Oct 8

Strange Light Captured

Joshua writes “Orbs, also know as strange ‘Balls of Light’ have been seen around the world from thousands of different people who have likely never met each other.

Just like Sasquatch, these things are very real and are being spotted more frequently recently. At night, they are almost impossible to film if you don’t have a proper camera, you kinda just see odd coloured circles that blink in and out and can disappear as fast as you can blink an eye so they are very hard to pin down.. so to speak.. But they 100 percent real.”

2 Responses to “Strange Light Captured”

  1. pam

    It was me. We definitely had bad vibes from it. It was the size of a vw bug and as we stood watching it and talking about, moving toward the hydroelectric dam a mile away, it zoomed forward AT US! My hubby ran in the house I was transfixed! It then zoomed back towards the original position and moved on. It knew, sensed etc we were looking at it and discussing it! I sa Zoomed as a descriptive word: like when you zoom in on an object you are filming.

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