Mar 30

Indian Police Officers Report UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Power Plants

According to local news reports, there have been several recent instances of unidentified objects being sighted within the general vicinity of the southern Kudankulam nuclear plant and the eastern Madras atomic power station near Kalpakkam.

The objects were even caught on film on two separate occasions by police sub-inspector Syed Abdul Kader who reported that the UFOs had exhibited anomalous zig-zagging movements.

“I am more than 100 per cent sure what I saw were UFOs,” he said. “The way it stood still, the way it made zigzag movements and the speed in which it disappeared… all were different.”



Interestingly, the footage he captured was recorded only a week or so after former Director General of Police Prateep V. Philip also captured photographs of a UFO near the Madras Atomic Power Station.

Sadly, so far only a single still frame (above) of the captured footage has been released to the public.

The reports echo similar testimonies from nuclear power plant workers in the United States, Russia and elsewhere who have reported sightings of strange objects over or near to nuclear facilities.


Source: Times Now News

2 Responses to “Indian Police Officers Report UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Power Plants”

  1. Dana B

    Very coincidental. Just watched Expedition X latest episode investigating the Japanese Nuclear Reactor Fukushima where UFO’s are routinely seen at the site. They caught film evidence of one there. Also nearby, along with a small mountain shaped like a pyramid where they had a daytime event occur.
    Definitely something going on. I wonder if nuclear sites in the states have seen this? maybe its just aaian or pacific rim? I hope there are no earthquakes and tsunamis. Happy Easter everyone.

    • Charles R

      I watched that episode also Dana B. Luis Elizondo stated a couple or so years ago that his research (getting into gov’t records he was allowed to) showed a high propensity of UFOs around Nuclear sites, and UFO nuclear arsenals and weapons. And, of course, the UFOs have temporarily shut down power to nuclear launch sites going back to at least the Minuteman sites in the 1960s.

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