Aug 12

Oregon: Help Bigfoot Keep His Home And Ours Safe From Wildfires

Oregon State writes “The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal joins Bigfoot, protector of wilderness, friend in fire prevention. Many wildfires start near our homes. Always have a shovel and water nearby to extinguish fires and make sure your fires are out. Prevent wildfires near Bigfoot’s home and keep our families and communities safe.”


6 Responses to “Oregon: Help Bigfoot Keep His Home And Ours Safe From Wildfires”

  1. Thomas J

    Looks like Smoky the bear has been replaced by Sassy the Squatch. It sure beats Doggy the Man. Good message to start tuning the population into the existence of the Great American woodboogers or wood apes. Interesting information to share thanks again Wes.

  2. Dutch W

    Excellent progress in getting BF some props. Now I would like to see him become McGruff the police dog’s replacement,since we all remember how McGruff was put to sleep some short years ago . He can slap around some of those drug dealers outside Seattle and say “kids don’t let this be you” just as he rips the leg off of a dealer. The kids would 😍 it. I know right?

  3. Colleen B

    Here’s a quote out of an article about our former governor here in Oregon.

    Kulongoski will always be known as the Oregon Governor who proposed Bigfoot protective legislation as a junior representative in the Oregon House. In 1977, then-state Rep. Ted Kulongoski, wearing a gorilla suit, stood on the floor of the Oregon House of Representatives to introduce a resolution to prohibit “harassing, annoying or intimidating” Bigfoot, Sasquatch or a similar creature by any other name. Violators would be required to pick up roadside garbage. Kulongoski then became Oregon’s governor, guaranteeing that Bigfoot had friends in high places.

    Proud to be an Oregonian!

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