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Do you believe in the Boogy-Man?

Listener Will P. sent this to me and he has agreed to come on the show. Will writes ” As a young boy of thirteen in the summer of 1978.  I was nestled in a Boy Scout camp named “Camp Brinkley” somewhere deep in the Cascade mountain range.  I don’t see a camp by this name anymore by Google, so time may have claimed it.  This camp was so remote that the power needed was provided for the mess hall by a old rusty lumber mill generator, and water from hundred year old wells.  It was a great place for a bunch of  boys!  We were all assigned six-man, three sided shacks called “Adirondack.”

WPERTSON2One morning as dawn broke; I lay dreamily snuggled up, warm in my sleeping bag, looking out into the forest.  I was startled to find in my frame of vision something very tall, covered in rust colored hair, a massive frame, slowly lumbering into view.  My head shot up with a gasp!  It was walking away from us, down a maintenance road that passed our camp.  As it walked by one of the trees, it raised its right hand and lazily grabbed onto a limb, then let it slip from its hand as it moved forward.

This whole vision was maybe a minute in length until I lost light of it.  Bob, a good friend of mine in the bunk just below me saw the whole thing too.  We agreed to tell no one, after some expected ridicule from one of the older boys.  However, we did measure the branch height and the approximate creature height, using five foot poles we used for rope lashing.  It was about eight feet tall, and the branch it grabbed was exactly ten feet.

This has haunted my memory my whole life.  What did I see that day?  Why has this not been seen by more than a few hundred people?  Why has science not given me an explanation that would relieve my mind? I had put it aside, on my “shelf of questions,” until late last year when I had a conversation with good friend, who unprovoked, reluctantly told me his tale of Sasquatch.  His account was when he was in his early twenties, camping in Yosemite.  He was in a cabin working on his laptop.  He felt watched, and unnerved, and lifted his eyes to a window directly across from him and saw a large human like face staring back at him.  He told me he screamed “like a girl” and ran down the hall to his parents and sisters.


The next morning, he went outside and found eighteen inch foot prints in the snow going around the cabin, going to and from the deep woods.  Outside of his bedroom window were knee, toe, and hand prints three times the size of his in the snow and mud.  A local neighbor said that what they experienced was not that uncommon.  She said at night the cabins in that area are “Bigfoot TV.”

Mike is a professional. He is an Endocrinologist, with two PhD’s.  He is of sound mind and understands the scientific process very well.  What did he see?  What was this huge, hair-covered, upright, human-shaped mammal?

We do not have a body. This would be proof, and end all questions. Until then what accounts for evidence? There are thousands of large tracks collected and stored at Idaho State University, under the care and study of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who believes too that there is something out there.

He also has unidentified hair, fecal, blood, and sound samples in his collection.  More evidence can also be found in the thousand of remarkably consistent physical descriptions of these creatures, including, in some cases, anatomical details – Including the (like mine) the sincerity and credibility of eyewitnesses, some of whom are law enforcement officers and experienced outdoor workers such as wildlife and fisheries officials, combined with the reluctance of these eyewitnesses to be recognized or credited for their reports.

Lets not to forget the 1967 film obtained by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in northern California, along with the supporting evidence and onsite follow-up investigations. No one has given convincing arguments or recreations that begin to cast serious doubt on the validity of the animal shown in the film. There and many Native American accounts, and lore of upright ape-like creatures that predate U.S. history, along with newspaper articles dating to colonial times relating sightings of large hairy ape-like creatures.

I saw something that summer morning. Mike did as well.  I have seen bear, this was not a bear, nor very tall man in a suit. The vast amount of evidence and eyewitnesses only solidifies my belief. In the end, I continue to search for answers, knowing there will be an eventual definitive answer. So my friend, do you believe in the Boogy-Man? As for me today – yes,  I do!”

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      Thank you Dave. We spread twigs and pine cones all around the open front of the structure (so we could hear if one came around), and kept a fire going every night from then until camps end. If I recall correctly, I wasn’t sleeping well!

      • Debbie C

        William P,
        I believe in the BoogeyMan. (I believe your story too).
        When I was a child I was told you better be good
        or the BoogeyMan will get you.
        My uncle use to tell me he saw a BoogeyMan’s
        foot prints while hunting for deer near Mt Shasta, Calif.
        This was in the 1968.

    • James B

      And I’ll add my 2 from Oklahoma, One in Osage Co. and the other in Okmulgee Co. I was 14 and 18. Scared the Crap outta this little Cherokee, lol.


      Yes, and still have to be careful. I deal with a great deal of arrogance and judgement in my line of business. Its good to hear people release and tell their story through this forum. It has been a great relief to me.

  1. Janetta V

    I certainly believe bigfoot exists and have for many years. There is no room left for doubt after you hear peaople speak from the heart as they tell of their scary encounters. Often you can hear the fear in their voices as they tell of the experience they went through. We don’t always get the answers we want in life. It just is that way. Know this…there are many of us out there who care. Good report. Thank you.

  2. Papa - Yeti

    Well I did a search and did come up with this for you – Camp Brinkley 25600 Monroe Camp Road, Snohomish, Washington (state) 98290 [Camp Brinkley at the Cascade Scour Reservation at the foothills of the Cascade mountain range approximately one hour from Seattle. –

    -Totem News also lists it as a summer ‘Cub Scout’ Camp.

    To me it is very unnerving to know that what these Sasquatch encounters happen so close to the city –

  3. r v

    William, do you happen to know the location of the cabin in Mike’s encounter? I would guess not but, if so, I’d like to get a better idea of the area of the park he was in.

  4. david s

    Hmmm, looks more human than ape..as do most of the encounters where drawings are done afterward. I do believe there is ape dna in a BF, but I also think they are more human than ape. I say that because of their intelligence and the fact that they have language.
    I wonder what your thoughts were William?

  5. Jan W

    Great sightings and beautifully written. Thank you so much, William P. It frightens me to think of this creature lurking around a Boy Scout camp-not a good combination. And Mike’s sighting in Yosemite – site of so many of the missing 411 victims. The Park Service has to know the place is riddled with these creatures; the employees must have strict orders not to speak of them. Very scary.

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