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SC EP:1042 The Silence

John writes “I have something to share with you from when I was 17 and bow hunting in the woods of NJ. I’m 46 now and I had a brush with a large 2 legged animal in the early hours of that fall day.”

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said “It was about 2am and I was excited to go hunting. I was sitting in my tree stand when everything went dead silent. I became fearful and was not sure why. I could hear this thing coming to my tree stand and it was heavy, you could almost feel this thing walking and it was on two feet.

It was in front of my tree stand and I pulled an arrow and it stopped. It was breathing heavy and I tapped the arrow against the bow and it took off running. In a matter of seconds it covered 100 yards and I saw it running through the corn field. I never went back.”





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64 Responses to “SC EP:1042 The Silence”

      • Casey T

        When that boy died in a car accident
        And he came to John in that dream state asking “where do I go now?”
        Could it be possible that in his spirit body
        He was meant to look up at the sky by the side of the accident
        Notice the tree and the crucifix that could have been placed there
        And feel the presence of Jesus Christ in its symbolism.

        I have faith the young man found his way.
        There are spirits awaiting all of us on the other side.

        You are never truly alone.


  1. Karla Amber G

    I would suggest meeting with that kid and letting him know that you were with his friend when he died and that his friend came to you afterwards. that way he knows that he’s still out there somewhere. it might give him some kind of a closure. I think I would want to hear it if I were his position. incidentally if anyone ever asks you where do they go after they’ve died. I guess you should just tell them to go towards the light?

  2. Stacey C

    Omgggggg I cannot even begin to imagine what he felt!!!!! My mom found my brother just moments after he passed,, I was there immediately afterwards but I cannot imagine losing a child…..
    Thank you Wes‼️❣️

  3. Angie R

    Thanks so much for relaying your experiences, John. So much falls into place when we follow the biblical injunction to love our neighbor and we understand the eternal significance of each life and deed. Life on earth is a tiny point on eternity’s line. But it really, really matters! Thanks for inspiring this listener.

  4. m99

    @John ~ Could it be it was the season of the rut for elk and deer? Maybe that’s what they do for food, follow the seasonal food supply. Like Blackberries. They’re spotted there. But I agree, there’s a ‘spiritual quality’ to these creatures. ‘Spiritual’ doesn’t necessarily mean good spiritual, as I’m sure you know. Thx for sharing your encounter and the young man’s death. Maybe if you are compelled to do something in the future (like placing the cross on the tree), now you know why. The Lord was speaking to your heart.

  5. Virginia S

    You’re correct, Wes…losing a child IS the most difficult thing to endure…I lost my only son, 27 yrs old- 5 years ago this month and it does NOT get any easier with time. It is the most ACUTE pain anyone could feel.
    I think if John approached the father of that young man it would only cause more pain. Just my opinion.

  6. CJ M

    I say tell the boy and and tell the father. I say this because I went through losing my son in a car accident. There are many things that happen that can mean so much more to those you tell. I came to sort of knowing that my son was always gonna leave before me. Its something I had to go through to wake up and TO KNOW that we do not cease to exist. The circumstances from so many different directions, each one was important. I also acme to believe that it was a sort of agreement between my son and I to learn things that maybe can only be learned via experience.

    A police responder called me later to tell me that my son asked her to tell his mom that he loved her. I’m sure she didn’t want to make that call…but it meant the world to me for him to say that. If she never told me or even if she waited …I’d still want to hear that.

    The crucifix to me is a sign that God is watching over things….its sort of like a rainbow. The parents don’t want to hear the details of the mangled body, but to know that it is not some random event/accident is something comforting. I’m sure there were other signs as well…..many of them.

  7. Kimberly M

    I think he definitely needs to meet with the other young man and tell him who God is so that when HE dies he won’t be lost with no place to go! That’s the moral of this story. If you don’t know God, you will be lost! The need toplace the crucifix was his HolySpirit trying to prepare him to be with this young man when he died and to be able to pray with him as he died.

