Mar 24

The Confessionals Podcast: COVID-19 | Ground Zero

Tony writes “In Episode 218: COVID-19 | Ground Zero, we speak with two people who watched the COVID-19 virus explode right in front of their eyes!

First on the show is Brett, joining us from Hong Kong. As a U.S. citizen living in China, Brett brings a clear and unique perspective about what he experienced during the Hong Kong protests and the COVID-19 outbreak. He does not hold back in sharing what it was like living through these situations and what it’s like living inside a communist country. Later in the show, we are joined by Joe who is also an American citizen living in South Korea. Joe begins by giving his American brothers and sisters a dire warning about COVID-19 and what it will do to us if we do not take every precaution possible.

In addition, Joe tells us about the strategies South Korea has implemented in order to contain this virus better than almost any other country in the world!”

12 Responses to “The Confessionals Podcast: COVID-19 | Ground Zero”

  1. ben h

    Its good that you guys are doing this, its not a hoax, i repeat its not a hoax [Mr Trump]. You can die from it and its up to your government to help you as much as possible. Please stay safe and totally head the warnings we have it bad here in the UK and we don’t have anywhere near as bigger population as you guys do. So please listen to the experts, are public hasn’t at the weekend and we are now in lock down. Its not an attempt to take over, the world government or the Illuminati it is something that was always on the cards so i hope everyone follows the instructions. Stay safe. Stay alive

  2. Richard W

    Denise, I love the new photo. Very nice. Good show Tony, and I gained some more useful information on this virus. Pandemic? Still don’t think so, but it is dangerous. It appears as though some Asian countries know how to deal with this virus and just keep on trucking to minimize the economic repercussions. Perhaps we need to do as they do, and get along with our lives. Freedom is more important than security, but truth in what we face is paramount. Korea has changed since I was there 50 years ago. I’m thrilled to see it. Go Chosen!

  3. Bal G

    God, as much as this kills me to say this Trump is right. This is a Chinese virus. The people in the Wuhan province were eating things that would make your stomach turn in the west. Bat soup, civets( basically cats) dog, and even rats. Stop with the political correctnes dems and let’s call a spade a spade. Certain animals are or were not meant for human consumption. This is not based on religious grounds, it is based on my eyes. The fact that people consumed these animals, immediately led to an outbreak of dysentary, diarrhea, and eventual sickness. Meanwhile, intstead of owning it the Chinese government is trying to blame the CIA for starting this. What a joke! Hey China, feed your people with normal food!

  4. ben h

    Bal G i totally agree, i being a dog owner have utter disgust for the Chinese eating everything under the sun including Dogs. I think after this the world should put more pressure with economic sanctions to sort there eating habits out. But there my agreement with Trump ends, after all he called this a Democratic hoax and said it will be gone by Ester, obviously doesn’t listen to the mayor of New York. Trump has said when he visited MIT last week ”I know everything about it a pandemic, people keep on asking me how do i know so much your a genius” . Well the evidence at the moment doesn’t support that Donald. Hopefully though all sides like here in the UK can come together and work for humanity not politics or ego’s though i’m afraid on both sides it look like the latter will affect it.

    • Evelyn G

      The wet markets are all over the far East. Where is the United Nations in this? And the WHO? They need to put a stop to the housing, sale and butchering of wild animals for human consumption. That’s where viruses migrate to humans. All we need is another virus to crop up while we’re still dealing with covid 19.

  5. David R

    The POTUS will probably change his mind about Easter. I think he just wants to give people a little hope. My wife is freaking out. She cleans everything. She strips down, and showers after she comes back from a store. She makes me take my boots off after I come home. I can’t blame her. Everyone needs to be cleaner, and try to stay away from people. ANYONE could have it, and not even know it!

  6. Mary D

    That’s about the only thing that I have ever agreed with Trump over–this IS a disease that originated in China, and it stems from filth and cruelty to animals. We do we need to let them off the hook in the name of being politically correct and diplomatic? We need to give credit where credit is due if we are to solve problems. When people say “You have no right to criticize other cultures for their societal mores” (in other words, if Chinese want to torture dogs to death, that’s none of our business) I have to respond “We all live on one planet and therefore have to answer to each other, no matter what language we speak.” As we have seen with this sickness. If started in one country, but almost every nation in the world is suffering from it. Let’s be done with walking on eggshells around nations who’s behaviors will affect the rest of us

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