Werkle episode

  2. william Y

    Very interesting . First time I heard about the smell associated with moving through dimension that was so cool and so fascinating. I could never figure out the smell thing, thought it might be Bigfoot pooping his pants thinking some humans gonna stick a 308 up his ass

  3. william Y

    Got my new picture off a trail cam website there’s like two really popular ones. Supposedly this was somebody’s encounter. I remember hearing in the introduction. The guy said I’ll never forget the eyes. The eyes are so evil. And these freaking eyes are pretty damn evil I will probably put Shaq back on For my next blog

  4. theresa m

    Wes, love you and Tony. I found you on YouTube, realized I needed to sign up and you led to Tony, signed up and now I have the best of all the podcast shows! Took a much needed nap today, got my glass of Merlot and I! Am! Ready! Thanks! Looking forward to this movie, as well!

    • Steven L

      Same here. Found them on YouTube and subscribed since. I enjoy listening to them while driving, cooking or cleaning the house. No need for a telly with these 🙂

  5. Roger P

    If you found your dream interesting, check out the “sleeping prophet”. A man named Edgar Cayce. It is an incredible story, and all highly documented.

  6. Linda B

    Fun interview!!! Love the question about do you think spiritually minded people have an easier time believing the spiritual side of sasquatch . There was the SC episode where the squatch in the road carrying the rabbit gets slammed by the car and no big impact but a shiny flash of light happened instead of a dead body. I saw a flash of light like that which was kind of like a panel or wall or portal barrier during a phenomenal spiritual event and I figured it was like the flash the witness saw in the SC episode. I think that squatch got beamed up.
    I’ve had those dreams Wes. In my dream I died in a car accident and the next evening my brother was in a car accident and a girl died. There were symbols , uncanny ones.
    Joseph had dreams in the Bible and then things happened . Why couldn’t you have an explanation dream of what pyramids are for. My husband has work out dreams. He works things out and fixes the thing the next day that he couldn’t otherwise figure out. It’s not just a crazy dream.:)
    My two cents. ♥️ we love you guys.

  7. Caroline M

    Loved this episode so much. Great conversation and insight with my two favorite Podcasters. Wes, I never miss an episode and Tony I am newer to your podcast, but love it (even if sometimes it scares me!). Can’t wait to see the new documentary! Thanks for all you both do!

    • Lisa B

      They come from underground I believe..like tunnels and caves..I think the tunnels are being messed with by powers that ought not be and it disturbs the Sasquatch (?)

  8. Wolf

    Dunno about interdimensionality when it comes to Bigfoot and Dogman… there could be something in it.

    All I know is what the animal you guys call
    ‘Dogman’ told me over 25 years ago during my experience.

  9. Pete M

    Hi Wes! I loved it, I laughed so hard when you spoiled the new Doc, then said “I’m sorry, did I just ruin that?” He deserves that for eating what was supposed shared plate of nachos in Dallas back in May of 2019! If you know, ya know!
    Loved it, especially hearing what I suspected you thought, finally confirmeYou t

  10. Grahan J

    My son torments me with metal sounds all the time.. I will hear it reverberating through my ceiling into my bedroom as he is listening to his crazy bands…

  11. Joyce C

    I loved this episode.
    My first encounter, it’s eyes were glowing red. We had the mind speak, both of us, “Who are you.” Days later, it was with five others (in the woods a out 30 yards). The five had greenish-yellow glowing eyes. Things kept going over the year then tapered off, but during those times. I’ve seen several aspects and characteristics of them. I believe the first encounter was very real and the question was answered by them showing themselves to me.

  12. Maria G

    previously I said..it’s a Werkle episode but I think I like ‘Ger-kle’ …Gerkle better.. 😆😂 or Toes..or Weny..geez guys we can have a field day here.

  13. Dovie D

    Thank you Wes and Tony. 🙏 Great Pod Cast. I know I have GOD (Jehovah) in my life . I am a Jehovah witness and know there are demonic entente’s.Satan is a trickster . My first Sasquatch encounter looked demonic with the Red glowing eyes. Not natural. I am not aware of something in this realm with glowing Red eyes. The smell that permeated through my bathroom window into my bedroom in the middle of the night which smelled like sewage and sulfur? Are some of these creatures real like we are? I don’t know but I strongly believe these creatures are Demotic and part if satan “Army” helpers for Satan for the time Armageddon begins? Just a thought.
    Kind regards.

  14. Jorge R

    Wes, they recently discovered that Tasmanian devils have bioluminescence in their eyes, they glow blue! look it up. maybe sasquatch is not mammalian, could it be a higher form of marsupial?

