Apr 24

Mount Rainier National Park: Unexplained Disappearances

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature there are more than 4,000 national parks around the world. In the U.S alone, it’s estimated that 270 million people visit their park system each year. In more recent times, many of the parks have have been examined under a closer lens as a result of increasing interest in the disappearances that take place on their soil.

3 Responses to “Mount Rainier National Park: Unexplained Disappearances”

  1. Paul E

    I lived in Ashford for 7 years starting in 09 to 15 and my neighbors were IMG. I remember some of the disappearances mainly the mountain climbers since I remember all the activities next door and at the other climbing business in town. I had odd feelings many times over my time there. I wasn’t even there a week when I had my door handle jiggle and push open in the middle of the night while I was laying on the couch next to the door. I jumped up and went to the door and there was nothing there and no sound of anything running away. As my son grew older and would play outside there were times when I heard a voice call out Dad and it sounded like my kid, but I would call back and he would be up in his room. There were other things but who knows what they were.

    • Mark T

      I saw an alpha male that was at least 11 feet tall from within 10 feet away just a mile or so west of Ashford, Washington nearly 33 years ago on my way home from my in-law’s 20 acres and a 4th of July BBQ…

      It looked like a gigantic silver backed gorilla crossed with an Olympic summer athlete… nothing but muscles and hair.

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