  8. Janetta V

    Stay close to Jesus, John. There was some spirtual reason about the crucifix that our Lord knows and you will some day. He is coming soon, just look at all the strange things going on in thes world. Many signs and wonders and it’s all to wake us up and get us ready for when we meet Him the clouds of glory. Excellent telling of the two events in you life. Thank you so much.

  9. adam w

    Amazing story man. Hearing about that kid brought back some memories that i block out but yeah its terrible to watch someone die its just one of those things you learn to block out. but i am very interested in the silence part of encounters i just have a strong feeling that the silence is some kind of paranormal thing that they can do and i would love to talk to someone who has studied it indepth to get some kind of an idea of what it is. Thank you for your stories this was a great one.

  10. Bruce p

    I sense the creature that John heard coming out of the woods towards him in his deer stand knew that he was there the whole time,
    and that he waited until he was settled before he made his trip towards John,
    it probably wanted to scare John so that he wouldn’t want to come back again,
    but then again it may have had some other evil plan towards John,
    it’s hard to say with these creatures,
    and as I puzzle all these events adventures and encounters that I heard, and plus my own encounters,
    I believe these things can hear your thoughts , though they need to be kind of close, maybe, perhaps these creatures individually have certain skills that they can or need to develop.
    any case I think the creature knew John could not see him, it ?

  11. William D

    People who hunt for trophies make me sick to my stomach. I bring this up because John said he went to South Africa. If you do it to eat, and ethical in choosing the correct caliber, know the animal’s vitals and have a clear shot then you’re good in my eyes.

  12. Chad W

    I just now listened to this episode, this early Sunday morning. Thank you, John for sharing both accounts. The final story quickly took me back to an incident that happened in my life, more than 20 years ago, while living in Virginia. I was on a four-lane highway, commuting home from my workplace like every other day. Suddenly, the vehicle in front of me slammed, at a high rate of speed, into the back of a delivery truck that had just entered the highway. I saw, and heard, it happen. It was a violent collision. I pulled over to see if I could aid the driver. I ran up to his vehicle, and quickly saw that it was beyond hope. He wasn’t going to survive his injuries. I then noticed that he was a relatively young man, in his 30s, and that he was wearing a wedding band. I grieved for his wife as I stood there, realizing that her life had just changed forever. I found out later that he’d also left behind two young children. Life is precious, often fleeting, and is not to be taken for granted. I pray for that family to this day.

  13. theresa m

    Wes, thanks for another episode for a good listen. John, thank you for both shares. As a mom of two who are now adults, I would want to hear from you if you were there at the last moments of their lives on this plain of existence. God works through us and you certainly were setting the stage of that event before it took place. You have so much to share with the father of the deceased passenger and the driver. We none of us are getting out of this life alive and every second is precious. We are gifted free will and are able to make choices both good and bad. Your sharing with the driver about your experience of being compelled to place that crucifix on top of that tree may help ‘correct’ the driver’s ‘off the road direction-so to speak’ and bring his thinking back to center. Pray on it. Thank you again for sharing.

  14. Rodger f

    Thanks Wes, and thanks to the guest! This actually brought tears to my eyes when he talked about the boy killed in the car wreck. I went to a school district called Hillsdale in Ohio and there is a Highway called Old 30. It took a few people that I knew and a lot of people I did not know. This story just actually added to my faith! Appreciate your time and appreciate your people. We are gone in a flash! God bless!