  15. Holly B

    Wes, I enjoy your personal antidotes I hope you don’t feel your audience doesn’t care for you as an individual making his way through unreality. I wish you included more. Anyway this was an excellent interview! enjoyed it much!

  16. Ar

    44:30, i was balking at the price of Merkel’s movie premier tickets. Im ordering a ticket now after hearing Wes and Tony talking about how some authors not giving away any details and protecting their stories. These guys talked about it with honesty. Id like to support people doing work like this, with this attitude and being honest about it. Looking forward to May 5th …

    Great work Wes and Tony.

  17. CJ M

    Write down your dream details will fade and maybe later it will dawn on you. Sequential dreams seem significant and don’t forget. dreams are often symbolic. The universe leaks information and sometimes dreams provide that. Sometimes its not even for you exactly. My mother had a dream which was vivid and sequential and felt an urge to tell me. My brother was making plans about her future w/o consulting her as if she did not have the faculties to make decisions. She was out of the loop and he had called a family meeting w/o her to discuss her. She didn’t realize the dream but I did. And her sharing it with me, caused me to decide to tell her what was going on. Had she not shared the dream with me, I would not have told her what was going on. You need all the cards on the table to make a decision.

  18. Ru F

    Wes. you should check out the podcast Mysterious Universe. two Aussie guys who review books and other literature about all things weird, odd and mysterious. humorous but thought provoking.

  19. Donna D

    Dogman is terrifing!! I live in Mn. and it seem’s to like this state. In fact a friends 9 yr old son had seen one about 2 months ago. He said it was behind the shed looking at him over the roof with it’s tongue hanging out. The fur was white. The dog went nuts but stayed by the house. Next night the dog was barking and agitated my friend called the cops but nothing found. The area is farm land in Kerkhoven, MN.

  20. Lori K

    I do think your dream was real!
    I will suggest that you watch this series of video on the great pyramids:
    The Great Pyramid Trilogy by Ken Klein

    He seems to have a true explanation of them. it was a great trilogy!

    I’ve been there inside the queen and kings chambers. it didn’t have an smell but perhaps that was from the energy source?

  21. Rebecca B

    always enjoy listening!!!. this is a crazy question but have you ever heard of a man named Emery Smith? retired military that talks about similar beings that he has knowledge of due to his past career.

  22. pam

    In our area in western Oregon, Oakridge is the area mushroom hunters, game hunters (and even a university professor ) go missing. The BigfootSociety has a couple of Oakridge episodes. There will be a SasquatchSummerFest there in July. Its near me so I am going to attend.

  23. Cristina J

    I could listen to the two of you talk forever. I miss the renegades! We is so extremely smart and knows so much about so many topics and I feel like listeners stifle his creativity. I love the other topics. I truly hope he dives into all of this other stuff. Thank you Wes! Tony, as always great!!

  24. Karen F

    Loved listening to the show. “3 months in hell” I could still hear the fear in his voice. Also the idea of the owner being a dog man…shapeshifter, possible concept, most cultures have stories of shapeshifters.

    • Dana B

      Thank you Wes and Tony for enjoyable discussion. Nice to have respectful, fun, intelligent discussion. Both of you are cognizant of your audiences. Love how Tony says “we” about him and his audience, group think. I appreciate the deep dive into the “Woo” factor. I agree with science exploration into “woo”… as it can be quantified, measured and studied with scientific methods. Both podcasts could be statistically analyzed which would enrich the growing collection of empirical evidence. That would be fun project.
      Are any of ya’ll going to Smoky Mountain Sasquatch Conference on May 4th? I heard its all things Sasquatch and Star Wars. May the 4th be with you.

  25. Clinton J

    Wes, I don’t want to be a d*ck here, so I hope this doesn’t come across as pedantic or like ridicule. I don’t believe in god but I don’t call myself an atheist because I don’t want to be associated with the kind of people who like to say they are atheists. I have a lot of respect for religious people and I’m actually fairly jealous of people who do believe in god. but you’re missing a big piece in your understanding of the theory of evolution. the reason that earth is the perfect distance from the sun to have comfortable temperatures, is because that’s the distance we are from the sun. what I mean is, if we were on mars, we would’ve evolved differently to find the conditions of mars to be comfortable, and that’d be the ‘perfect’ distance for us, because that’s what’s available. I hope my explanation is making sense. I also find nature to be incredible and perfect, but I don’t see an architect behind it, just an amazing system that’s capable of creating mindblowing things by the process of iteration.

    • Charles C

      Let’s not forget that the distance from the earth to the sun can vary by over 3,000,000 miles over the course of the year. Something Wes doesn’t understand.

      The only reason we can have this discussion is because the earth IS the distance from the sun. Life evolved here. If we were TOO close or TOO far away, life wouldn’t have evolved here, so we wouldn’t even be here in the first place to discuss it.

