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SC EP:1045 I Thought Bigfoot Was A Joke

Turner writes “Wes, I have been listening to your show for over a year now. My background is in the outdoor industry. I have a degree in Forestry, I am an avid bowhunter, and I now do a YouTube channel that specializes in all things outdoors, hunting, fishing, shooting, ext.

Because of my love of the outdoors, somewhere along my childhood the joke about Bigfoot was made and it became my thing. I always had a Bigfoot sticker on my truck or notebooks in school, but it was a joke. I never believed in Sasquatch and I also was pretty ignorant on the subject in general.

As luck would have it, over a year ago a random person saw the sasquatch sticker on my truck and asked did I listen to your show. He then told me about an encounter that happened near where we lived in south Mississippi. (Ep. 761 as it turns out).

Long story short I started listening and becoming interested on the subject until me and a friend got the bright idea to go to where Mike from 761 had his encounter one night. (I am very familiar with the area he hunted in as I have cruised timber there years ago)

It’s too much to type but we had a encounter that night where we got blasted with infrasound. Then later last year I had an encounter where I heard wood knocks and samurai chatter, and was paced out of the woods. We have also seen orbs and something strange on thermal. Like I said, it’s a lot to try and type.
Would love to talk over the phone.”




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  1. Pete M

    Thanks guys! My wife bought an AR that’s a .12 gauge shotgun. It’s awesome! Everyone should get one for the day that God removes the Restrainor, there will be nothing holding these abominations back.
    Peace y’all.

        • Pete M

          That’s cool brother, lol. I know exactly what you mean. We also have a Remington 870 pump action which is my favorite because it’s so smooth. We also have a Winchester pump action and we have an over under bird gun. That’s just the shotguns. Take care brother and keep your ammo dry.

          • Brian L

            I don’t want to argue with anyone who has seen a Sasquatch and says that a 12 gauge autoloader with slugs ain’t enuf….
            Cause like I said…. I ain’t seen one… but dammn… can’t be a natural creature that can withstand that kinda firepower…

  2. Matthew J

    Wes,, it’s not a crazy idea to think these orbs act alive. That’s often reported. I was just thinking why can’t these orbs be connected to some kind of AI?

  3. Michael S

    Very interesting story. Is it infrasound or vibration? My freight truck started giving off a new sound today and I could feel it. I’m calling it sixth sense.

  4. Roy F

    Wesssss! It’s pronounced ka roo’ I assume you’re talking about the great Minnesota Twin 2nd baseman who won many batting titles. He was a great hitter for average, not much power, but still one of my favorite players. The Twins had a pretty good team around the time that the playoff system started. Rod Carew was on the Twins then. I’m pretty sure the first American League playoff game was the Twins vs the Orioles.

      • Brian Y

        Wes, Just now getting around to listening and got chills listening to the last story about the heart transplant. Tomorrow will be the 38 year anniversary of my mother’s passing from a brain aneurysm. She had renewed her driver’s license that day and checked the box for organ donor. Her heart was flown by F-16 to an awaiting recipient. Pretty sure it wasn’t her childhood hero, but the timing of the story really got to me.

  5. Linda B

    My husband and I are travelling listening to the podcast on the way back home. We loved the episode and appreciated your guest’s story. The story at the end has us both saying Wow, and my husband said, “Wow, what are the chances. The story really pulls at your heart strings” it’s true. Thank you Wes. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. John L

    WHAT KINDA CLIMBER ARE YOU CLIMBING WITH???????? I roll the Summit Open Shot with a foot rest and nice hunt comfort seat pad! Love perspective from someone who has to know the woods or is wasting his time and money! And i know you are not doin that ! Well done wes?

  7. Dana B

    So the advice is, when driving dark stretch of I-20 near Meridian, MS stay in the car and keep on going. Dont get out on an empty exit and let the dogs run and stretch my legs like I used to do before I found Sasquatch Chronicles. Love that he uses the Indian Hen, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker was very special and sad it’s extinct. In the past I heard there have been sightings of it on Ft. Stewart, Hinesville, GA but nothing conclusive.I would like to believe maybe a few are out there still deep in the woods, somewhere safe. Thanks. Happy Easter to all ya’ll.

