May 15

The Confessionals VideoCast: Expedition Bigfoot With Russell Acord

The Confessionals writes “In episode 651: Expedition Bigfoot With Russell Acord, Russell and Tony dive into the transformative encounters he’s had with fans at various conferences, sharing how these encounters have a profound effect on their lives. On “Expedition Bigfoot,” he explores the adrenaline-filled adventures of filming in untamed wildernesses, capturing the essence of mystery and danger that comes with the terrain.

Russell passionately advocates for a humane approach to researching cryptids, insisting that it’s possible to collect evidence without causing harm. His tales from the field are filled with spine-chilling encounters with the inexplicable, each story intensifying his resolve to conquer his fears.

Tony and Russell then debate the truth of Bigfoot’s existence, flirting with theories of interdimensional beings and pondering the creature’s true nature. Tony then introduces Russell to the concept of the “Clickitat Ape Cat”, a rare and regional cryptid brought to prominence by James Szubski, a previous guest. They even spend time planning a 3 day dogman hunt!”


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  1. michelle m

    Loved this ! Russell reminds me so much of Wes well spoken , very believable . I agree with Russell completely about bigfoot. Big fan of his after this interview.

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