Nov 23

Encounters by Famous Historical Figures

Mortar & Ivy write “It’s easy to call crazy a lonely old man who spotted giant apes behind the 7-11. But can you apply the same disgraceful slur to some of America and Europe’s most distinguished figures of history?

In this video we explore eight times in history famous celebrity figures may have witnessed the giant man-ape firsthand, from viking explorer Leif Erikson to Parks and Recreation actor Rob Lowe.”

6 Responses to “Encounters by Famous Historical Figures”

  1. Alice F

    Thanks for posting this, Wes. I think people today should know that the word “bully” in Teddy Roosevelt’s time was slang for great, awesome, wonderful. It did not mean the same as we define bully today, as mean and abusive. When Roosevelt called the presidency a “bully pulpit”, he meant it was a great and awesome pulpit to speak from, to inform and influence people. I wish Teddy would have spoken more about the wild man and made it even more accepted as a real animal.
    I live on the trail of Lewis and Clark in the valley of the headwaters of the Misssouri River in Montana. Again, it would have been great if the diaries of Lewis and Clark had been more descriptive of the wild man.
    I enjoyed this video.

  2. Charles R

    Always wondered about Lewis and Clark.
    I watched the Lowe Bigfoot show in their series, and do not remember this.
    Those around Boone were much more likely to embellish tales of him especially in his older years, then what Daniel himself would do.

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