Mar 22

Next Weeks Shows For Members

Next week I have several guests lined up to come on the show who have some really interesting encounters. Look for a full week of content coming up! Also I will be revamping the site and updating the forums. I want to thank everyone for their support!

36 Responses to “Next Weeks Shows For Members”

  1. Karen D

    Thanks Wes……appreciate every minute of your time you take out of your personal life for this site !!
    ….it just keeps growing and getting better as you get all the kinks out…..AWESOME JOB!!

  2. Asheim

    So happy we’re ready to rock n roll!! Looking forward to it and we have a saying in Norway befitting you Wes, “you’re tougher then a train.” That you are.

  3. Anthony M

    Far All The Fans Of This Show Who Are On Facebook, We Have Started A Show Support Group- Sasquatch Chronicles Fans!
    Locate & Join

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