Nov 24

SC EP:603 Strange Encounters

Blake, who has lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia has had several encounters. He writes, “My first encounter was in 2011 in Highlands, NC, the Nantahala, in what was basically my back yard. I didn’t know what it was until later. I sort of let it go. My next encounter was with a friend outside of Fletcher, Nc. We were charged by a (roughly) 7 foot individual in the dark… then lights appeared and my paradigm started to change after that. I had to figure out what this was. So, in 2013 I started my investigations almost daily.”







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  1. Melissa P

    So excited to get my SC on. Wes, I appreciate everything that you do for us. Love the new flask!! Wish I’d seen those when I ordered a bunch of stuff from your shop recently. I hope you had a good weekend.

  2. Linda P

    (Montana) As fascinating as these encounters are, I had to shut it off at 49 minutes. I just cannot take another “you know” from your guest. Does this person even realize his repetition? Is this a sign of nervousness or dishonesty or something? Bleep those “you knows” out so we can listen to the story!!

    • Jan F

      Yeah …alot of talk,very much talk but no point??
      And me me me me .
      Its in the small details that debunk him…
      Sorry Blake too much talk and no point..and Got had the time.
      If you have heard all the sasquatch storys you Would know those things you say.
      As i say….its in the small details in your CHOICE of word.

    • Steve A R

      “Where ya know,ah-ah-ah, umm, umm if they’re um um…”

      WES I JUST LOVE BEING A MEMBER of YOURS!!! I’ve learned so much from your guests as well as I do through you! I have to give “Linda P” credit for being smarter than me! I listened to this show all the way to thee END thinking something interesting would prevail. Guess no one knows ahead of time and even I can’t be rude to say, “Get to the Point.”

  3. Elaine L

    Not to be all Judge Judy but getting into esoteric hermeticism and anything from the dark side can take you down a perilous road of troubles. You won’t believe where you are and how far you’ve fallen until you’re so far in it that it’s so hard to get out. As for the hydrogen sulfide -> sulfur -> brimstone hmmm (*crickets chirping).

  4. Dean C

    The poor guy needs to read up on night visitors. Everything he has described is classic ‘symptoms’ of Alien abduction….
    Should try chatting with Paul Sinclair from the UK. The writer of the Truth Proof books.

  5. Gerald G

    Awesome show , sounds like he has an opportunity to learn a lot from these creatures. My experiences has been to traumatic to even trust them. Keep up the good job love this show.

  6. Christopher H

    Cool show Wes! I have been to Fort Mountain, Georgia on numerous occasions. Yes, Sasquatches are there! I even know the rock boulder covered hillside Blake talked about. We found scat there one time that was huge. Im definitely looking forward to part two

  7. DeAnn A

    Wow I think this is my favorite show so far. Blake is right. It is exhausting to talk about. One of the reasons I haven’t called in with our activity. The calm clear days and nights are when we have the most activity. I had a rock thrown my direction last week. While I was listening my daughter ran in and opened our back door bc she heard a howl then the coyotes. I’m already hearing the barred owl calls. Thank you Wes and Blake. Great show!!!

  8. James W

    I am from western North Carolina had to turn this guy off after the 2 redneck comments Wes I wish you would have checked him after the 2nd time. His real problem is in his refusal to admit to opening doorways he shouldn’t have and facing the fact that he’s now experiencing demonic oppression as evidenced by sleep paralysis and sulfur smells of which both are considered classic signs of demonic activity. Demonic oppression can also be manifested in severe unusual illnesses as well. Of course since I am a native “redneck” with Master’s degrees from UNC, who also served in the USMC during war, I know nothing. I’m willing to bet more that a few of your subscribers feel as I do!

  9. MONTE H

    Unfortunately, this guy is having a really difficult time trying to communicate what he has experienced. He needs to discard all his extra baggage of stuff that has no bearing on what has happened, which is common to people who don’t normally blab to others what they’ve experienced. He just needs to learn how to best tell his story…which can actually be studied and put to use. Good luck dude.

    • Donald P

      I agree. I had to shut it off after a 15 to 20 minute stretch of rambling descriptions of everything but an encounter. Perhaps some professional help with his issues is needed here.

  10. Annette H

    Fascinating encounters. Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea but the world would be boring if we were all the same. There are so many wildly different encounters it really makes me wonder, exactly what are these things

  11. Denise F

    Strange stuff he’s experiencing. I think it’s important for people to tell their entire story whether people believe it’s related or not. I appreciate Blake doing that. ?

    • Terran S

      Well said. The details are important even if we don’t see it at the time. I do think it was important for him to give the bigger picture of what his life was like at the time. He did a great job.

