Mar 24

Dark Waters: Dogman All Day Stream

Dark Waters writes “Corona Who? Dark Waters updates his dogman story playlist. 2 hours of content enjoy!”

13 Responses to “Dark Waters: Dogman All Day Stream”

  1. Tedd

    I enjoyed his content but lost some respect with the drama, I don’t know the whole story and don’t care that’s why I say lost some respect. Hope he’s doing better and not fighting against other producers of content.

  2. Sandra C

    With less than 100 subscribers, your content needs to be 20 times better before even thinking about charging for premium content. Quality content will attract paying advertisers anyway.

    If you want a family-oriented channel, the f-bombs need to go. Doesn’t matter if they’re “direct” quotes considering none of the stories were direct accounts.

    Short, very high-quality episodes will encourage more people to try out your channel. Long silences, frequent static and skips in the narration ruin the experience. You own voice is better than the recorded voices.

    • m99

      I agree 100%. If he wants large audiences, he needs to think about be more respectful of his listeners. I like Dark Waters. I just refuse to sign up to something kids listen to and he seems on insisting to have F Bombs in there. It’s a poor example of professionalism. Truly sad.

  3. Ken K

    I ALMOST subscribed to DW’s channel. WAS a fan until he pulled that stunt when he called in on a show where Vic of Dogman Encounters Radio was on JUST TO be a jerk to Vic and try to rub it in Vic’s face that DW was on better terms with the host of the show. Lost ALL respect for DW at that point and now absolutely refuse to listen to anything he has any part of. There are no experts in this field. There are, however, some wonderful, caring professionals (like Wes), that share what they know and have a great deal to contribute to the enigma of cryptids. Unfortunately, people seeking fame and fortune or people with huge ego’s have crept into this field and are not doing anything other than promote themselves for selfish reasons. Thanks for the additional content Wes. I sincerely appreciate all the work you do.

  4. Janetta V

    Ole D. W. seems to be on the arrogant side to say the least, and a know it all. I don’t think he is capable of not cussing. He has been doing that for years in spite of people complaining about it. I too lost all respect for him. He does have some wild stories. Thanks anyway Wes.

    • m99

      Yes, in in this small world of Bigfoot and the like, he’s made enemies. He speaks about being a Christian, but represents himself as an unbeliever. The bible says we’re open epistles (books), but I do understand not everyone is on the same level. I just thought the meanness and the swearing would have, could have gone away by now. As a Christian you’d think he’d understand we’re supposed to walk in love toward people. As a professional you’d think he’d be more, well, professional. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed his work and have reached out and told him so. Oh well.

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