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The Bishop, California Bigfoot Campsite Killings

In 1980-1981, I was working as a security guard on a high-tension tower project here in California. I met a man who was a “cat skinner” operating a bulldozer, leveling off the pads where each of these high tension towers was to be placed. I noted he had on his pickup truck, 25-30 decals from places he had been hunting and introduced myself.

During the conversation I mentioned ‘bigfoot’ and he told me that in the mid to late 1970’s he was doing a little poaching (with the Forestry Official’s permission in a locked and gated area near Bishop, California, they had given him a key so he could go in any time he wanted).” This particular time the gate was still locked (as it always was); he let himself in with his 4-wheel drive pickup to the area known as Four Points.

He drove over a hill and there to his surprise were Department of the Interior vehicles and Bureau of Land Management men all in their “Smokey The Bear” outfits (with guns) searching a campground, the hills, mountains, roads, etc. They grabbed this hunter, took his deer rifle away from him and questioned him for 7-8 hours as to what he was doing there.

The local forestry officials identified him as a trusted friend and he was let go, but told to “never come back.” He had determined during his interrogation that the reason the BLM and Dept of Interior were there in force was that a Bigfoot creature had gone through there the day before and had torn up the campground; had turned over a “large” trash container (of the type you find behind large department stores – dumpsters), that no man can even begin to move and had killed several people.

Then in early to middle 1991, a young student also interested in investigating the Bigfoot mystery, called the C.B.F.O.’s hotline to tell me that he had heard that story several years ago and it had “always” stuck with him. He went on to relate that when he was doing some Bigfoot research in the town of Bishop, California (Inyo County), area in 1989-90 he met a former policeman who said that he was on the Bishop police force in the mid to late 1970’s. The student related the foregoing story of Bigfoot to the ex-police officer from Bishop, and he confirmed it. The officer said the story was the talk of the law enforcement agencies in that area at the time, but they were under very tight orders not to say anything about the incident and the related deaths.



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  1. Debbie C

    I mention this before, rabies.
    Animals become crazy after bitten from a rabid animal.
    I’ve read that Sasquatch is not friendly.
    But, say Sasquatch entered a campground where people
    are camping. Goes crazy-like killing everything it comes into contact with.
    Attacks a huge dumpster and tosses it like a football.
    I often wonder when these creatures are on the rampage, could they be ill?
    I don’t believe every Sasquatch speeches is outraged easily.
    I don’t know anything about Bigfoot/Sasquatch, nor have I witness one.
    My relatives have witness these creatures.
    In my soul I know Sasquatch/Bigfoot is real.
    It’s wrong keeping human killings of this nature from the public.
    If these killings were from bears, the news would become public at once.
    Public investigations would become news world wide.

  2. Kent C

    It seems clear from the mass of sighting and encounter reports that overt hostility and unprovoked attacks against groups of humans is definitely “non-typical behavior”.

    Rabies is certainly one possible explanation for “rampaging hostile behavior”, but there are others that must be considered.

    Non-typical behavior could also be due to mental issues related to interbreeding. I have always felt that this possibility merits serious consideration because in many areas, the BF population is probably well below the generally accepted minimum for a breeding population.

    There is another scenario that must be considered when we try to understand the motivation behind some of these unprovoked “extreme” attacks: …..The animal may have had a really bad experience with another human in the very recent past.

    Any big-game hunter will tell you that if a large predator is wounded and subsequently escapes, …it will frequently take it’s pain and frustration out on the next human (…or group of humans) it encounters.

    This is yet another reason NOT to fire on a BF unless you are absolutely sure you “have enough gun”, and a 100% “clean” shot!

  3. Steven B

    In looking at the natural world, sometimes it is not disease that causes such aggression. While elephants are not primates, what could be happening is the same scenario as with African elephants. When young bulls mature, they will be kicked out of the herd. Here we have young males “feeling their oats”, hormones raging, and they’ve just been “exiled”. Well, what do they sometimes do with this frustrating combination and situation? Lets go to the local village and destroy the crops, demolish some huts, make a few people into bloody footprints in the dirt, and vent our frustrations with the world. We’re mad and we ain’t going to take it anymore! Naturally they are going to go and find the biggest, baddest, bull elephant and take him on. Much better to find someone you can beat up easily.

    Another thought, maybe this was one or more that had that “territory” and they gave the people “hints” to leave but the people did not heed. “Well, what the hey??? We gave them hints!!! They stupid or something that they don’t understand Squatch? Looks like were going to have to go to war on this!” Maybe the people did something that in the “Hungry, Hungry Harry” world is considered an act of extreme aggression.

    Then again, sometimes animals just act like, well, animals and the reasons for doing something is only known to the animal. Like the “tame bull” that peacefully walks with the farmer each day and then one day, something changes unknown to farmer, and the bull attacks and seriously injures or kills the farmer.

    Just my musings…

    Steve, RGV TX

  4. Steven B

    I need an editor… 😛

    ” Naturally they are going to go and find the biggest, baddest, bull elephant and take him on.” should read ” Naturally they are NOT going to go and find the biggest, baddest, bull elephant and take him on.”