  12. L. Oriana S

    Terrific show, great guest. Blake has a little trouble finding the thread to his storylines and adds unneeded details (ADHD?) but his information makes it well worth the struggle trying to follow him. I look forward to hearing more from him about his new “friends”.

  13. LaVonne J

    This is my area where I live and hike. I’m smart enough, being a an Appalachian redneck female with two college degrees, to go armed in these mountains. There’s a lot more here than he’s ever seen or will experience. This place is very old with lots of mysteries and many of us have experienced the same, similar or more. Maybe he’ll consider that most of the crime here is from transplants, strangers, tourists and people passing through…and dispense with the derogatory slur. It’s not us natives and rednecks he needs to worry about obviously. Our mountain chain is home to the Cherokee, some of my heritage. Everywhere you travel, visit or stand Cherokee was there first. There are stories told of Tsul Kalu and of the Moon Eyed People, also our Cherokee Little People or Nunnehi. I’m blessed to be a child of Appalachia and the Smokies. My life here, which seems ordinary to me, is extraordinary according to others. I’ve experienced some of these mysteries as well as a few of my family. There are family tales passed down and spoken of over campfires or gatherings and the young think they’re just “tales”, until they, like me, experience it themselves. Let me just say that I took my dog out last night, a frosty cold night here, and I carried my sidearm, as always. Not to kill what can’t be killed but to frighten. There are more than sasquatch or Tsul Kalu here.

    • James M

      LaVonne J, very well said. I don’t stomp around unarmed in my beloved Kentucky hills either. I am part Cherokee and I usually make it to the Cherokee Reservation about 3 or 4 times a year. A beautiful place with a lot of great people. I introduced my wife to the place right after we first met and she fell in love with it also. The Red and Topsail Island are our favorite vacation spots.

  14. Terran S

    I enjoyed this episode….even if it is a cautionary tale. Not sure what Hermetic esotericism is and what it involves or if it opened a door of some kind. What is clear, at least to me is the physical suffering and general life upheaval he has experienced.

    I think it is important we not dismiss a Sasquatch experience that does not fit our picture of what it is ‘supposed’ to be.
    I found him credible and hope you do a part two with him.

  15. Tracy L

    Did they believe that the being or Sasquatch, who charged at them in the dark on the trail, had cloaked himself right before he got to them, which is why they still felt his presence by them?

  16. m99

    I usually wouldn’t welcome an ad, but in this case, it was a welcome respite! When Wes asked us (the members and listeners) to give the guy the benefit and listen, I took it to heart, so was prepared to do just that. Now I know he added some stuff that didn’t seem to matter, but as I’m listening I actually could “feel” the tension and I was almost there with Blake and his friend on that mountain! He is remarkable and explains all this so well. He should write a book. He could use a pen name if he would feel more comfortable with that. But, I again have to say, God Bless you Wes for your patience with people. You have to be a blessing to witnesses (and victims) in so many ways. I’m so glad I waited until I could pay attention and listen well to this episode. This website is a huge blessing.

    ~ Just love Blake. Thanks for sharing this whole thing Blake. You communicate so well my friend, and you remind me of my darling son. I gave you my full attention.

  17. Maria D

    I’ve played this episode twice now, and still scratching my head and wondering WTH.? I would have to take the same opinion regarding this guest as Sara Brown takes describing the Woo-believers in her YouTube segment on that subject. That’s all I can say.

  18. theresa m

    Really enjoyed the show, Wes. Chockful of interesting stuff. Thank you, too, Blake. Look forward to part 2. Wes, always enjoy your shows and I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to learn of your friend passing. He obviously had a friend in you and many others.

  19. Jennifer B

    Amazing story!!! I have never had an encounter with Sasquatch, but I have always been curious, since a child I wanted to be an egyptologist, and archaeologist . I am a knowledge seeker. Through i intense meditations I started having dreams about Sasquatch and aliens. The Sasquatch would telepathically communicate with me. Messed me up, at that point I started researching them intensely!, My life completely changed. This guy with his experience totally hits a nerve. After this I also had a psychic Awakening … I have so many things to say about this … Wow .. thanks for putting this out there!!

  20. Jan F

    The name of the doc is John leeir.
    I bellive 100% in aliens and the USA also have those craft.

    But Blake due it was a very loong and twisted story.
    I dont know what to say about it.

    And Thank you Wes let Them comming…those Strange exsperience and sasquatch beause they are link toghether.we are all made..Design from the beginning,made in GODs picture.
    And just like JESUS Said about the World NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.
    And remember that the flood came because the nehpilims had violeted the DNA on humans and plants and animals.
    And now we are doing it again whit CRISPER DNA MANIPULATION ..


  21. Glen M

    You actually believe some of these people, I think lots of these people are put on here on purpose to make sasquatch look like hes involved with aliens are something supernatural so no normal person will believe the shit, Government cover up 101. Not to discredit the actual real witnesses.

