Apr 24

Neanderthal: Profile Of A Super Predator

Danny Vendramini draws on the latest scientific evidence to show that Neanderthals ferocious ape-like creatures who hunted and raped early humans to the brink of extinction before the humans fought back and eradicated the Neanderthals.

9 Responses to “Neanderthal: Profile Of A Super Predator”

  1. Lisa B

    Kinda like that commercial on tv, where the guy is a Mo-taur, half motorcycle and half man. The other guy says confusingly “yeah I can see that”. 😳

  2. Tony s

    Neanderthals were short tool users. Not a great match. There are far better candidates for Bigfoot in the human family tree. Java man and hiedelbergensis are better guesses but still don’t quite fit. Bigfoot seems to straddle a strange divide of having at least a basic language but not tool use which makes it quite difficult to fit into our current understanding of the natural order of primates.

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