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Watch: Bigfoot sighting running up creek bed zoomed

This was an interesting video that listener Anthony found and posted to the Facebook group. I wish the person who took the video had zoomed in more. Its not conclusive but it is compelling.

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  1. joe r

    My immediate impression is, if this is a hoax, whoever is running is in exceptional shape. I am one of the last people you will see jump on the sasquatch wagon when it comes to video, but a few things instantly jump out at me here. First, This thing covers a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. secondly, It appears to do it rather quickly and with little effort. Also, If you notice when it decides it’s time to get out of there, those first few steps it takes are extremely big steps. And finally, The amount of ground that it covered in that very short time didn’t appear to be very flat, it looked like it was going up a steep incline. This could very easily be checked out to see if it’s authentic. Have the person who recorded this go back to the same spot they filmed it and put a normal size person in the creatures spot. Have them try to recreate the escape I’ll call it. Then you could compare size as well as the speed at which it traveled.

    • Charles R

      Not much I can add to what you posted Joe R, but that is what I also see. This one that should be investigated a lot more and I would like to know more about the details of it. I can not say that about many of the vids on the internet, only a handlful each year.

  2. Scott

    I trust my gut when it comes to most video. What is that inner voice telling me, even though I don’t need anyone’s validation on the subject, because I know that they are real. But still, I think most of us look at a piece of video and hope”could this be the real deal”?

    I said all of that to say this. I believe it is a real video of a real Sasquatch. Look at those arms, look at the way it kind of explodes through some pretty thick stuff and was gone. The person who filmed this video did every thing I think I might have done in that situation. You can tell that the person is a little shaky, maybe from breathing hard. Also, did you notice that the person didn’t really indicate that they wanted anything to do with walking down that ridge parallel with the creature. They got what they got on video and probably called it a day. I also believe that the creature acted the way a real Sasquatch would act in that situation. It appeared to only leave itself out in the open for a minimal amount of time. It wanted to put some structure and distance between it and the human. I would love to hear the what, where, when and hows of the encounter. Like for one thing, how long did that person observe the creature before they got the video going. Another would be, I wonder what the person taking the video heard from the creature. It looked to be pretty big, and moving pretty fast.

    If its a fake, then I’ve been bamboozled, so good for you, because I think its legit!

    • Charles R

      If it is human and a hoax it is a good one and the subject is very athletic. If it is a forest giant is is displaying a powerful and athletic demonstration of getting the heck out of dodge and do not mind the hill.

  3. Scott

    I don’t know if I am hearing correctly or not, but at 04 on the counter, is that not a growl? Then again starting at around 19 (when the creature is running through the brush) I am hearing strange sounds, like a grunt-growl or something. The more I see this piece of video the more I get pumped! I gotta hear the story behind this.

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