Nov 23

KGW Archive: 1971 Washington Sasquatch Report

KGW News writes “After a number of sightings in 1971, KGW ventured out to Skamania, Washington, to interview people who claimed to have seen the legendary yet elusive creature of Northwest lore. The KGW reporter is Jon Tuttle.

KGW talked with a witness who came face-to-face with the creature, she said, near Beacon rock and also talked with the publisher of the Skamania County Pioneer newspaper about the various citizen reports, the local sheriff who made the (now discounted) plaster cast of the reported Bigfoot footprint and a member of the Skamania County council that had passed a ‘no bigfoot hunting’ ordinance that made it a crime to shoot a “Sasquatchie”, as the sightings had drawn trappers and hunters from around the nation all trying to capture the mythical mammal.”

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  1. Gerald G

    the dynamics around lonebutte meadow’s have changed so drastic in the past 10 yrs the elk no longer bugle anymore. The elk are just about gone now. from curly creek road to Tillicum camp ground. I will tell you were I’ve had my experience and you are welcome to go there . I will tell you the location , but i’m not responcable for your safety . Take meadow creek road to lonebutte snow park. take the 30 road approx. on1 1/2 miles to the first sharp turn to the left. there is a dead lightning struck tree park there. off the left is a skidder road with a burm, follow skidder road south east approx. 1/4 mile till it’s end. off to the left will be a game trail heading north, follow short distance about 20 yds to another game trail headed towards Rush Creek follow it for about 100 yrds you’ll come to some tall timber walk in till you find the game trail follow it another fifty yard’s to a dead log. have a seat. just before dark if their there they’ll let you know by gorilla scream’s, Whoop’s, Growls . Whistles. take your pick I’ve heard them all. take notice to the silence of the forest if the birds are chirping and the ground squirrles are running around their not there. But if i’s quit like a graveyard at midnight their there. Be careful take a hand gun with you , wave it above your head they no this reaction. They will flank your exit back to your truck. And I promise you it will be the longest walk you’ll ever take. Do not RUN no matter how close they get keep waving the hand gun over your head they’ll keep their distance. i’ll never go back there again alone, five years in a row I’ve experienced all of the above sound’s. It’s changed my life and ruined my hunting I hate these hairy bastards . I never asked for this all I did was bowhunt over my bait site. I created a hunting corridor for them. good luck if you choose to go there and god bless. THEY ARE REAL. NO BULLSHIT.IF YOU DONT BELIEVE I DONT GIVE A SHIT. THANK KEEP YOUR LAZY ASS AT HOME.AND ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK. But if you do be aware of your surrounding’s.

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