  15. Cynthia J

    I believe everything we encounter and endure is meant
    To lead us further somehow in a specific way. Even if we don’t know why. Sometimes we can’t even recall an event fully and are left even more lost trying to figure things out. Wether we all are pre genetically designed by others, a mainstream updated version of assorted ancestors selected for some ongoing experiment, whatever the case we DO have one thing apparently unique to us – our soul. I believe a bright shining light in the universe gave this to us and God is certainly the smartest of all.
    What a gift. Those who help each other in any way they can are doing what they were designed for even if it makes no sense. Even when it causes pain and heartache. We are all here today for a auique purpose. I wish with all my heart everyone finds that reason. Thank you for sharing John. I lost my oldest son 2 years ago almost 3 and the hardest part is experiencing how his children miss him. It’s like a full circle deal – they take it
    And turn it Into helping someone else. It’s really comforting when children especially totally get it.
    Thanks again Wes you are appreciated 😀

  16. Robert W

    Hey John,

    I have a general idea of where you had your encounter and where you live. In any event, as unlikely it may sound that there are Big Foot in Monmouth County, NJ, I’ve collected a number of sightings and encounters from various sources, like WeirdNJ, the BFRO, old News Papers.

    The busiest part of Monmouth County seems to be Allaire State Park, which is where you might have been hunting (based on the info you gave.) The Manasquan Reservoir also has a few reports. I’m from the Two Rivers area and went to Catholic School so we may have crossed paths.

    I have 3 sightings from Middletown. One was in 1970 and involved a UFO and is pretty weird. Two other sightings that happened in the 90s/00s are a little more believable. The difficult part is the idea that these things exist in such a developed area. WeirdNJ mentions a sighting by a woman on Brown Dock Road (Huber Woods). A website that no longer exists mentioned a sighting off the Hartshorne Woods biking trails.
    It’s all very strange and there are other stories.

  17. STEVE W

    His inner voice got him out of it, We now know they can see in very low light, He had no way of knowing that drawing his bow and pointing it in the direction would work, Tapping the arrow allowed it to zero in, It seen him and the bow drawn and ran like heck,
    They know arrows are dangerous.
    Silence can be so loud, I once had the woods go silent on me in the dark, I was also 20ft up a tree, The silence grabs your attention and you can feel the energy change. Its so silent you can hear your heart beat and the ringing in your ears , I did turn on my flashlight, I just shinned it directly below me, I never heard anything move, I think it was far enough away and my light got its attention before it got too close

  18. Tracie P

    As a parent who has lost a child, you are right Wes, there is absolutely nothing worse. It’s unnatural to outlive your child. It alters your world and there are NO words that comfort you or ease your pain.
    My son has been gone 6 1/2 years now. When he first passed, it took everything for me to continue. If it hadn’t been for my 2 daughters, I wouldn’t have made it. I couldn’t have handled someone coming to me about something like that. I don’t know that I would have even believed them. I probably would have taken it as some twisted joke. Over the years, I have had several experiences that has shown me that there is definitely more to this world, more to life and death. I have had experiences that I know without a doubt that he has visited me. It doesn’t happen every day or every week, but when it happens, I find comfort in it.
    My suggestion for John would be, that since it doesn’t seem like you know the Kid’s father, maybe find someone that knows him and just test it out. Maybe tell them what you experienced and let them help you feel out that decision. It doesn’t always bring comfort and especially since it sounds like the kid was scared (asking you what to do, etc). It could bring more pain in the long run. It’s a wound that never heals, but I think it’s a case by case basis and depends mostly on the father’s beliefs. I feel if you’re meant to have that conversation with the Father, you will. I know no matter if he ever finds out or not, he would be grateful that you were there to help his son when he needed it.

  19. Randel S

    attaching story about the poor young man who died in the grief of his family. Displaying a prominent crucifix is not a bad thing to do. In fact I recommend it. Horacio…

  20. Randel S

    a touching story about the poor young man who died and the grief of his family. Displaying a prominent crucifix is not a bad thing to do. In fact I recommend it. Horacio…

  21. william Y

    Thanks Jon great show. . New Jersey is right next-door. I just listened to this other encounter on another podcast Fred Roehl. He shot this thing three times in the midsection. And it didn’t do anything that scary.

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