      I imagine that every civilization in the universe has probably had a similar thought.

      I’m an atheist and proud to say it. I’d be embarrassed to say I believe in magical superstitions.

  26. Lindsay T

    I don’t know why Tony is acting like he hasn’t already told this story, at length in detail many many times on his show. why he is making a doc on it when he’s ruined his own ending 10x over is beyond me. not to mention his previous documentary was legitimately the worst, content-less thing I have ever watched. I really hope he doesnt keep being a guest on this show because I cannot stand him, he is such a poor interviewer and his show has gotten so bad.

  27. Bobbi M

    I don’t think we can go on deep truth dives and not be led to the spiritual truth. That’s what happened to me and we’re seeing it now with Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and Russell Brand. Art bell said it was a quickening. The Bible said in the last days there would an explosion of knowledge. It’s at our finger tips now. God said there’s nothing hidden that will not be revealed. I for one don’t want to be caught off guard. Men’s hearts are going to fail out of fear, for the things they’re going to see.

  28. David T

    Great Discussion. Generally speaking there is too many explanations for everything. If I am expected to have faith is something how do I figure out who or what to believe or have faith in?

  29. David S

    That would be some way to make a living. Befriend a few squatches, set up a rental on your property, then collect the abandoned property after your furry friends (that don’t believe in a welcome wagon) have made it clear to the tenants that it isn’t a friendly neighborhood lol

  30. Charles R

    I really enjoyed your conversation with Tony Merkel and opening up about yourself, if only a bit. Maybe sometime in one of the episodes or on your new project you could explain why you think Atlantis was in Antartica. Antartica has been ice covered for at least 34 million years according to most modern geologist. If indeed the story is true, and that is a big if, and happened around 11000 years ago by Plato’s words, I would suspect it was a region of the Black Sea when sea levels were down by 400 feet from what they are now. However there was a major catastrophy at this period of the Younger Dryess period, maybe caused by a comet fragmenting and ending the period of the ice age with huge flooding around the world, especially low lying place.

  31. Kevin G

    Very good interview. I was waiting for Merkel to nail you down on what you think Bigfoot is. I would be very excited to hear your detailed answer on that sometime!!

  32. Charles C

    “I don’t know” doesn’t automatically mean that “God did it”. What a cop out. You know, Wes, you COULD look into the crazy sh*t you’re talking about and find the actual answers.

    Regarding the distance of the earth to the sun comment you made, did you know that the distance between the earth and sun change by as much as 3 MILLION MILES over the year. The earth has an elliptical orbit, not circular. So your assertion that we’d burn up if we were any closer is obviously incredibly ignorant of the facts.

    I have to resist turning off the podcast when you go off on those tangents. Yes, there are a lot of fellow atheists who think that there MAY BE a large relic hominid somewhere n the planet. No, we don’t think that they are interdimensional or any of that other crazy woo crap.

    Do you know what the term “God of the gaps” means? It means that as science learns more and more about the natural world, the need to apply “God” as an explanation becomes less and less. I feel the same thought process is being applied to sasquatch. Since we haven’t found a living or dead one, it MUST be supernatural. The easier Occam’s Razor answer is that it doesn’t exist, and human’s are really bad at perception, and they’re all misidentifications or outright liars.

    Just because science is sometimes too hard for you to understand, doesn’t mean that god is the answer.

  33. Randy F

    Wes thank you for this interview. The Pyramid of Giza was one of the pyramids used as a power source. Bill Carson is deep into this. very cool about your dream. Also thank you for bringing up transdimensional also. Great stuff sir

  34. Randy F

    Your on to something Wes about the use of some of the Pyramids. Giza had a river that ran beside it and used that water to help with the chemical reaction that helped power it up. Very intriguing stuff. Makes you wonder why bigfoot are more times than not near running bodies of water (the energy that came be harnessed from the energy of running water?)

  35. Randy F

    Wes the resonating sound you heard. Look into this please. The Sabu Disk also known as the Schist Disk. An impeller design that resonated a frequency sound.

  36. David H

    Just watched “Sasquatch and the missing man” 50$ on Youtoube, but was worth it. I truly think that what you and your brother went through was a gift. If you had not had your encounter I and a few hundred like me would not have gotten to know you. Most would still be going through PTSD. In your own way you are giving therapy to so many people. Thank My God, any way that you do what you do when you do it. May My God bless you Always.

  37. Augustine L

    There are so many safeguards around our planet, the magnetosphere, the Van Allen belt, the wall around our solar system, the heliosphere that protects the whole solar system, the Oort Cloud, and more. We should take care of Earth but not fret so much.

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