May 15

Encounter In New Hampshire

A listener writes “I had my first known experience 6 years ago on a class 6 logging road in my hometown of Grafton NH. My buddy and I took our daughters on a jeep ride way out in the woods to a mud bog. The day was beautiful, early fall. We shut the jeep off and he and I stood to the side of it talking. Not a bird or a bug in the air ( I realize after the fact).

When a roar/ scream came at us from across the bog, it lasted a LONG time and shook my insides. Very loud and long, started amazingly low loke a huge roar of a lion or gorilla and ended in a high pitched shriek. My buddies face went white. He said it was just a ” bear.” Wouldn’t talk about it, just jumped in the jeep and hauled ass off the hill. I was scared too, but excited. I knew it was a bigfoot immediately, I always believed just didn’t think they were up here in NH.

Nothing less than a 800 pound creature could have made that noise. It was HUGE.

We are no longer friends, his reaction was indicative of his crippled psyche, other issues that should have had me end the friendship long before then. People who are dishonest with themselves are inherently dishonest to others. I have come to realize that I have had activity for years I just didn’t know it.

I didn’t get online until just a few years ago and the only bigfoot info I had was the occasional tv show full of malarky. I realize my elderly grandfather had told me of an encounter when I was a teenager, I just ashamedly wrote it off as pre dementia rambling. I have strange stick, tree and rock formations on the property I have lived on for the last 10 years.

We have strange noises of creatures ” hooting” and “cooing” and sometimes clacking their teeth around the trailer at night. I hear them on the few nights off from work. I work 3rd shift at the college, so when I am home I hear them out the window. This late winter, early spring I would get home from work in the morning and my wife would tell me of a bear that growled outside her bedroom window late in the night. Yet when we looked for tracks we would see nothing. The last time she said a ” moose” or big deer was outside her window breathing real heavy and scraping its antler against the trailer for quite a long time, yet even though there was snow on the ground, no tracks to be found.

It is only after finding your program and listening for the last few weeks that i realize what has been right in front of me. Bears and deer and moose don’t do that. We have ” Visitation”.

All behind the trailer, 5 acres with a nice creek next to a small swamp either a well worn game trail we have signs of activity. Twisted tree’s and stacked rocks, I even had creek polished stones left in the crook of a tree five feet off the ground. I just knew in my gut it was a message. A message that I was observed. No one comes out here on this rural property, and my kids were toddlers. I would love to talk of you feel like you are inclined or interested.”

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    • Candice W

      I drive up to Manchester to see my boyfriend for the past 8 months at least two or three times a week and everyday that I don’t have to work I sleep over his house so when he goes to work in the morning I can go explore his woods. I’ve seen there artwork near his house massive white birches bent at like 12 to 13 ft up. We’ve also had something looking in the window at us one night, alls I remember seeing was a head and shoulders and it look like a person walking away but looking over its shoulder at us as he’s in the basement apartment of the (Tall pines condominiums) right in Manchester. At first I assumed it was a person but as I look back on it whatever I saw was very dark and when you put a person and its place a person wouldn’t have been that big. There’s a store basically across the street from his house and is all this open land behind it which I think they can use to travel through at night. There’s also one of those massive highway walls behind his house and I’ve seen what I believe to be there footprints in the mud back there, I can’t prove it but who else would be walking barefoot in the middle of winter behind those apartments in Manchester New Hampshire..

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