Mar 23

Authorities looking for missing man last seen in Lower Yosemite Fall area


Yosemite National Park authorities are looking for a man who went missing in Yosemite this weekend.

Michael Dahl was last seen near the Lower Yosemite Fall footbridge on Saturday morning. He was last seen wearing a light-blue hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. He was also carrying a camera according to authorities.

Dahl is described as 20-year-old man who stands at 6 foot 1 inch tall. He’s tall, skinny with light brown and reddish hair and green eyes.

Anyone who may have more information on Dahl can contact authorities at 209-379-1992.



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    • Gabriel H

      @Steve: we have a film festival in Canada called the Banff Film Festival. A number of years ago, during this festival, friends and watched this ~18yr old kid, FREECLIMB Halfdome. Nothing but a bag of chalk. It remains one of if not thee most edge-of-your-seat things I’ve ever seen. None of us had working jaws afterwards. And they had footage of tourists up top, seeing this kid come up over the edge, dust off his hands, and walk away. He’s done more since…

      • Steve W

        Yeah, they do the same on El Capitan. Absolutely insane. The older I’ve gotten I’ve developed a fear of heights, so even looking over the railing straight down from Glacier Point started to get to me last time I was ever there. I can imagine the looks on the faces of the people that climbed Half Dome the right way with him coming up and over the face.

        Was last year or year before a woman slipped off Half Dome, I’m assuming the side though, don’t think it was the face. The weather I believe was a factor there. People don’t realize how slippery worn granite is when its wet. Busted my rear end a few times on worn granite while fishing various places in the Sierra’s. Doesn’t take much moisture and its like trying to walk on a slip ‘n’ slide with greased feet.

      • Jeffrey H

        I know where the lower falls bridge is, been there a few times. My ex was a big Yosemite hiker. I was surprised it happen there since it’s a pretty popular spot with a lot of people being there generally. I mean falling off 1/2 Dome or Capitan. seems a lot more plausible.

  1. Renee B

    The stupid is strong in most 20 year old males. Heres hoping his stupidity wasn’t fatal. If the dogs won’t track, its a boulder field and the weather turns bad then he’s probably SQ food. See Missing 411

  2. Pat T

    Can Paulides come on to explain this disappearence along with others. My opinion I think he’s long overdue. Could b totally wrong but not sure if Will approved of him. Could sell more of his 411 books on a great forum with lots of listeners

      • Jeffrey H

        Gary C: I hope you didn’t buy them off Amazon because resellers put a really high price on the books. If you go to David Pauldies website you should get them for around $24 plus shipping each, sorry if you for ripped off! Resellers were selling them for around $60 on up. Good luck!

        • Gary C

          Bought them from the man himself Mr dp I also bought the hoopa project
          120.dollars for the books 69 dollars for postage to uk, all in all 123 pounds

          Best bit is he signed them all so I was well chuffed lol

    • Christopher c

      Thank God that kid is safe and thanks for posting the update I was just about to start praying for the kid when I read he was found, sometimes people have no clue how dangerous a boulder field is ,when I was in the C.C.C.’s a female corps member was killed (RIP)near lake Tahoe when a boulder the size of a car shifted and crushed her to death ,her and a few corps members were on a evening hike after work in the desolation wilderness.

  3. Gabriel H

    He was found in a boulder field with multiple injuries. Not sure if this would seem a natural place to shelter, but Boulder Fields are a significant pattern in the 411 material. Dave did a new interview on C2C last night and it sounded like he was not going to look into it given initial I formation. With this new information I’m sure he’ll likely look it over.

  4. Papa - Yeti

    I am going to highly agree with Steve W. I have seen far too many deaths of Hikers, cross country families driving back roads during winter time to make a short cut to arrive in fewer hours earlier for a out of state family Christmas dinner. I am shocked for their tragic unnecessary deaths, but when the authorities announce that people have made crucial errors in choosing their routes of travel through remote spans of lone highways during a snow storm, or fail to think; or that people simply disobeyed park warning signs. It was another tourist grasping his camera, when he left his wife and child upon the other side the park barrier and climbed down into a very wide and fast moving river for that perfect photo shot. He precariously wades right to the middle of the fast moving freezing cold river and slipped because of the fast current and he found himself unable to get back on the river bank, his wife then leave their child, she climbs over the fence and down into the water she goes to reach out for husband and they both go right over the falls with their child watching the entire event. Glad the Young man is safe. So bet a huge number of the Missing people in those books of David Paulides were just non thinking / risk takers.

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