  22. Amy J

    It’s not “spooky”, it’s demonic. Read the Prayer to St. Michael that talks about Satan and his minions who wander the earth seeking the ruin of men’s souls. Spiritual warfare is real. The sulfur or sometimes cigarette smoke is a sign of an unclean spirit. In this poor guy’s case, I believe he crossed paths with an unclean spirit in the forest and it was trying to attach to him. Part of that includes making you sick, ruining health and relationships and man, it even took his job. I’m so glad he left – the next step is Oppression, then Possession. Jesus is real. Praying this guy is thanking Jesus that he was spared.

    • Jonathan S

      I think some times people go looking for something to feel that spiritual hole we all have and pick up things that they don’t intend too.From what I have seen you really have to be careful what you invite in.


    A widely known conspiracy theorist P.S. who died mysteriously used to hold seminars about underground bases and beings. He spoke about the greys releasing their waste through their skin with a sulfur/ hard boiled eggs smell.

  24. Sondra M

    I absolutely loved this episode! I thought Blake was very articulate in telling his experience even if he did use the word, like a lot (I didn’t even notice). I certainly did not take any offense to his “redneck” comment at all. If I heard someone coming full force at me in the woods and on private property I too, probably would have thought whoever it was was up to no good-call then what you want. A lot of sensitive people out there.
    Thank you Wes and Blake. I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to part two!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  25. Amy H

    Hum… I wanted to listen to this in it’s entirety but I couldn’t. I too got about 50 minutes in and felt the story was too disjointed and difficult to follow. It’s about preference and I prefer mostly squatch stories. I do like some of the other stories but this one I just couldn’t get into.

    This fella, tho, is not alone. I recently had someone working for me who had the same stuff going on. It was a trip listening to his stories and I could see he was honest about the things that had been happening. I felt sorry and scared for him. He no longer works for me and it’s a good thing. There was a “cloud” hanging around him full of bad energy. He wasn’t a bad guy but he’d been targeted by…I don’t even know what to call it..and it was not positive. These entities implanted something in him, he showed me where it was under his skin on his arm. They kept tabs on him and followed him often. It was bad. After listening to him, I no longer want to see another UFO. Nope. Nodda. He said he’d show the orbs to me but warned me that something could happen. This guy lives in a large city and these creatures visit him fairly regularly. His GF has had experiences too since dating him.

    I thank my lucky stars that I’m not interesting to whatever this entity may be. I hope his life gets better and he has some peace.

  26. LaVonne J

    I didn’t mean to come off as a sniveling flower a couple days ago in my previous comment. I actually do have a thick skin, but mountain folk here consider ourselves to be mountaineers. Hollywood has caused a negative stereotype with the Beverly Hillbillies and Deliverance type characters unfortunately, and it just gets old. That said, Blake’s experiences are very interesting. I think most of us have an opinion about them, but he’s the one that’s experienced them. I’m not into woo, but just because I’m not, doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it. I just can’t explain it. I actually listened again to this show tonight with my brother who arrived from the Lowcountry for Thanksgiving. He “arched his eyebrows” in the beginning as well, but for the rest of it his attention was rapt. When he went to bed a few minutes ago he said, “sis, if anything scratches or taps my window tonight, you’ll see me barreling down the hall, don’t shoot”. ? He experienced something with me last Christmas and later the woo happened; he didn’t doubt what I’d been experiencing anymore. Of course he’s experienced the woo in a different way, with different ‘things’…..but I can’t listen to most of it because I’d never sleep again…..ever. He needs to talk to Tony Merkel ?. I do look forward to hearing the rest of Blake’s story. I hope his health is better and he’s made a full recovery. Chronic illness is no fun for any reason.

  27. Michael S

    This is my second go trying to get through this interview, couldn’t do it. What the hell is this guy running on and on about? His discombobulated ramblings are pointless. I blame Wes as much as the guest. At some point you have to guide him back on track or get him to focus. Please don’t invite him back for another show. As a paying member I’m not OK paying for this esoteric arrogance.

  28. Ulrike H

    I love the Highlands area and have family in Georgia. It’s such a beautiful place to hike. I appreciated Blake’s story and his attention to detail. It allowed me to visualize his encounters and phenomena.
    Also, a big thanks for the photos above!

  29. SamSquanch

    Not sure if there was more than one guest but that first guy could have been edited down to a 10min segment. I had to tap out after a half hour of his rambling incoherent stories.

  30. Terri N

    Wow Wes! One of The Best episodes Ever! The amount of concurrent information in Blake’s testimony, and his clear descriptions, is OutStanding! Can’t wait to hear part 2 !

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