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Texla Research: Unidentified Sounds

The guys at texlaresearch.com have some great sounds on their website. The website states “These Recordings have been captured during our Bigfoot Research outings. If the recording is listed on this page we have some reservations about making a call as to what is doing the vocalizing. We are not claiming that all of these are Bigfoot vocals, just that they are currently unidentified and interesting. In most cases we are in very remote locations with restricted disclosure of our location, making human presence unlikely.

These were recorded in Central Texas on the Trinity River in the early morning hours of July 11th. There are 10 vocals in all covering just over a minute in duration, these did not occur at any other point either before or after during the night. No call blasting or active investigation was conducted on this night, one of our researchers entered the area placed the audio recorder at 20:30hrs and returned to recover the next day. Possible candidates for this could be Owl or Fox, however, neither seem a good fit based on missing elements such as the typical Owl “Whos” that would normally follow screams of this sort.”

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  1. Steven B

    Owl, fox, coyote, or no owl, fox, or coyote…
    Imagine for a moment…you’re alone, in complete dark, nothing but a flashlight as your companion, in the middle of no where…then….you hear….

    Dang…that is creepy!!!

  2. JOHN E


  3. DonRay

    Those are different,,,, they seemed to stay the same tone through out sound…. I’ve heard those fox & owl screams growls and who’s, but these are different.. ??? Ciao

  4. Papa - Yeti

    Its creepy alright Steve, it brings right to another encounter case.
    I can barely hear them, but they do sound sedative in their nature. The creature could be far away ◄► which brings to mind the terrifying 1998 Siskiyou mountain region –(northern Cali) Wolly Creek Drainage Encounter. (She wishes to remain anonymous ). As told by the young female Forest Service employee whom had the frightening encounter. ◄►August of 1998 ◄► Northern California Sasquatch encounter near Mount Etna Summit in California’s Siskiyou country.

    ► The noise so far away seemed to be way down in the forest in the Wooley Creek drainage. It was loud, however, almost like a yelling or a whooping. It was consistent and occurred with one yell after the other. I didn’t worry too much, and was not concerned because it was so far away. The yelling truly happened one after the other. And, it was getting lauder and perhaps closer. I still was not concerned as it was far enough and I was atop a huge cliff, so I felt safe and unreachable. However, the yelling got louder and closer yet, and started to travel up the boulder field below. At this point, I had heard the yelling for 20 minutes. Again, it was a consistent howl, or whoop, over and over again. I just lay still in my bag and realized that not only was this yelling thing was coming up the boulder field but coming up the cliff.

    ►Sure enough the creature was climbing up the cliff. And fast! The whole event was this thing running and hooting/inward drone yelling up the drainage, up and up to the cliff and beyond to the top of the peak. Sure enough when it got to the cliff it pulled and climbed itself up “swiftly and agile” as I put in my journal. It literally dynode every move on this 5.9 cliff and yanked itself up the cliff to the top where the ledge was, where I was. The creature, in the mean time, was still consistently calling / yelping / hooting. It got to the ledge and started running toward the peak above. As it got closer, I pretty much urinated in my sleeping bag. But I just laid still; I was extremely frightened. ◄►

    Source – BFRO and a few other Bigfoot Forms have retold of this encounter. “But the screams – call outs here in this video as well as the (perceived distance) really brought this terrifying Marble Mountain region encounter to mind.
    [I claim no ownership to the above written paragraphs of the 1998 Marble Mountain encounter. I have posted a few paragraphs for educational / entertainment reasons only. ]

    • Christopher c

      PAP YETI ! ,that is actually my #1 favorite encounter ,The LOVERS CAMP report ,I will always remember that one because of the way she explained hearing the creature at first she says it didn’t sound like it was any threat to her but rapidly this thing makes it right to where she was through nearly impossible terrain as if it had zeroed in on her ,this is what me and my buddies experienced one night in Shasta County while having a few beers on a spillway of a dam

  5. Theodore G

    After hearing these and other night time recordings, one begins to understand what motivated our ancestors to build shelters to sleep in to get through the nights. To many nights spent listening to those sounds, and I would have invented the fortress or castle structures in which to sleep.

    • Steven B

      yeah – it’s enough to make a fella want to crawl into a small hole in a rock formation, and curl up and suck his thumb…of course, then again, “happiness is a warm gun”. 😉 well, maybe a “warm, very heavy caliber gun”. 😀

  6. Dave T

    I keep waiting to hear the audio where these things scream or howl and everything else in the forest shuts up including the bugs. How many times you hear people talk about their encounters and the woods is dead silent or goes silent when the squatch shows up. It seems every audio that’s put out is full of clutter and background noise. It just doesn’t jive with what we’re told all the time on most of the encounters about the eerie silence.

  7. NW Mike

    I work in the forest, alone most of the time. I’m always armed. But there is something very creepy going on when a forest, alive with sound, suddenly goes quiet. During the day it is creepy. At night it’s downright scary. The boogey man of our dreams is alive and well in the forests around us. Sleep if you dare.

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