Jul 13

This week: The Canyon Encounter

We are back to normal this week. I am also working on another member show this week, but my guest this Thursday night is C.M. Connelly. He is the author of The Canyon Encounter: The Adventures of a Crazy, Self Taught Woodsman


Connelly writes “Once I believed I knew all there was to know about the creatures who roamed the Pacific Northwest forests. After spending long stretches of time alone out in the timber, a few strange experiences started eroding that conviction. This story is about some of those events leading up to a solo hunting trip out in an Oregon wilderness area. My know-it-all perception shattered then after a mysterious encounter with an unknown creature deep in a canyon. The experience changed me forever. ”

Here is a link to the book.

18 Responses to “This week: The Canyon Encounter”

  1. mark s

    Hey Wes, cannot wait till the next episode, really enjoyed the swamp ape interview, you guys hit on some great subjects, great job brother.

  2. David D

    Thank you Wes for all that you do. The work and time that goes into a show like this, must be phenomenal! The program keeps getting better and better, and it manifests what we already know to be true. Yea, they’re out there! Thanks again, David-HeirsJourney.

  3. Tyler D

    The whole know it all attitude is so common for most of mankind, not shockingly a good portion are American. Someone can be a die hard skeptic but once they encounter something they have absolutely no reference for and your mind can’t make heads or tails of it. Only then are they willing to open their mind to new possibilities. It bothers me that it takes that much for someone to believe there are things out there that we truly know very little, if anything, about. I like to look at the evidence that is presented in this day in age and draw my own conclusion. But in an objective view point, not totally shut off to the idea that we don’t know everything there is to know. We honestly should have much more faith in our fellow man. Before people make up their mind about how they feel about this subject, look at that evidence objectively and then make your conclusion. Most people make up there minds without doin any research of their own. This is something that will be general public knowledge and a very real hard fact some time fairly soon. N the close minded people’s worlds will be turned upside. If people took the time to do some research for themselves, not the flute player or paranormal side of it, they’d realize there is more here that meets the eye. Do your own research and make up your own mind n try to do so objectively

    • Christopher c

      Tyler D. you are so right ,I too am bothered at the fact that the majority of people already have their minds made up about what they will allow themselves to hear ,It’s like they already know all there is to know,what I think bothers me even more is the fact that though I am very open minded It could have been me or you sitting at the other end of the spectrum-I don’t know what would be more frustrating being the skeptic who has a buddy who won’t shut up about Bigfoot or being in the ranks of the rare few enlightened ones like you ,myself and many other who share a unique experience and no one wants to listen -even your wife and kids need a break from you,and we are left feeling alienated because we act obsessed like the dad in “Close encounters of the third kind” ,when the guy goes nuts building a mountain in his kitchen out of garbage -well maybe not that bad but close LOL!,It is still very hard when you are at a social gathering or setting and after being in a comfortable conversation with someone about sports ,weather ,nature and the minute you go there about Sasquatch it’s like people automatically recoil like OMG I have been having a decent conversation up till now but I just realized that the person I was talking to is actually NUTCASE! and then they slink away trying not to be rude,that is what really bothers me because it’s not like the conversation was about STAR TREK or SCI-FI -no the conversation is kept on the level of things that are actually happening in the world but the minute you go there automatically they are looking for excuses to get away from you,just think though bro if we never had an encounter it could have been us walking away at a party annoyed that some fool was trying to pull our leg about some creature that don’t exist because BY GOLLY WE ARE EDUCATED AMERICANS!

      • Tyler D

        I couldn’t agree with you more Christopher C. And the comparison of the dad from Close encounters of the third kind and us honestly couldn’t be more accurate. On the flip side of that is that you really don’t even need have any sort of experience or encounter to look into this subject and doing research objectively, with no firm stance either way. Once they do so, they might be extremely surprised how many level headed researchers there really are. And they might be shocked how much evidence there really is out there and that there is a lot more goin on here than meets the eye. Don’t get me wrong, there are quite a bit of people that exaggerate and this subject can be quite chaotic at times but once you push through the B.S. there’s a lot going on here. I’m sure not all encounters reported are the God’s honest truth but they can’t all be lying. And when you see two people living on different sides of the country, n sometimes even across the world, who have no family or social ties but describe the same animal almost down to a tee, there’s something more here. Sometimes these accounts are hundreds of years apart and virtually describe the same animal. Either this is the most elaborate, detailed and longest hoax in the history of the world or these people are telling the truth and really are seeing what they’re seeing. That’s basically what it comes down too is good old fashion common sense. We should really try and have more faith in our fellow man

  4. MilitantDanny

    ^ Someone from the community on here should get up there and see if Gary Callahan is hanging around. If a Sasquatch took the kid, I would think it would prompt a response from Big Brother as previous patterns indicate.

    • Kenneth M

      Funny – They feel its a kidnapping and its a campsite where the nearby town population is 100 people as of 2010 census. Its remote where you would think some strange kidnapper is not going to feed on a population – to remote with limited roads in and out for miles – one couldn’t get away fast enough. No sign of the kid, and the sheriff says the creek has been searched – every inch and he isn’t there. Just gone off the face of the earth in the middle of nowhere. Seems like they widened the pattern up as no physical evidence indicates the kid wandered off – he isn’t within the 2 mile search area.

      I’ve got to think bloodhounds could find a scent of a kid – I haven’t heard if dogs have been used – but they can sometimes locate kids where search parties can’t.

      I hope they find him either way. I can’t imagine the frustration and sadness of losing a child like this.

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