  5. Papa - Yeti

    And to expand upon Kent’s statement, if I may? I will suggest the possibility of a Sasquatch creature having been shot with lead or copper jacketed lead bullets, of which if left un-removed and the wound(s) untreated could incur Lead Poisoning. With the creatures being shot sometimes a number of times and or during many encounters / attacks living on. Those lead bullets and bird shot can very well cause birth defects and mental learning and reasoning impairments in the wounded creatures off spring. Effecting generations with retardation and malformation. Which means just as when deer have been shot / wounded during legal hunts, or during poaching attempts, and they have ran off wounded, many to suffer and die. Sasquatch must as well be effected with lead contamination / poisoning of being shot with lead bird-shot and under caliber lead bullets.

    • Tyler D

      Which might very well be happening. I’m pretty convinced they have some of the same mental defects that we do. They don’t have medical treatment in the wild which makes the cost of being injured even that much higher. Mosts situations that they are faced with in the wild could potentially be a life or death scenario for them. So they have every reason to be timid around us, we’re not the only species that fears what we don’t know

  6. Rob C

    If this account is true, then it had to be a Sasquatch, like one of the previous posts states. If anything thing else killed them, including human, it would have been disclosed. Scary to say the least!!

  7. Steve W

    I have to say, My dad and I went fishing in Bishop every year from the time was 9 (so 1970) to the time I was 30 something, and my son and I have gone many times since and I have to say, not one time did I ever hear anything of this, nor have I ever seen or heard anything that would remotely be sasquatch related (and I would be off by myself on many occasions.) Not sure I can buy into this one.

    • Pamela C

      Alan, I agree we are getting 3rd or 4th hand accounts of something someone else had heard. The man telling the stories said these accounts can be found in local newspapers and reports but does not provide any specific sources.
      The research that David Palides conducted is what would have to be done, for example if you have the approximate date and location then you would look for reports of campers being attacked or reviewing obituaries for unusual reports or lack of explanation then try to locate relatives who might be able to provide more information, etc. But of course all of this takes considerable time and resources to do.

  8. Jan W

    Bull elephants (especially Asian) go into a very aggressive state called musth during mating season in which they are extremely dangerous, with testosterone levels 40-60 times higher than normal. Bulls in musth have been known to destroy villages, kill people, and attack inanimate objects. Maybe Sasquatch goes into a musth period? I also think a previous bad experience with humans might prompt an attack or a psychotic episode. I searched for information about camper deaths and bear attacks in Bishop and found nothing.
    Of course, if true, I am not surprised by the lack on online information.

  9. Derek G

    Not a big deal but in the video the guy said that a garbage bin was turned over weighing several tons. It may have weighed a lot but I don’t think it is possible to have weighed several tons. Just saying…..

  10. Debbie C

    Sasquatch has made the woods it’s domain.
    I wish there were no such thing as a Sasquatch.

    Try turning over a garbage bin, full or empty. I don’t think you could budge it.
    Just saying…………………………………………..

  11. Pamela C

    It seems to me that at some point when you have this many people allegedly involved in “hunting down and killing” a rogue Sasquatch eventually someone will talk or come forward. Especially if they were non-military BLM employees. It is just a matter of time and given social media and the speed with which information travels a verifiable event will come out. Something we don’t see with all of the BF “organizations” is investigative reporting and journalism. There are thousands of accounts still out there that merit follow up. While getting videos and tracks is important maybe focus on a past reliable account using recognized investigative methods could provide new leads and data on the subject.

  12. Charles M

    Why does everyone want to think that something is wrong with the BF. Humans and I will use bears as an example will kill people all the time with nothing wrong with them. Why can’t a BF kill humans just because it wants to.

  13. Tyler D

    I like hearing about these accounts, even if they are brutal and savage attacks. People need to be more aware of the potential dangers of these rural areas. Hiding these accounts doesn’t help anyone, actually quite the opposite. N I wonder how many of these accounts have successfully covered up without even a whisper of what happened to some of these unfortunate souls. It makes you feel unbelievably uneasy that these people are in power and apparently above the law. N this poor guy had darken the room because he probably doesn’t wanna stick his neck out there trying to make this more public possibly out of fear of harassment. One day, this will be common knowledge. N the people that try n cover this up should be ashamed to represent our government, it’s very disturbing on many levels

  14. Steve E

    I’ve been camping the the Bishop area since the late 60’s and have never seen or heard of any BF’s in the area. If you look at the BFRO site – there are NO reports in the Bishop area, none, nada, sorry I am not biting, this story has never been substanciated or investigated, nor has the supposed “witness” come forward, it looks made up, sounds made up. I actually plan to retire to the Bishop area in about 10 years… I wish there was some BF activity around there…!

    This story has tons of holes in it, first there are no campgrounds that are behind locked gates, next if the officials supposedly knew a BF killed some people – why on earth would they interagate some poor schlub for 7 hours? well it makes for a good story I guess…

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