Mar 24

“In Search of: Bigfoot” 1977

From April 28, 1977 – “In Search Of…” examines the question of whether Bigfoot exists by interviewing scientists and eyewitnesses.

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  1. Melissa K

    Thanks Wes, I thought I had seen this but, realized after watching that I hadn’t. I didn’t realize they had more than one episode of In Search Of on Sasquatch! I will binge watch those old shows and love every minute. Thanks you, ❤️?

  2. John P

    I litterly just watched the Sunday night! Pretty sure I saw it when it originally aired. 43 years later and we still have the same questions. Have we really learned anything?

  3. Danial K

    I was nine years old in 1977 and this episode scared the hell out of me. Still does. Leonard Nimoy was the best and the creepy background music is over the top and perfect for this episode. I think I can blame this show for my lifetime interest in Bigfoot.

  4. Sharon H

    Thanks Wes, for sharing this show. I don’t recall ever seeing it. People have been looking for a LONG time and haven’t been able to catch one. That alone should tell us something…

  5. Charles R

    I see they used the Sierra Sound sound track in the Ape Canyon portrayal. They were right on course with relic hominid back in 77. What happened because in the early part of this Century the, it’s just a dirty stinking ape crowd, gathered most of the limelight. They in turn turned on a lot of folks who were trying to bring out a different story, including the interactions habituators were having with a creature that was extremely intelligent and acted a whole lot closer to humans. So neat seeing Grover Krantz,, who was way ahead of the game at this time. Wish he was still around. Thanks Wes for a trip down memory lane. I have seen most of the In Search of shows ( including this one ) at original airing, but the Sasquatch ones always intrigued me the most. Perhaps this is why some of my good buddies would refer to me as being on the razor’s edge, and this never bothered me.

  6. Steve E

    I love these old takes on the subject.

    Also Interesting, is that 43 years after this show was made, Spock’s shipmate, Captain Kirk is hosting a similar show called The UnXplained!

    • Charles R

      Yes he is Steve and it is a pretty good show. You can tell he still has his wits about him and has a sincere interest in this field. People that know William Shatner say he is a very funny guy.

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