  8. Randel S

    Earth lights are balls of plasma that are generated by geology. They’re not spiritual are gods or demons although there are such things. Remember the Greeks Romans and other people thought that lightning bolts were there God’s having a fight. Well these little balls of luminescent energy which were still investigating in which I have seen myself are not super natural they are natural. Nothing to be worried about. Although evil demonic forces can imitate them and sometimes presage something bad that’s about to happen.

    Lightning and these balls of light are always seen one a volcano irrupt and during earthquakes. That’s one reason we know this. The action of the tectonic plates and pressure deep in the Earth affects the atmosphere above it in ways that need to be better investigated. The US Army engineers did a large investigation of the Marfa lights here in Texas during World War II to see if there was something we could use during the war effort, for instance. And I sat and watched those things zipping around across the ground and appearing and disappearing during a night while I was riding a bus all the way down to Mexico City when I was in college on a school trip. Had plenty of time to observe the things and they were definitely not spaceships or something supernatural that was going to get us. Hope everyone finds this interesting. We need to understand more about these things so we can harnessed that energy and put it to practical use.

  9. Anne-Marith V

    Thank you, Wes! Great episode and the story about the heart transplant was running goosebumps from head to toe up&down for minutes, very touching and heartwarming🤗💖 thank you!

  10. Nolebez

    Thoughts on Bigfoot

    If you’re a person who believes or doesn’t believe. I beg you to take some YouTube physics classes. Nope there are no tests, no final exams & no in person classes. It’s 100% on your own. The reason I beg this favor. Is because the amount of information about the Universe that’s completely unknown to the average person is stunning. I can’t even begin to explain it all. What I can say, without question or doubt. Is that it is more likely than not likely. That we live in a simulator of some kind. The odds are not 0 chances out of 100 or 1 billion. It’s more like 75% simulator 25% random happenstance. I’m sure a physicist would poo poo those odds & yes my Christian beliefs shade my opinion, absolutely but still check these facts out.
    The size of a black hole perfectly can be expressed mathematically by the area of it. Not it’s volume. In fact the entire data set of information making up the entire universe. Can also be expressed in that manner. This is called the holographic principle. We live in a hologram.
    The fundamental laws of nature. Are so finely tuned. That it’s difficult to imagine or even justify their randomness. 10 to 43rd is the “setting” for gravity. If it was off by 0.0 then 42 million 0s then 1. No universe. Stuff like that & it’s the same for all of them. Electromagnetism, weak & strong nuclear forces. Similar tuning & tolerances.
    If you constructed a holodeck like they have in Star Trek. You would need force fields to make it work. A force field basically is what keeps your atoms separate from all the other ones.
    We can’t even imagine what a 4th dimensional life form would experience. There could be anything in the 4th, 5th or higher dimensions. We’d be completely oblivious.
    Gravity behaves strangely compared to the other forces. It’s absurdly weak. Don’t believe me? Pick up a glass of water. The force of gravity generated by the EARTH. Was holding that glass to whatever it was resting on. You used very little force to overcome it. It’s way more difficult to separate a couple magnets & they are tiny compared to the planet. That’s odd.
    Ok so Bigfoot….It could be anything but it definitely isn’t “NOT” real. Tens of thousands of accounts if not more & those are the ones we know about it. Everyone is lying? Everyone one is a hoax? Or mistaken identity? Highly unlikely. Something is going on & I’m sorry but you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

  11. Karla Amber G

    Shame on his friend Will for shooting something that he couldn’t identify. Number one rule of hunting. Not to mention it’s just morally wrong. If it’s coming at you in a threatening posture, then by all means shoot it, but otherwise that’s just a DICK move. “Let me massacre this animal, which I cannot identify, simply for existing.” Whatever it was, it has just as much right to roam the Earth as people do, moreso even. 🤬 Humans suck.

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