Aug 12

Strange Humanoid On Base

I saw the creature in June of 1996, working with my partner SPC (Named Removed), yes that’s her name. We were MP Game Wardens assigned to this very office I work in now.

While on patrol in the North East section of the base, which is very remote, we happened to walk up on what we thought was a burnt tree. We knew it wasn’t but the tree had to be a tree, right? No, I walked up to this thing, black hair hanging off of it like Old Mans Beard moss. It was about 6 to 6.5 feet tall. As I’m walking up to it, I’m trying to process what I’m seeing. Is this a soldier in a ghillie suit? No. Is it a burnt tree trunk? No. Meanwhile my partner was behind me whispering “what is that sarge”? I get to about 10 -15 feet away from it, I notice it’s a humanoid, round head like a chimp, long black reddish hair covering its whole body, glowing eyes – the color of the fluid in a construction level. The lower lip was thin but longer than the upper lip.

His chin stuck out much like the characters in the Planet of the Apes series from the 70s. Finally, when I was close enough to touch this being, it turned its upper torso at the waist and looked at me directly, with those greenish yellow glowing eyes.

It then turned its whole body the opposite direction and walked up a 200 ft. hill behind it, as it did it appeared to float up the hill, its legs were moving, but there was no bouncing up and down as you would expect. Meanwhile, my partner (Named Removed) is yelling at me to shoot it. Even though I saw what I saw, my mind was still thinking this was a person, and if it wasn’t, my puny military issued M9 Beretta 9mm would not do anything to this creature. As the creature left, SPC (Named Removed) and I all of a sudden had an intense feeling that we were in danger. She looked at me and we both said to each other “we got to go”. We jumped in our patrol truck and sped out of the area in an unsafe manner, all the while vowing to never tell anyone or be called crazy.”

7 Responses to “Strange Humanoid On Base”

  1. Michael S

    I’m baffled as to how two MP Game Wardens witness a creature rarely seen, but need to “keep a lid on it” in order not to lose they job? Why? What is the mystery/secret that needs to be kept? I can wait to hear more…

  2. Trent M

    Yes, I’d really like to hear more from this person. If they were able to walk up to this being and were not overwhelmed with a feeling of danger until it was away from them do they think that feeling came from it or from someone or something else? I’m glad he did not listen to his partner telling him to”shoot it”!

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