Apr 24

Encounter From Utah

A listener writes “I had an aggressive encounter a couple years back with my little brother and younger cousin.

We was riding dirt bikes in the back country of Central Utah. When we stopped to gauge the trail things were just weird. Dead no birds nothing my little brother pointed out to me . My cousin walk up the trail to see how bad it gets when he call my name to come look . As I stated walking i had a really weird gut feeling . As we’re walking up hes walking down. He catches something out of the corner of his eye to left up the Hill. Screaming as he drops to the ground faster than I’ve ever seen anyone i see a large tree coming horizontally at him breaking smaller trees as it went . I looked to see what was going on and I saw the biggest thing that I ever seen. There is so much more to this encounter id be typing all day I’m not very good with emailing I apologize for the grammar and spelling and punctuation.

After listening to your show and other digging .I look back on my life growing up as a kid in that Canyon camping every year for weeks at a time how much strange stuff and other run ins I had I didn’t even know it. Some now thinking about give me nightmares and make it hard to go back out and hunt and fish.”

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  1. Denise F

    Wow, that is scary.
    The pic above looks like the arms are flying out to the side. I seen that a few times before like when jumping logs (in vids of course ?).

  2. mark a

    Good morning Wes; Another very interesting story! Can we hear more from this person? I can see these guys riding along, covering ground very quickly then ,,,,,, surprising an ambush hunter, triggering its usually effective trap to provide food. This time the quarry got away. Something is very wrong, I can smell the two stroke exhaust, my hair begins to rise up, I feel the hit of the adrenaline bump, sensing time slowing, primal fear seeps in. This story already has garnered my interest, Wes knows I have feasted upon his SC bait, and that I will return here to his site! Yet again, another trap has been set, , , , , , , , , , , gerrrrrr hehehe rrrrrrroar!

  3. Rebecca B

    My son has a middle-aged coworker friend who has hunted in the far back country of a particular section of Utah for years. He and his son had some experiences a few years ago which included screams and finding a sheep impaled on the branch of a tree about 18 feet up the tree. They refuse to go back to that area now.
    My son has been on the fence with the subject, but last year while we were camping in a remote area we had two trees fall near our camp with no wind and later my son went to go up a trail which he had hiked the day before and found where two large trees had fallen, blocking the path. We can’t say positively what caused it but it was a head scratcher. Several months later he went backpacking 45 miles deep into the back country with my brother in the Ashley National Forest and heard some load screams from across the ravine they were at that he couldn’t identify at 1:00 in the morning. This is a very remote area and the only way in is hiking or horseback. He said every hair on the back of his neck went up and had a difficult time getting back to sleep. He couldn’t figure out what would make the kind of sound he heard. My son and brother are experienced hunters and outdoorsman. My brother refuses to talk about it.

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