May 14

A Deep Guttural Voice

A listener writes “I have some activity on my farm in Branchland. It has continued to go on for over two years. I camp out there regularly, although not as much this year as last. Last year in one night alone, we had 3-4 wood knocks, something thrown at tent, I heard gibberish (similar to Sierra sounds), something walk behind tent, then I went out to pee and scanned the tall grass line with my flash light, over and over.

Once I put it down to use bathroom, something took off running away, which was bipedal. It literally waited for me to turn light off to take off running Then about an hour later we smelled a wet dog, musky smell while inside the tent, which it was drizzling rain all night, therefor it was very close, that’s when I decided to leave cause it seemed a little too close for comfort,…..we always hear yells that sound like a middle aged woman with huge lung capacity directly across the hill at roughly 100 yards away- if even that.

Just two weekends ago we heard it, with an owl directly beside it immediately after. Owls also always hoot back and forth to each other, possibly Bigfoot mimicking, maybe not. And also this year, the citronella candles that are on the picnic table have been moved numerous times, which wouldn’t be much, however, I will line them up every time, I came back multiple times with them n zig zag orientation and the glass candle had the lid unscrewed off and the candle turned upside down. I put everything back correctly and in a straight line, come back a week later and it was zig zagged again. Straightened them out and 3 days later, the glass one was upside down again. Also in the lid of citronella candles, there are claw marks punctured through the top. I will send pics with my hand for size comparison.

Although that could possibly be a bear, however I would think that a bear would do more than just puncture a thin plastic lid and rip it off to smell it. It looks possibly like fingers with claws or long fingernails puncturing it to smell possibly. Not sure….but every single time this time of year that we go out there, activity happens and has for last two years. Usually between 8-9:30 we hear the scream I mentioned about earlier in my message. Then after that is when whatever it is moves in towards the camp all through the night. Also the frogs and insects will go completely quiet at times and not make a noise when activity is occurring. And I have heard bobcats, coyote, fox, etc. and it is nothing that resembles it. It has bigger lungs than any of those.

I have searched high and low on the internet to no avail to find anything remotely close to this scream. It literally lights up the holler when it does it and sends chills up ur spine. And the area it yells from, u have a direct view of the camp site through the wooded area, although from the camp site, you can’t see anything. I have taken my thermal out there and have never been able to find anything on it. And the gibberish I mentioned earlier was an absolute Bigfoot without any shadow of a doubt. It had the deep, guttural voice and went on for roughly 5-10 seconds as it walked down the road that goes behind the picnic area.

Another night my girlfriend said she saw a finger lightly press in on the tent and slide sideways on it while I was sleeping, however she was too scared to say anything and move to wake me. There are numerous deer and plenty of walnuts. Squirrel, an ample amount of food sources out there….I’ll send the pics of candle next. Also, there is a nest in my barn, muddy prints going up the ladder to the barn loft, which I will send a pic too and also a pic of a hand print that is roughly 12 foot in the air near the roof of the barn. And the nest wasn’t there, nor the chair the week prior, therefore whatever took the tall grass up , had to climb up a ladder to the loft, and it looks like a body and a head laid in it. From the impressions. by I’ve heard names called when a dog was missing, bench tore up-twice, wrought iron chair broke, I then put them back where they were, then the next time we camped, the wrought iron chairs were missing, which were roughly 30 lbs each. However my brother found them when cleaning the property up with the dozer about 50 and 100 yards away going directly towards the woods. I would love to explain everything to you over a phone conversation. Along with barn stall door missing and no where to be found.”

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  1. Charles R

    Quite possibly you have one that from time to time will bed down in your barn, or at least use it to get out of the weather, ect. I like that you leave the candles and arrange them, only to come back and find a different pattern. I wonder if this is a message of sorts ( like I was here, not it’s your turn ) when your visitor plays with the glass candles. I think it was Christopher Noel years ago that wrote about this kind of activity. The way this was written seems you are comfortable with this visitior(s) and if so enjoy the habituation. It is possible this Bigfoot sees you as a friend in their own weird way. I assume you are in West Virginia.

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